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We've started to notice a big increase in regular women who are camming to make some extra money. This is a good thing for them, it allows them to even have more surgery done if they desire that, nothing wrong with that.
But we also noticed many pictures and movies being posted without any link to her profile page, so if you wanted to support this girl, you couldn't.
So in order to post here, please abide the following rules:

- The girl needs to have implants (and it should be obvious that they have)
- Provide a link to the girls' profile page so everyone can find a way to access her webcam stream
- Post a real picture of the girl, at least a fullsize screenshot of her cam stream. Thumbnails of the video are optional, but don't count as a real picture.

Having another category may be more complicated if you don't know where a girl belongs.
So here is the order of importance:
- Post a girl as amateur
- If she does cam sessions, post her under camgirls (even if she's an amateur)
- If she did a professional photoshoot, she's a model (even if she's a camgirl)
- If she did hardcore porn / intercourse, she's a pornstar. (even if she's a model, camgirl or amateur)

A couple of clarification questions about the categories:

1. Some MFC girls offer B/G scenes, which might classify it as the "pornstar" category, but they're only found through MFC.

2. More "high end" cam sites like have professional photoshoots with their models, but it is only associated with CWH.

For these cases, I would still personally classify it as the "cam model" category, because they're not independently shooting porn or professional photoshoots with someone else.  Would you agree?


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