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Author Topic: Can we please start getting rid of the incels? Its freaking out the women  (Read 426 times)


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When this forum started it was so successful because it was a place where women felt safe and appreciated. It was somewhere hate was not tolerated.

But recently nearly all of my favorite threads are full of women hating incels spewing insane garbage at women.

This forum is not meant to be a place for women hating lunatics who want to scream at people and constantly argue.

Can we please do something about all the incel lunatics spamming the forum with hate?


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From the very start we've been an open forum that tries to moderate and censor as little as possible without this resulting in a toxic environment created by a few.

Please report posts you consider to be unwelcome.
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Not that i donĀ“t agree, there are some people who talk about the girls/women as objects. But right off the bat, threadstarter here calls every one he doesnt agree with, an Incel. Regurgitation the typical Twitch-lingo, for some reason without probably really considering the meaning of the word and wether it makes any sense to use it towards any person.