Author Topic: Fake (big) boobs caught in public places  (Read 351814 times)


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Re: Fake (big) boobs caught in public places
« Reply #465 on: January 23, 2023, 07:13:52 am »
I also have a thing for women who have huge fake tits but are otherwise normal-looking. I.e. they're not obviously a model/stripper/hooker/trophy wife, they don't have a bunch of other plastic surgery & bimbo makeup/hairstyle, etc. There's something so uniquely hot about a regular, average chick who gets a massive set of implants solely because she (or her partner) is really into huge tits.

At my first post-college office job, I worked with this older woman named Angela who was in her early 40s, married and had a couple kids. She wasn't a goddess or anything, but she was pretty and had a nice body with a bit of thiccness and shapely curves. Dressed pretty modestly, tasteful makeup, understated hairstyle, etc. Looked a bit like Wifey from Wifeysworld (but like 10-15 years ago before she had all that face work done).

One spring Angela takes a weeklong vacation, and upon her return walks into our Monday morning staff meeting with this brand-new pair of gigantic breast implants. People's jaws hit the floor when she walked in, including mine. There was no mistaking the change. My best guess is that she went from a D-cup to at least a G-cup overnight. Everything about her looked exactly the same, except now she had these huge pornstar tits. After that I started fantasizing about her constantly. Partly because her new tits looked amazing but what really turned me on was the idea that this otherwise-normal chick in her 40s wanted such huge implants (or was just willing to indulge her hubby). I had never personally known a woman with fake tits that big, and she was the last person I'd expect to get them. The only time I'd even seen a comparable pair in person was at strip clubs.

Hahahaha….God bless her.