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When Fake Tits don't like to be squeezed too hard

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Here's another less violent but more intense example with Tina Cheri. The implant treatment starts from minute 13:00 onwards

Enjoy and feel free to contribute anything that fits this niche

re-up of that first video that got taken down?

the tina cheri vid link is now down as well

The models/actresses in these videos are doing just that -acting. They know and agree to all the action including the squeezing and slapping - and much more.  I have made several bondage/rough sex videos with girls with large implants --and of course they appear much rougher than they actually are.

Just enjoy the fantasy and don't feel guilty!

This is not to say that there aren't SM videos where the girls suffer real pain --but that is a whole different ball-game.

Made sure that these work - 3 more scenes with some INCREDIBLY strong grabbing. Note the facial reactions.

Nikki Noire's scene-

Hot Blonde (Check the last minute of the scene)

Kelly Devine -

If you like this stuff, then jump in with your own contributions


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