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Oldest active enhanced adult entertainer you know?


IHNB 2.0:
I was wondering who the oldest active (meaning via mainstream porn, Onlyfans, escorting, etc.) that you are aware of?  Fake boobs only of course 😂

My first thought was Kayla Kleevage (58 I believe), but I was surprised to learn Deauxma is 63! Then after searching, I remembered Sally D’Angelo and she is supposedly 69.


My guess is Sally D’Angelo

Well I think those ones are at least 50 too and still actice - at least on social media. Oldest one are maybe Teddi Barrett and Rita Daniels

Elizabeth Starr (escort, former pornstar), ToniaLand (socialmedia-porn), Ava Devine (porn),  Yvette Bova (socialmedia-porn), Barbara Carita (socialmediaporn), Sila Starr (escort), Brooke Tyler (porn), Dolly Buster (just social media now, former pornstar), Wifey (porn), Teddi Barrett (socialmedia-porn), Gloria L'amour (socialmedia-porn), thebeachbunnymilf (socialmedia-porn), Allegra Cole (socialmedia-porn), Pauleena de Angelis (just socialmedia, former escort), Sharon Kinch (just Social media, former escort), Rita Daniels (porn), Lea Walker (just social media, one porn movie), Victoria Highlander aka Sexyvictoria (just socialmedia, some amateur clips), Letha Weapons (socialmedia, former pornstar)

Does anybody know if Utah Sweet is still alive ?


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