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All natural... except for the boobs

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This is a nice combo but I would like to add a few shades.
For me the ideal volume of the breast implants is the smallest volume which leaves no doubt about the imperative recourse to cosmetic surgery.
This naturally involves implants that are a little too bulky for the girl's rib cage, but it also involves the girl working on her build with a healthy diet and exercise.
I want to specify that all the body parts can be retouched but nothing is done cartoonishly and the only slight excess concerns the breast implants.
So it's not "all natural",  but "all natural looking" except for the implants ideally just a bit too big for the girl's frame.

I dated a Japanese woman like this - 100% natural but with medium saline implants. Can't stand any other forms of bimbo-fication.

Not for me i like the ultra fake bimbo dolls with alot of work Done.
However a natural girl with breast implants is better then a natural girl without :)

Maybe check the pornstars of the 90s they had a more natural look to them regarding their faces.

Young and innocent faces with huge fake boobs.

I like those 2, what you guys think?


Well, Maddy Cheary is one of the hottest ones in my opinion. I adore her face and her body.
But she had her lips done and possibly also botox. So you cannot say she is all natural except for her boobs.
In any case she is at the top of my list these days.


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