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All natural... except for the boobs

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I think this is my favourite combo. A normal, ordinary natural pretty girl, just like the ones you work or go to school with, average personality, not a thot or a bimbo or anything, literally "just a girl".

And a set of fake tits to go with that. Ideally just a bit too big for the frame.
For me that's perfection.

If you know any girls like that, post them here, I will try to find some good examples later.

im 100% with you

I like that type of women that very much too!

Crazy Tinkerbell is a great example:

Same for mollykazi:

New here, great forum!

I'm actually looking for a couple of Insta hotties to see if there is any more revealing photos of them out there. Search returns nothing.

Is there a 'request' forum or just simply posting known ladies?


Yes, that's a sexy combo indeed!


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