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Must follow webcam girls with fake boobs

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Hi all,

im looking for the best webcamgirls with fake boobs, do you have any suggestions?


One girl that I find supersexy goes under the name of "HotSasha" or "Sasha Combs" or even "Siberian psycho", but you only find very few stuff of hers. There's a thread here on TPB, and you can find a couple of videos. For me she is just fantastic.

As far as I could find she isnt active anymore, is she?


Well, she seems to be active again on "Livejasmin", but I haven't checked myself. Other users on TPB say that and, indeed, you can see that there are new videos and pictures. That's all I can say!

You should post this in the general discussion section. I think you may get far more answers there because it is not an off-topic question.  ;)


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