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Revived chat (Matrix/Element)

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Since the various official TPB chats have been dead for a while, time to revive #theperfectboobs on Matrix/Element chat I think.

Quick info: Matrix is a secure encrypted chat system, and Element Messenger's the main app for it - for links.

You don't need to hand over any info (phone numbers etc.) to sign up, you can even use it in a browser without a phone/app.

Grab an acct. and come join the room!

Any questions let me know!

I found a room called tangents, but I can't seem to find the normal one, as it's not showing up in the search. Was it deleted?

You're right, looks like one of the other mods had turned off visibility in the room directory, I've re-enabled it, try searching again and you should find it!

Hi loveboobs,

I love the effort you did here, and I like the (geeky-genuine) behing the Matrix protocol !
but I cannot for the life of me endure the Element client (which is, IMHO, a model of user-unfriendliness  :-X).
Do you have another client to recommend, by chance ?

Loads of clients listed here:


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