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« Reply #60 on: July 13, 2022, 10:20:42 pm »
Thanks much for replying! Your the first person who was or is a member of Beshine's OnlyFans site; she rarely answers my tipped messages to her but once in a while she does reply back to me to be honest.


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« Reply #61 on: February 23, 2023, 04:17:57 pm »
I had a whole bunch of subscriptions, most of them for only a month though:

Brittany Elizabeth: that was back in 2020, so her boobs were only like an N cup lol, about 1500cc(?), idk man, I can't judge past 1000. I think there was a promotion, I paid £11. I remember her OF being allright, quite a lot of videos and pics, she's happy to go full nude, and L O V E S her fake tits. I wasn't really feeling it though, so I left after a month. Maybe because Brittany's size is too extreme for me (I know, that's a sin), but also the promotion was expiring and also she has a lot of subs, so she can't pay attention to every single one. She also had paid videos, but I don't remember how many, it was too long ago.

Ruby Summbers: probably 600cc or so I think it was £8 for a month back in 2021, don't remember the regular price, I was subbed for a month, it wasn't anything special, I wasn't sure what to expect though, I had very little experience with the site. She was doing nude. There wasn't much traffic on that profile, at least then. It just didn't click for me, I remember looking for someone who would be into doing custom videos, but most girls charge like £8 per minute which just hurts :/ She had paid videos too, but again, don't remember how many.

Nicolette Shea: about 800cc, waste of money, paid videos up the ass, biggest cash grab I've seen

Sarah Blake: I guess 500cc, I think I got this one really cheaply. She doesn't look as firm as she did when she was younger, but I guess it makes her more milfy. Her implants aren't huge but she got chubbier and her tits now look like big naturals. She's into a lot of things like boob worship, boob tease (she's really good at that), fap denial, chastity, different kinds of brainwashing, just a whole lot of kinks and fetishes, but she can also be a classy lady in a dress. She does go nude since she's a former pornstar. There are paid videos tho, which explains why the sub price is "always on discount". I remember asking her about custom vids, but I can't find the conversation where she gave me the price.

Pure Ruby: your ccs may vary, about 1100. I was actually subbed on Ko-Fi for like £3, and that was when she was only posting pics and short videos where she's teasing people with her boobs, now she shows more skin, but sill no nudes (which I don't even mind tbh). I actually loved the little innuendo scenarios in the descriptions of her posts, I think that's more engaging for the viewer than having a girl jam a dildo up her ass. I could tell that she kinda wanted people to kinda play along. It's hard to describe, but I just love the way she carried herself, you can see what I mean when you visit her Insta. Although I gotta say she has quite a dominant personality, can come across as a bit of an asshole sometimes, but I feel like it might be part of the "gimmick" she's playing. Her OF is free with paid vids, but most of them are fairly cheap.

Madison Ivy: 600cc or so, she just recently went into a free sub + paid and free videos model. She's an absolute gem. There are live broadcasts where she talks with chat, she gives people tips on how to fuck, she adresses her viewers by the name and makes lewd comments all the time even though noone is asking her to and she strips on her own, grabs her tits, slaps them, slaps her ass while telling you how much she wishes you would grope her... Insane. She's not like those cam girls where you need to send them 10 bucks to see naked boobs for 5 seconds. I genuinely don't know if it's just acting or if she's actually getting herself turned on this much. And those are free broadcasts, I don't know what's going on in her paid videos, but they're nor very expensive, none of that 50$ for a 4 minute video bs. My only problem with her is that her face isn't as hot as it used to be. She had one of the prettiest faces in the world and I know a lot of guys like fake lips, but I don't really get it. I think all the fakeness should go to the boobs. Also, she used to reply to every comment, but that was when you had to pay for the subs, now there's too much traffic I guess.

JolynDare: exactly 300cc of pure silicone and not a gram of fat in those perky bolt-ons :P She has an account on this forum, I was subbed to her on Fanvue, but the OF is free with paid vids around £6 for most of them and around £20 for spicier ones. She loves her fake tits and she's going bigger soon. She's also really talktive, which is exactly what I'm looking for. She does custom vids for 8$ a minute. Everything would be cool, but I have the same problem as with Madison which is the facial injections, except Jolyn is going much further with it. Nude = yes.

Off topic: Fitquinn Harlkyria: 500cc I think, that was Patreon back in 2020, she's not doing erotic content anymore. She was a pain in the ass to deal with, I was subbed for 20$ a month (yes, really) and she would go on for weeks without posting, then come back then leave then come back. I was subbed for 5 months (XD) and it was just a waste. It was the first time I ever subbed for erotic content and I got really screwed. I have to say that I liked her custom video pricing. If you're subbed for 20$, you get a 5 minute custom vid every month. No nude though, it was purely very softcore erotic. She did a bathing video once but it wasn't very revealing

That's about it.
If anyone knows an OF girl that:
-has fake tits
-has a natural (or mostly natural face)
-enjoys doing custom vids for a fairly low price
-doesn't need to do nude, softcore is enough
then let me know, it's pretty much what I've been looking for and I still haven't quite found it.
I want nothing, but a GF that I will be able to gift with breast implants.


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« Reply #62 on: February 23, 2023, 11:34:30 pm »
Calista Melissa might be your girl. Cori Klein if she’s active at the moment. Lexi Lane.

Natural face is a tough ask. Haha

Sapphire Summers will do good customs, but you have to be specific. And she definitely has fillers haha. But also, you can ask her for certain makeup and she’ll usually oblige. With less makeup, her face looks more natural…

I’ll let you know if I think of another one. If you have any ideas, I’ve probably subscribed, and I can let you know if you’ll get what you’re after…