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Hey guys  :) Here i will show you some of my favourite pictures and would like to try describe to you my ideal dream bimbo with fake tits. It is possible that some of you think some of my fantasies are impossible in reality... i know that  ;) But i always try to not let my mind go too far. Probably i will update this with new ideas if i have some. If i somehow end up doing something that is against the rules please let me know because i am trying not to. Thank you  :)

Let's start with the girls body type which to me is very important because it can change the total outcome of what specific implants look like on a woman.

Here are some pictures:

I love very slim, tight and fit bodies in a tiny frame without much body fat and some muscles. The ideal body size would be around 165cm. I will add more pictures depicting what i mean with "fit".

Now let me show you in what direction my taste in shape goes.

I found the first picture here on this forum. It perfectly shows the style of what my ideal implants on a girl should look like. The second one is a morph (not by me).

Just perfect, round, orb-like, overfilled, ball-shaped, plastic, fake tits. When they move they should kind of look like this:

They should be hard, but not like rocks and stand as proud as trophies in the air. As ball shaped as possible, wide out of the rib-cage. Preferably ultra-high profile. If i can, i will add more details in the future.

The size should be around this big. I guess it is between 1200cc and 2000cc.

The last one is a bad morph made by me (of Mary Wet) to kind of try to visualize my fantasy:

In my dreams those titties would almost touch each other and be wider than the rip-cage. Blocking a small part of the arms when you look at the girl from the front.

I hope i can add more details soon and that you like what you see.  ;D

By the way :) I am always thankful when people share some of their pictures similiar to these with me and everyone else.

Tell me, do you like my ideal girl? Thank you very much.  :)

Please tell me how to insert images on here the right way. Thanks!

All in all you like skinny chicks with bolt-ons lol. I know it'e more specific as you shown, but yeah, that's a great look!

Hahaha! I guess you could break it down like that  :D


--- Quote from: Yourkidutopia on May 31, 2016, 01:23:30 pm ---Hahaha! I guess you could break it down like that  :D

--- End quote ---

Could you please change your avatar to a picture that does not involve a penis? Thank you.

There are many girls on here that fit this description. Just explore!


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