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Fake boobed models/pornstars doing custom videos?

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Hi all,

   I was wondering if we could gather a list of implanted models and pornstars doing custom videos. I've got a few ideas I'd love to see becoming a reality.

   I know Tanya Danielle's doing custom projects here: but I'd like to know of others as well.

   Can you help me?

   Thanks a lot!!

I am getting ready to start making video clips and would love to hear suggestions of what you guys would like to see. If it's something I can do I can make it for you :)


I'd interested in seeing clips that involved gym exercises and skimy outfits. For example, bicep curls in bikinis...maybe deadlifts or squats in booty shorts or a sling bikini...that sort of thing :)

Thanks for the reply Crystal. Unfortunately, fitness and bodybuilding is not exactly my thing. Anyway, congratulations on moving forward on the video stuff and I'm sure many members here will be delighted to know they can make suggestions. dg_bc1983 being the first one as you can see.

No one else?


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