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Implants causing "rippling" on the skin

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Anyone else into the rippling on the skin caused by implants? I love it cause it shows how fake the tits are; same effect as implant scars.

Here's an example:

i know what you mean. But the picture you post is not working.

I'm not totally sure, but I think the rippling is caused by underfilled saline implants. This makes their boobs soft, but it ripples. I may be wrong though.

I'm with you guys - love the rippling effect! Yet another way these tits advertise their utter fakeness.

personaly i realy dislike the rippling.

indy, it doesn't happen with underfilled implants, it happens with normal saline implants too, but overfilling resolves the rippling issue because the presure is just keeping it all blown up.

overfilling however causes the breasts to feel unnatural and overly firm, which some dislike. One of the things that turns me on, overly firm :) hand in hand i guess...


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