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Bimbo Documentary?


Hi everyone! I'm a filmmaker and photographer in LA. However, most of my work is done in post-production. Something I've been thinking about recently is how I could bring a Bimbofication film to life. There is something very interesting about how far some women are willing to go to get the perfect body. I think it would be fascinating to learn more about their goals and how they got interested in pursuing a hyper feminine look. I would love to hear any thoughts about this!

As long as its not the ”she most have body dismorphia” agenda like its most time it pictured  as it would be nice to see. 

it sounds super interesting :)

I think cultural context is important. It would be interesting to hear more about the why women are choosing to pursue this lifestyle in contrast to society saying "she has body dysmorphia". However, the goal is not to assign labels but rather get a perspective of their opinions on the subject matter. It would also be interesting to follow a bimbo as they continue to transform and pursue a particular look.


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