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Poll: Cindy Landolt new size = one step closer to R-Rated?

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Given her new size, how likely is this the first move towards her doing R-Rated material?

* Already in the works!
* She's already heading there
* Perhaps, but in a few years
* Dude, that's wishful thinking, a.k.a Never!

I actually chose option 3 for many reasons

* She is still young and doesn't need to bother
* She probably has many reasons to go bigger but one of them is the signal she is sending that from now on I'm more about something that is sexual rather than strictly fitness
* She's making money with her fitness-related businesses but those are time-consuming and the money isn't probably all that great. Whereas if she'd have an OF or member site it would be the opposite. Chances are she knows that
* Most people divorce or separate nowadays, it's just a matter of time. If she goes through that, she might emerge on the other side thinking now that she doesn't have any restraints, why not?Of course I could be all wrong here, but people are people and life is an ever-evolving process. Where you start is almost never where you end up.

You forgot option 5:  She's been shooting it all long but isn't releasing it to the public at this time (see Linda Steele) - or possibly ever.

I went for number 3. Her recent photos are becoming very risque and she is photoshopping less with regards to her nipples etc. But she is the queen of tease and could easily just be proudly showing off the new twins but has no intention of actually showing them fully. I've always been a bit of a dreamer and positive person so I went for number 3. I think it's either going to be 3 or 4, but here's hoping she proves me wrong :)

Re: "Dude, that's wishful thinking, a.k.a Never!"

There's no chance of her going R-Rated-that would ruin the mystique that is Goddess Cindy Landolt.

She will push us to the edge but will never go over.

R-Rated?, in 'ya dreams!!


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