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Objectify Me

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At the request of a few followers from The Flame thread, moving this new story line over to a new topic. As always, comments/criticism always welcome (of course criticism will only be taken somewhat seriously as my delicate ego can only take so much  ;)


Objectify Me


Kate couldn’t break her eyes away from the computer screen. Her boyfriend stood a few steps away, completely humiliated. He tried as quickly as possible to button his pants but no amount of awkward fumbling could distract Kate’s gaze. He realized the video was still playing on his computer and immediately slammed the laptop shut.

‘Babe, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you’d be home so early and I needed to…blow off some steam”, he said, red in the face.

Kate could hear what he was saying but all she could think about was the video. Admittedly, when she’d first walked in and had heard moaning she assumed the worst. The relief that her boyfriend wasn’t cheating was immense but a new insecurity was beginning to arise. She’d opened their bedroom door to see his back to her, his arm obviously being put to use as he aimed to satisfy himself. In the background a young, thin brunette was getting dominated from behind, her balloon-like breast implants wobbling artificially with each thrust.

She stood there for a minute before making her presence known and that’s when her boyfriend, Ryan, went into panic mode.

“Is that was he’s into?” she thought to herself. The sex that was transpiring on his computer was definitely more intense than she was used to with Ryan. Kate had always said she’d try anything with him, as weird or rough as he wanted but Ryan had never taken advantage of it. She’d often surprise him first thing in the morning with a blowjob or if their schedules aligned would sneak into the shower and make her way down to her knees and expertly work his manhood until he came in euphoric explosion.

Unfortunately, Kate’s efforts were rarely reciprocated. He put in some effort in the bedroom but made sure he got off and if in that time she was lucky enough to orgasm, great but rarely was her satisfaction the focus. For some reason it had never bothered her. She loved him and wanted to make sure she pleased him when he needed a release.

Up until a few moments ago she’d thought she was enough and was doing exactly what she needed to be a great girlfriend but now she was questioning herself.

“Why doesn’t he fuck me like that?” was her first thought but it didn’t take long for her mind to wander to the two biggest items on screen: the actress’s enormous, artificially enhanced chest.

“How can he possibly like those? They were kind of gross looking and he’s never mentioned breast implants before to me…”, she thought to herself. It was less the porn or the fake boobs that were bothering her and more the notion that there were things that turned him on that he’d kept from her.

At this point, she’d wandered back out to the living room with Ryan following, clearly still embarrassed and afraid of what she might say.

“Babe I’m so sorry. Please say something” He said half pleading.

“Ry, it’s fine. I guess I’m just surprised. I mean you’re a guy and I get that guys watch porn. It happens. I guess I just never realized what sort of things you were into.”

It took a couple hours to shake off the awkwardness but eventually they were both relaxed and lounging in front of the TV like any other evening.

The next day at work wasn’t easy for Kate. She worked at a small hedge fund as an office assistant simply because she’d failed her Series 7 exam twice. She’d graduated a few years earlier with a degree in Finance and knew she wanted to be a trader. Not so much because she was overly talented or interested in Finance as a career but because she knew there was money to be made. But when it came time to take her exams she blanked and inevitably failed. Twice. She wasn’t dumb by any means but the failure had left her feeling extremely insecure.

She rolled the previous day’s events around her mind. Ryan hadn’t done anything wrong, per se, but the woman he’d been watching just wasn’t what she would’ve expected from him. Kate was thin, pretty and had modest B cups. She wasn’t someone guys would go out of their way to talk to but she’d caught men sneaking a peak from time to time and those glances were the validation she needed.

She and Ryan had met through friends just under a year ago. Kate was immediately infatuated with Ryan: he was tall, handsome, took care of himself physically and came from a very well-to-do family. It took Ryan time to warm up to Kate and want to commit to something serious. He’d been reluctant to use a title for whatever they were until nearly their 14th date. At that point he knew he couldn’t make any more excuses. Now, a year in and living together, she still hadn’t met his family but was just excited that their relationship had gotten to this point.

Kate always did what he wanted whether it was going out with friends or staying behind so he could enjoy a guys night or weekend away from her. She never pushed back or demanded he spend time with her. Letting him take charge and do things his way made her feel like she was being a great girlfriend but deep down it slowly was chipping away at her self esteem. She tried her best not to let it get to her but she hoped someday his priority would be to spend time and spoil her.

It was a Thursday afternoon and markets had closed. Usually by 4:30 the office started to clear out but Kate had to stay until 5 to take any last minute calls that might come in. As the last of the junior traders made his way to the door, Kate opened up a new window in Chrome and searched two words: Breast Implants.

Chapter 2

It’d been a week since she’d seen him. Her heart was so full of excitement she could barely contain herself. When she’d originally told Ryan she was going away and he’d be on his own for a week he’d seemed unaffected. Hopefully this would change that.

Everything had changed the moment she hit search that June afternoon. She’d stepped into a world she’d been completely ignorant to. Sure, there were women out there who were pursuing the biggest, fakest chests that surgery could accommodate but Kate was relieved to find that breast implants were much more common than she’d initially thought. Women were able to achieve a variety of looks, shapes, sizes and completely determined by their personal preferences. Before she knew it, the office lights had shut off at 9pm as they always did and she snapped back to reality.

Over the next few days she started taking more bathroom breaks and would sit on her phone looking at different models and scanning plastic surgeon before & after pages. She even messaged some on instagram asking them who their doctor was and what size/shape they’d chosen. Many didn’t reply but some offered their support and guidance. The recommendations she did get all seemed to point in the same direction: “go and see Dr. Haskins. He can do anything” and before she knew it, Kate had a consultation scheduled.

Kate’s consultation with Dr. Haskins was nerve-racking at first. It didn’t help that as she walked in, a beautiful brunette with impossibly large fake breasts and swollen lips was wobbling out. She questioned if she should even be there but decided to at least get through the consult.  All of this was so new to her and she felt almost embarrassed to be thinking about implants purely to appease her boyfriend’s sexual tastes. She loved him though. So very much. And would do anything to make him happy.

Kate only waited a few minutes before the door to her room opened and in walked Dr. Haskins; a handsome man whose presence was instantly soothing.

“You must be Ms. Carter. I’m Dr. Haskins. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” and he extended his hand before sitting down across from Kate.

“So you’re here for a breast augmentation consult. is that right?”

“Yeah I’m still not sure if it’s for me or if i’m totally crazy.”

“Well what makes you want them in the first place and what makes you think it’s crazy?”

“I guess I’d never really thought much about breast implants until recently. My boyfriend won’t admit it but he loves them and I really want to give him everything. Is that silly?” Kate asked in her shyest tone.

“My dear it’s not silly at all but usually when it comes to something like this, I make sure to emphasize with my patients that doing it for anyone but themselves usually isn’t the right reason. I’m sure you and your boyfriend have a bright future and if you’re considering something like this you two must be very much in love. To play devil’s advocate for a moment, people change. Lives change. Careers change. If we’re making a decision as serious as elective surgery you want to make sure it’s something you could live with in any scenario. Does that make sense?”

“It does, Doctor. But I know he’s a big part of my future and I want him to have everything he wants.”

“If you’re sure. Now what is it you’re looking for in terms of size and shape? At first glance it looks like you have some tissue to work with so maintaining a natural appearance wouldn’t be too hard.”

“Hmm what other the other options? Maybe something that doesn’t look too fake but are a little more…rounded?”

“We could try high profile implants. They’ll stick out a bit further from your chest and give a bit more of a rounded look. Easy enough to downplay if you want or play up when you want the extra attention” Dr. Haskins said with a wink.

“I think I like that. I bet Ryan would like those more than the natural look” Kate said thinking about the actress from the video. Dr. Haskins rolled his chair over to the table where dozens of implant samples were laid out. He picked up 3 and handed them to her.

“So these are all high profile. The smallest is 250 ccs. This is 350 and the last is 450. Any thoughts and what size you’d be comfortable with?” Kate spent a few minutes playing with each of the implants.

“I think the 250 is too small but the 450 might be too big. I have an office job and don’t want to look like some bimbo,” Kate said thinking about the woman she’d passed on her way into the office

“Out of curiosity, I saw a woman earlier with enormous implants. What size were those?”

“Ah that’d be Brooke. She’s an interesting case. Comes in every few weeks and adds more saline. After her last fill she was around 2400ccs and still going.”

“2400! That’s a lot of Saline!” Kate responded, completely shocked. Suddenly the 450 cc implant didn’t seem all that big.

“I think I’d like to go with the 450 high profiles, Doctor”

“Great! I’ll send the nurse in to schedule your surgery. It was great to meet you and I promise you’re going to love your choice!” and with that Dr. Haskins walked out

Chapter 3

Kate stood outside their apartment. She didn’t know if she should surprise Ryan and just walk in or text him first. Her nerves were getting to her and she stood there almost paralyzed. This was the moment she’d been waiting for. She was so excited to surprise him. To BE his fantasy. She’d wanted this for so long and now it was time.

Kate turned the door knob and walked in. Ryan was strewn across the couch watching some SportsCenter. He barely moved when he saw her walk in.

“Hey Babe. Welcome home”

“Hey you” she replied and walked over to him to give him a kiss. She was wearing heavy jacket that didn’t reveal and of the changes underneath. She stood back up and walked back to her bags, dragging them into the bedroom.

Kate immediately tore her jacket off and threw it on the bed. Underneath she was wearing a tight white dress with a push up bra that made her new chest pop out of the top with incredible cleavage. Now was the moment.

“Hey babe can you come here and help me with something?” she yelled in her best sultry tone.

“Sure hon one minute.” It took almost all of that minute for him to come in and to Kate it felt like an hour.

“Hey what…what do you…what?” Was all he could say.

“What do you think my love? Like what you see?” Kate said slowly moving toward him.

“Babe…what did you…what the fuck did you do!?” he yelled out in anger. Kate was in shock. This wasn’t at all how she’d pictured this.

“Why the fuck would you do this to yourself!? Do you know how ridiculous you look!?”

“But I thought you’d like them…I mean I saw you…what you were watching…I wanted to get them for you…”

“Porn is porn, Kate. It’s not real life. How the hell am I going to introduce you to my family when your chest is stuffed with silicone!? You know how conservative my parents are. They’re never going to be ok with this!” That sent Kate into tears. She’d been so excited for all of this; to give Ryan everything he could ever fantasize about but now she just felt like a monster. Her intentions had been so good but now she was full of regret and shame.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe you’d do this shit. I…I gotta go,” and he walked out. Kate fell onto the bed in tears. She buried her face in the pillows and sobbed for what must’ve been a few hours before she finally fell asleep.

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Can't wait to see if she will love them for herself , and start to play with them :)

As said before, great start.  I love the direction that this story is heading

next chapter on deck for friday

Chapter 4

Kate woke up confused. She knew something had happened but the previous night’s distress felt like it’d been a bad dream. She lifted her head to look for Ryan but the empty bed reminded her that everything had been real and not just the lingering residue of a nightmare. Emotions immediately came over her. Kate pushed herself upright and to the edge of the bed as the tears welled in need of water and tissues. She slowly made her way to the bathroom fighting her gentle sobs.

As if the thought of losing her soulmate wasn’t enough to send her into hysterics, Kate was quickly reminded of the cause behind her boyfriend’s absence: there in the mirror looking back at her was a mess of a woman. Her hair was in complete disarray and her mascara stained her cheeks from hours of streaming tears. It wasn’t the makeup and hair that broke her down completely. It was the two artificial orbs popping out of the top of her dress that reminded her of what she’d done and what it had cost her.

Her chest pushed out further than it had no more than a week before when she’s bid farewell to her modest natural curves. The thought of Ryan pouncing on her out of sheer lust was the last thing on her mind before she went under for her breast augmentation. Before she knew it, she was waking up from surgery with incredible pressure sitting on her chest. Kate knew whatever she’d done was going to be a big change but it was worth it for Ryan. Instead of having to hide his porn search history and tastes he’d have his own little actress laying next to him anytime they were together.

After a few minutes lost in pitiful thoughts, Kate slowly wandered back to bed and laid her head back on the pillows. Everything felt so hopeless. She’d done this to herself to please him. All she’d ever wanted was to be everything to him but he’d thrown her away simply because of what his family might think. Now, she was stuck with these ridiculous plastic tits and more debt on top of her student loans. She’d fronted half of the procedure but couldn’t afford it in full. Obviously she couldn’t ask Ryan when the intent was to surprise him and she wanted this to be her gift to him.

As she lay there deep in thought her phone vibrated. She leapt to pick it up, hoping it was from Ryan saying something. Saying anything. She just wanted him. To her relief it was from him but not the message she wanted. Her stomach sank.

“This isn’t going to work. I need you out by tomorrow.” Kate read it over and over as the pit in her stomach grew in intensity. Not only was this truly the end of their relationship but the lease was in his name and she’d just spent her savings on the implants currently stretching out her chest. The reality of the situation was too much. Comical almost. In a slight moment of clarity, she realized it was better if she left sooner rather than later. She typed “Ok”, hit send, and walked to the closet to begin grabbing her clothes.


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