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Star Members / Re: Ariane Saint-Amour
« Last post by metallon on Today at 05:46:41 pm »
Maybe the best duo ever!

Stories / Re: New Story - Plastic Flower
« Last post by NailclipSatan on Today at 05:25:13 pm »
>plump lips parted to reveal white perfect tits
Pretty sure that line is wrong ;D

It sure is. Not to self... don't write after work.
Mistake corrected. Thank you for pointing that one out, it's a great help.

Good stuff. J'adore all the French touches in your writing

MercĂ­ beaucoup!

And thank you all for your immediate and greatly appreciated feedback! See you on Tuesday!

Bodybuilding models / Re: Lynn Mccrossin
« Last post by ellvo on Today at 05:14:49 pm »
Has anyone seen Lynn's video with Dawn Whitham Bosom Buddies Reunite?
Models / Glamour / Re: Linda Steele - Fitness Bombshell
« Last post by mark7880 on Today at 05:10:32 pm »

Models / Glamour / Re: Olinda Castielle
« Last post by galantrond on Today at 05:01:27 pm »
Did anyone have access to her website? Is it worth it? Specially the videos, is it worth it?

Please read my previous posts...


Thanks ;)
Identify her (Pics) / Re: Meet market
« Last post by trailboss208 on Today at 04:14:41 pm »
Escorts / Re: April from
« Last post by conor on Today at 03:59:07 pm »

In wich cities is she now?
Escorts / Re: Blondie in Suisse
« Last post by conor on Today at 03:58:32 pm »

Met Blondie some months ago, great experience, blonde girl with amazing body but i can confess 100 per 100 sure she is not K. Gomez.

Cheers guys!
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Kristhin Gomez
« Last post by mark7880 on Today at 03:52:28 pm »

Fitness models / Re: Lindi Nunziato
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 03:39:56 pm »

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