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Good Lawdy!  Someone buy that girl a hamburger!  I've seen pics of auschwitz camp victims with more meat on them.  Those hip bones look absolutely deadly, and you could drive a Prius thru that thigh gap!  Boobs are nice tho.  =)

I second this. I like big implants on a thin girl, but that is just unhealthy. She needs to gain some weight, not too much, maybe just 10 pounds (~5 kilograms).
Asian Girls / Re: Mya Le
« Last post by smoothie4564 on Today at 02:05:21 am »
Mya's latest.  Enjoy these videos all about house plants. Wait, what?!?  Nooooooo, say it ain't so.

At least she still had boobs...

Aaaaand they're gone...

This is depressing. First she removes all of her boob videos from her channel, then she gets rid of her boobs in secret, then she dedicates her entire YouTube channel to plants...

WTF happened to her? If you go back and watch some of the videos she deleted she was absolutely in LOVE with her 750cc implants. It must be a woman thing, their entire world is dictated by their emotions.
Star Members / Re: Mary Madison : "Hello world"
« Last post by Big Richard on Today at 01:37:49 am »
Unless she is off on her numbers or she is just really tiny, I can't see how those can only be 3500cc.   I think Busty Dusty was around 3500cc and she looked no where like that.
Art, 3D, Toons & CGI / Re: Huge Boob Animation
« Last post by axis on Today at 01:37:36 am »
How are things Kinera?  Ellie and her story coming along?

I've said it before and will again, your cast and work is absolutely awesome!
Models / Glamour / Re: Mirjana Milosavljevic
« Last post by jrfan1986 on Today at 01:17:50 am »

Bodybuilding models / Re: Tish Shelton
« Last post by alldaymckay on Today at 01:07:33 am »
Thank you
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Beshine
« Last post by Big Richard on Today at 01:02:49 am »

Is it just me, or does anyone else like the stretch marks on her hip too?

i LOVE them!

Same here. Not just on a girl's boobs, but on her hips, butt, thighs and midriff. It's all good IMO. ;D


Even on her hoo ha?

And before you say 'they don't get them there', just imagine if you passed a bowling ball.  You don't think your bung hole isn't going to have some stretch marks if not some pretty serious rippage?

Too much for me, I'll stick with the boob marks, thank you.
Models / Glamour / Re: Bellafrench / Bella French
« Last post by metallon on Today at 12:51:32 am »
I'm really looking forward to it!
Transsexuals / Name
« Last post by whitee on Today at 12:49:06 am »
Sorry I don’t know how to add pic
Amateurs / Re: Kayla Morris
« Last post by justinsain on Today at 12:44:59 am »
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