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XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Candy Charms
« Last post by Trojanlhs on Today at 12:22:53 am »
So I broke down and spent the $$ for a month. I’m a little disappointed in the content honestly. Her personal blogs are actually hotter Than the content. If she did more B/G scenes I think that would greatly improve her site
Bodybuilding models / Re: Aleesha Young
« Last post by mark7880 on December 15, 2017, 11:33:59 pm »

     Only pics.

Stories / Re: [Update new chapter 2!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Last post by NailclipSatan on December 15, 2017, 11:26:22 pm »

Hi there you all, thank you for staying with me and waiting for new updates to happen! There have been wishes for weekly updates, but as long as my dayjob keeps me occupied, I won't be able to update more often. That said, I hope you enjoy this new update and I hope to see you soon! Btw, love the sculpted nose shape of the beautiful girl in the pic below!

Marie was looking at the phone, not believing her eyes. If her eyes were deceiving her, though, the silicone weight upon her chest, thrusting her new tits up and out, seemed to be far more believable. She had not only grown implants – big ones, that made her look like a total blow-up doll – but it was thanks to magic of some kind, some kind of nerd sci-fi trick her idiot of a brother discovered on the Internet.
“For the last time,” Marie said, holding up the phone in her hand as with her other hand pinched her brother’s left ear, twisting it just enough to scare him into tearing it off, “for the last time. How does this work?”

Onscreen, she saw her obscene figure, her slim body turned out of proportion by the two spheres that were now her breasts, jutting out much like the obnoxious implants they were. Ugh. Her idiot brother truly had crossed all kinds of lines with this. How could she go out like this? Not half of the things she owned would fit her now, not with the way her new tits pushed the outline of this simple sweater! And what would all her friends say? What would mom and dad say, as soon as they came back home! Marie tapped on the screen, trying to find a way to undo the changes.

“How do I change it back?”

“I don’t know! I never saw that before! I swear!”

“Don’t fuck with me, you little prick,” Marie said, twisting his ear just a little more, “you came in my room and you had this fuckery on you phone. You know how this works and you better undo it or oh-so-help-me if I find the way to do it myself!”

Marie waited for André to finish his pathetic wailing.

“Aren’t you… don’t you like them,” he asked, half-shocked, half-pleading.

“No, you fucker I don’t like having big fake boobs! First, they are big. And second, they are fake! What are people going to think?! Now turn me back to normal!”

Marie pushed the phone into André’s face, who trembled, moving his fingers on the screen. “Are… you… are you sure? You look a lot hotter this way! I mean, you got such a nice rack!”

“Shut up before I hit you!”

But by then André had nothing more to lose. Well, except having a busty, fake-titted sister.

“No, I mean, fuck, you are so fucking hot this way! Can’t you see how good they look? They are so round, and firm, and they look so good on you with your long legs! It’s amazing! All the boys would desire you!”

“I for one wouldn’t want my creep of a brother to,” was Marie’s glacial answer.

André lost all words. Slowly, he brought up the revert option and tapped on it. The app asked for confirmation, and he double-tapped. This time it happened a lot quicker. Marie felt the weight on her chest recede, letting go until it disappeared. The sweater fell back onto her chest like it had always done. She was back to her usual self. No more fake ugly boobs to plague her days.
Everything was settled.
Well, except for one thing…

“What are you…?” André tried to stop her when he saw what she was about to do, but she was too quick: a tap, and the icon of the VCS app disappeared from his phone.

“There. No more playing with other people’s bodies for you.”

André looked down at his phone as Marie carelessly dropped it. The phone didn’t break though, even though it slid against the wall. André couldn’t lift a finger to catch it, as defeated as he felt.

“Now get out of my room. And don’t you ever speak to me.”

André did as he was told. He picked up the phone, gathered the broken fragments of his erotic dreams, and shut himself into his room. Mum and dad came, there was dinner; then another day of school. He passed through it all in a dreamy daze. His friends tried to shake him out of it by talking about videogames and anime, but André could only nod and weakly smile.
He, just for a few glorious seconds, had seen fake tits. True, bulging fake tits. On his sister, what’s more. And now he could never see his sister the same way. Fuck. He had fucked it all.

But how could he believe the app would really work? And why would Marie delete it? How could she do something like that? It wasn’t even her phone. André had tried to find the file again, the link again, but there was no trace of it in the Internet, and he spent hours surfing it, even the deep web. No results, nada, nothing.

There was no app anymore.

It had all been just a pleasant dream, but it was over now. Over forever.

And with that though, André went to bed on that second night, forgetting all about the app’s warning when he first opened it, the warning about it being a beta, and potential unforeseen effects.

That was, until he heard the door slowly creak open, and somebody enter his room. André shifted under the sheets. Had his sister came to finish the job? He turned to see it was indeed Marie, but she possessed an odd light in her eyes, her clothes dishevelled, her hands roaming over her chest. She jumped on the bed, inched closer and closer to André, who by this point feared for his life.
But it wasn’t his life Marie wanted.

“Hey, idiot brother,” Marie said, “can you make my tits big and fake again?”
Models / Glamour / Dawn Stone and Connie Kline - Boob Cruise 98
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XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Mary Madison Love
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Models / Glamour / Re: Manuela Quistelli
« Last post by mandydeluxe on December 15, 2017, 11:07:31 pm »
epic nip slip : )

Escorts / Re: German Jordan Night
« Last post by ruarrr on December 15, 2017, 11:05:58 pm »
She's pregnant.

Star Members / Re: Ariane Saint-Amour
« Last post by iwantdrink on December 15, 2017, 11:03:17 pm »
Maybe that's from when she had 1040cc.
3000cc would be beatiful :)
Stories / Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
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Models / Glamour / Re: @anastasiiadoll
« Last post by Dp4 on December 15, 2017, 10:52:48 pm »
Currently shes got 1000cc Silicone Breast Implants. 700CC Butt Implants!! & WOW do they feel amazing! Her lips are something else DSLs for sure! She goes for about 500 euros/hr & 3000 euros/night! She really is a perfect doll!
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