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Boobs on the Beach
« on: April 30, 2023, 12:26:45 am »
Boobs on the Beach

This is part 1 of an erotic story with sexploitation and voyeurism/peeping tom-like themes.

"Go to the lake with Belle and Sarah, from high school? No way? Are you still keeping in touch with them?", Steven asked.
"Well, yes- at least with Sarah. She has got kids of the same age as me and Jen. They go to the same daycare.", Patrick answered.

Steven and Patrick had been friends back in high school, and even before that. Back then, Belle and Sarah had often been the objects of his early sexual fantasies as a boy becoming a young man. Having been quite shy back then, he could barely talk to girls, despite being very much interested in them. He remembered Belle as a skinny dark haired goth girl. She was super cute and girly. He remembered also that she had wide hips but was flat as a board. Just like Steven, Belle was not a very talkative teen, but she did sometimes talk to him, he remembered. When she did, he remembered always blushing because of how cute she was. He never had much to say back then. It was  Sarah who frequented his dreams and fantasies, however. Having been blessed with curves and confidence, she used to be one of the popular girls, he remembered. She took care of the other girls, being all responsible, and told off boys who misbehaved with quick wit and a sharp tongue. She was close friends with Belle. Both of them used to tease Steven, though. They knew he was checking them out when he thought they could not see, and they used to pretend not to see him while suddenly starting to stretch in a provocative manner, or start taking off a layer of clothing complaining about how hot it was in the class room. Steven remembered one time when one of them suddenly asking the other if she wanted to see the new bra she had bought, then pulling up her top to reveal it while glancing towards Steven to see how he reacted.

"Jen and the girls are away for one whole week on riding camp, I will not join them until Thursday, or I will go crazy. It's only so much I can take, you know. Horses and stuff." Patrick explained.
"I see... and what about Sarah, is her husband and kids coming too?", Steven asked.
"No... no I think Sarah needed to work and Eric took the kids away camping, she was supposed to join a bit later or something. Apparently her boys are very boisterous, making it impossible to work from home when they are around."
"I never knew you hanged out with Belle and Sarah... you know, I used to have a big crush on both of them... back in school." Steven said, thoughtfully.
"You were not alone. Cute girls. Beautiful women now. At least Sarah. I actually have not met Belle since back then. Maybe she has become a crazy cat lady or something? It will be interesting to see her and find out what she has been up to since back then.", Eric said.
"Hahaha, 'a crazy cat lady', well... we will see. If she brings the cats to the beach... by the way, this is not matchup between me and Belle, is it? Have you and Sarah been conspiring?"
"Well... this can be whatever we make it, right? We will hang out and have a good time, relaxing by the lake. We will talk about old times and have a good laugh about how stupid we were back then and how old we are today, right? And if you and Belle get along... well. That is a bonus.", Eric said in a matter of fact- like manner.
"So, she IS single too?"
"Well, yes."
"And you and Sarah have talked about this? Us being single, both of us?"
"...yes. Sure. Is that a problem?"
"No... no, it's fine, I guess... it's just... I don't like these sort of things. Sometimes it becomes odd. Expectations and stuff..."

Later at the beach Steven was introduced to two beautiful women who both hugged him and Patrick heartily. Sarah was very much like Steven remembered. A curvy, sunny woman with great confidence. High energy and very talkative. She had red hair and green eyes and had not put on too much weight even after having become a mother. She was still hot, Steven could not help but to realize. Even with some extra pounds around her waist and thighs, she had a very attractive body with excellent proportions. Just like back in the days, Steven could not help himself but to look at her breasts. They were big, and even bigger then they used to be. Her green bikini had some trouble keeping all of it inside the bikini cups. When she hugged Steven he felt the soft warmth of her ample breasts pressing against his chest.
"Hi, Steven! Very nice to see you. You still look good, have you been working out? Hahaha!", Sarah asked, winking at Steven.
Steven was then immediately ambushed by Belle who had been holding her towel in her arms, across her chest up until this point. She opened her arms wide to hug Steven, revealing a very small white bikini top. Although it would absolutely be of the appropriate size for Belle's small torso, if not for the excellent pair of great big fake tits that failed to hide behind the tiny fabric.

"Hello, Steven, nice to see you again. You are even better looking now than 10 years ago!" Belle said, sounding surprised, hesitant and thoughtful all at once, as she spoke. Belle's tits pressed against Steven's chest like two water balloons, barely giving way to the pressure in their firmness. Belle was still skinny in all other aspects, and it was clear that her once small boobs had been filled to their limit with silicone.

"You too... you are. You have always... anyways. Nice to see you again!" Steven stammered and felt his cheeks getting red. What was this? He should be be over blushing when talking to girls. Much had changed since back when he was young, and he had certainly had experiences to make him an experienced and confident man and not some blushing boy! Those tits, though. He could excuse himself somewhat for blushing. He had always been very attracted to boobs, but he had realized he had a fetish for fake tits. Where he lived, fake tits was not common, so he was not used to seeing something like this, and it made it an even more powerful impact on him for that reason. It was just something so sexy to the idea of the somewhat shy and skinny Belle deciding to blow up her tits to pornstar proportions, protruding off of her once so flat and skinny chest like two balloons.

"Shall we find a spot with both sun and some shade, maybe by that tree?" It was Patrick who spoke. He knew the area best.

As everybody started walking towards the great big tree near the lake, Steven risked some glances every now and then, towards Belle. God, she was hot. She still had dark haired, probably dyed black, and was quite pale. She had a tattoo on her right shoulder, but nothing else. She had in fact also gained some weight, but was still skinny. It seemed like it had mostly gone to her butt and thighs. Steven decided it only made her hotter. She was once again holding her towel in her arms, pressed against her chest, blocking most of the view.

As everyone made themselves comfortable in the short grass under the half shade from the branches of the tree,  they small talked about what they had been up to recently. Belle, to my disappointment, put on a shirt. She told us she was working as a nurse, lived with her cat, had no children, and when asked about her love life, she simply answered "Don't ask." Sarah interwened "She broke up with her boyfriend of three years last year. She needs to move on." Belle responded by sticking her tongue out towards Sarah.
"It's OK. I have Mr. Purr. He will never leave me.", she said with a smile.
"Her cat.", Sarah cut in.
"Honestly, I feel fine being alone for a while. It's nice to have some time to figure stuff out, you know?"
Eric smiled and winked at Steven. "Crazy cat lady." he mimed wordlessly, winking at me.

After some more small talk Sarah declared that it was time for a bath. Before waiting for buy in from anyone, she simply stared running down the beach and out into the water. Had my eyes not been occupied elsewhere, I would have starred like Patrick did. Sarah's curvy body jiggled and bounced as she ran, seemingly unaware or not caring about the lewd spectacle. She held her breasts with her hands, presumable to avoid them spilling out from her bikini. Her juicy ass and squishy legs wobbled as she ran. Meanwhile, Belle was taking off her shirt, pushing it off with her hands straight into the air above her head, making her full breasts jut out like two ripe fruits. She then proceeded to walk down towards the water. "Are you coming, Steven?" she asked, turning around to wait for me, walking backwards a few steps. Belle's bikini was too small by at least a few sizes. She was at least double D and the bikini seemed like a C or something. It covered her nipples and a little bit more, but a good deal of her round orbs protruded on each side of the bikini.
"Afraid of the cold water, Steven?" Belle asked as she confidently started walking into the lake. Sarah was already treading water, talking to Patrick some 20 ft. further. Soon she stopped, however.

"It is cold! I thought this was a bathing lake?!" Belle complained.
Steven waded past her and straight into the water, submerging himself up to his neck in the water.
"It is easier to run than to walk slowly into it, if you run, you will not feel the cold as much." Steven said.
"If you can do it, so can I!" Belle answered, and started wading into the water. She shivered and twisted her body, gasping when her crotch became submerged in the cold water. As she did, Steven noticed her nipples suddenly pointing through the fabric of her bikini like two bullets. He shivered, but not from the cold water. He felt a jolt of excitement as he took in the sexy sight of Belle, with her firm fake tits defying gravity as she walked, and her razor nipples visible through her bikini. He could feel his penis move in his bathing shorts and tried to remember not to get a hardon here. He had gotten a hardon in water before, and they were even harder then usual to shake off, somehow. Perhaps because of the ever moving water moving against the penis.

"There are some rocks some hundred feet out in the middle of the lake. We should swim over there!" Patrick said. And he got us swimming there. Talking about the beautiful nature in the area, and how the water did not feel cold now, when you had gotten used to it.

"I cannot reach anything to stand on!" Sarah complained.
"Me neither." Belle answered.
"Maybe you are too short. Here, you may hold onto me if you want to rest." Patrick offered.
Sarah took Patrick up on the offering and hang onto him to rest before going back. Belle held onto Steven.
"You know what would be a cool photo?" Sarah asked. "If I were to stand on your shoulders and you dived just a little bit under the surface, Patrick. It would look like I was standing on water, can we try, Patrick?"
Sarah and Patrick started to struggle with getting Sarah up on his shoulders, balancing. Before long Belle said "I can do that better. Will you help me, Steven?"
Steven agreed and before long he had Belle's firm body pressed up against him, all over. Her soft thighs hugging his torso, her chubby ass brushing against him, and of course- her firm tits against his arms, shoulders, and head. Before long, Belle had gotten her feet on top of Stevens shoulders, struggling to keep her balance with the help of Stevens straight arms, held up in the air above. As Belle swayed and tilted this way and that, her silicone boobs pressed against his hands and forearms. They gave way reluctantly in their firmness, like a beach ball. Steven had a raging hard on in no time. "Not much to do." He thought, and hoped that nobody would notice before he'd gotten the time to cool off.
"I give up! This was way harder than I expected", Belle panted, as she recovered her breath, treading water beside Steven.
Sarah had not had much success either, and wanted to return to the beach now.
"I have to catch my breath first!" Belle exclaimed and jumped on Steven from behind, without warning. She straddled him with her arms over his shoulders, tied together across his chest, and crossed her legs over his waist, like a koala bear. Her slippery legs slided downwards, however, before coming to a halt against Stevens rock hard member, which had created a tent inside his bathing shorts. Belle froze in an instant. "Is that... oh..."

Before anything more could happen, Sarah and Patrick interrupted them with some bird of prey they had seen above in the skies. Apparently being bird lovers, they talked some minutes about the bird before it vanished behind some trees. Before long, they all swam back towards the beach. Without any comments or any sign from Belle regarding what she had experienced. She did not, however, put on her t-shirt when coming back to the beach. Instead, she untied her bikini top, but left it on, still covering her nipples. Saying something about tan lines. She then positioned herself in a way that gave Steven perfect view over her semi naked body, put on her sun glasses, and basked in the glorious sunshine. She even squeezed her breasts once while making herself comfortable. Was that for him, Steven wondered.

Steven put his shades on, and positioned himself in such a was as to be able to stare as much as he wanted at Belles body while pretending to sleep. His hardon had softened enough not to be noticed during the sim back to the beach, but it returned again as he fantasized about Belle and her big fake silicone tits. He covered himself with a towel to hide it. Later that day, circumstances would change all of their plans in the best of ways, as a storm compels the group to stay at Patrick's cabin over the night instead of returning home...

End of part 1