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Bimbo Finishing School (ChatGPT)
« on: March 22, 2023, 01:18:57 am »
Bimbo Finishing School

by ChatGPT, edited by me... but ChatGPT is still awful at maintaining voice across multiple entries, the tense changes constantly, and none of the characters possess any sort of soul or consistent character truthfully. enjoy!

Warnings: Family ick overtones, and no real sex content. Mostly light non-con bimbofication brainwashing and plastic surgery.

Chapter 1

The Smiths were a wealthy family with a strange obsession.

Mr. Smith was a renowned plastic surgeon, and Mrs. Smith a former beauty queen - both worlds that firmly believed that beauty was the most important quality a person could possess.

It was no surprise when they expected their daughter Tiffany to be the utter epitome of physical perfection. Their backgrounds meant that they had always entertained ideas of having a daughter who carried on their perfected lineage, their tradition of rewarding the world with sublime beauty.

The surgeon was currently embroiled in a lawsuit with a former patient over "wrongfully" performing an 850cc breast augmentation during a patient's check-up. He couldn't help it: he simply wanted to ensure his clients looked more like his favorite bimbos.

His wife, thrilled by the free access to plastic surgery, had found that she loved it too. The nearly 2000cc's on her chest tended to suck the air out of rooms, leaving most gasping.

Inevitably, when their daughter Tiffany was diagnosed with late age extreme gigantomastia at 18, Mr. and Mrs. Smith saw an opportunity to mold her into the perfect bimbo of their dreams. They started encouraging her to wear pink clothing, and even tried to get her to bleach her hair. They got used to her constant refusals, and eventually backed off.

But when she expressed her desire to have a breast reduction, her parents knew they had to take drastic measures.

"What are you doing, sweetie?" Her mother asked one night, eyeing her suspiciously from her doorway.

"Just...looking at myself," Tiffany said, feeling embarrassed.

"You're not thinking about that surgery, are you?"

Tiffany nodded, feeling ashamed. "I just...I don't know if I can keep living like this, Mom. It's just too much."

Her mother's face darkened. "Absolutely not. You're not getting that surgery, do you hear me? Your breasts are your best feature, and you should be proud of them. Don't you dare let anyone tell you differently."

Tiffany felt a knot form in her stomach. She had never seen her mother so angry before. She didn't understand why she couldn't make decisions about her own body.

"Okay," Tiffany said meekly, feeling defeated.

"Good," her mother said, before leaving the room.

Tiffany sat in silence, feeling confused and trapped.

Her parents told Tiffany that afternoon that she was going to Eclipse for summer school. It was a pre-college preparatory summer school on the surface aimed at 18-19 year old's, but to the parent's delight it offered a discreet service for those wealthy enough.

The pre-college preparatory was perfect. It was a frankly fun-looking summer school on the surface, "Eclipse Bayside Prep," aimed at 18-19 year olds to, in order, A. party and B. study to breeze through the first semester of college. And there was no sign of what it truly offered. ...It appeared the prep school simply hoped the girls would never ask why every one of the students had extreme gigantomastia.

Tiffany, at least, merely gave an "of course you would" when informed of her attendance. But not too grumpily. Her parents had previously threatened her with the specter of getting a job, and a few of her older friends had attended Eclipse after graduating last year. Though she hadn't heard from them in a while.

To her, it just sounded like a fun way to meet some new boys and finish her reduction of her outrageously large breasts before heading to uni properly. Not that the parents would ever have told Tiffany about their true intentions.
Chapter 2

Tiffany's diagnosis, commonly known as "extreme gigantomastia," was a condition that primarily affected young women around 18 to 20 years old, and was characterized by a rapid and extreme growth of breast tissue.

The breasts grow at an unprecedented rate, so much so that within days, they become as big around as volleyballs. Clothes never fit right, and they wound up constantly tugging and adjusting their shirts, trying to best conceal the bulging mounds of flesh beneath.

The resulting size was a source of shame and discomfort felt across the world, and many countries ensured the young women received free reductions. Parents were encouraged through national programming to ensure their daughters knew they were more than just their bodies and that their true beauty came from within.

...However, with every action, an equal and opposite reaction occurs. By word of mouth only, a black market was started for rewiring the brains of extreme gigantomastia patients into accepting, or even loving, the size they were blessed with.

What even Tiffany's parents didn't know, however, was that The Bimbo Finishing School was a more extreme option than even advertised. They simply wanted her to cancel her reduction.

But from day one with their overly-busty, over 18-year old students, the school began brainwashing the girls into believing that their extreme gigantomastia was not a curse but merely a starting position in a lifelong race. The school's teachers and its principal Mrs. Diamond instilled the concise idea that the bigger the breasts, the better the woman. Rounds of psychological, social, and physical conditioning worked to sway the girls into knowing that their oversized breasts were not merely okay, but in fact existential - core to their very identity. This was the single rule that occupied their thoughts.

Within days, Tiffany's demeanor changed - she became more submissive, giggly, and began to use "like" and "totally" in her speech. Her academic performance started to slip predictably as her thoughts became increasingly focused on her appearance and pleasing men.

One afternoon, when Tiffany's parents came to pick her up after school let out, were delighted by the changes they saw in their daughter. Her clothes were tighter, her makeup was heavy for the first time ever, and she spoke in a higher-pitched, awestruck voice.

"Hi, Mom and Dad! I missed you guys so much!" Tiffany said with a big grin, as she hugged them tightly, her bleached hair bobbing about. "Isn't my hair so pretty? My best friend Bambi in class said I'm totally a, um, natural blonde, but like, on the inside!" She tittered.

Her parents couldn't help but smile at Tiffany's enthusiasm. They knew they had made the right decision by enrolling her in the school.

Over the next few weeks, the changes continued to pile on. Tiffany's vocabulary shrank, and she began to use more cutesy nicknames for herself, like "Tiffy Tiff" and "Barbie Doll". When her parents mentioned the idea of her getting a breast reduction again, she scoffed and called them "meanies", insisting that her "teensy weeny bugbites" were perfect as they were.

Her parents frowned at that last part, not entirely sure what that was about, but thankful at least for her cancelling the surgery.

On Tuesday, Tiffany's parents were surprised to see their daughter walking to the family minivan with what could only have been two enhanced breasts. They blinked their eyes, but sure enough, Tiffy Tiff now sported a set of ultra-high implants that took her naturally enormous sway and bolted it straight up high on to her chest. They rose up nearly to her shoulder blades now, and it looked like she was wearing a push-up bra despite clearly going braless.

"Tiffany, you look amazing!" her father exclaimed, beaming with pride. "I'm so proud of you for embracing your bimbo side!"

Tiffany giggled, twirling around to show off her curves. "Thanks, Daddy! I'm like, so happy you like my new boobie implants!" They were thrilled to see her confidence had skyrocketed and so happy that her breasts were now even more massive than before.

Her mother chimed in, "It's so good to see you so happy, Tiffy. You're living up to our expectations so well, and we couldn't be more proud of you!"

Tiffany beamed, hugging her parents. "I love you guys so much! Like, I can't wait to see how much bigger I can get! Just you wait."

Chapter 3

On the third day into the The Bimbo Finishing School's summer course, the girls listened to the PA announce that whichever of them was the fakest by the end of the day would win an additional surgery. Excitement bubbled up in the students, as they all had the potential to transform into their wildest bimbo dreams.

The school went abuzz with activity all day long, but by the end three girls in particular stood out: Brittany, Tiffany, and Bambi. They glowered at each other through the botox, trying to fiercely engage in bimbo battle.

The three girls had each undergone multiple surgeries in the last 6 hours, adding to their expanders, getting butt injections, and the two faux frenemies' new rival Brittany had even gotten full body lipo. They were the talk of the school, with their extreme bimbo looks drawing the approval of all the other, equally brainwashed students.

At the end of the day, Principal Diamond smiled at the bandaged-up girls. "Well, darlings. It's something  that I've never seen before! I've tallied it up and... it's a three-way tie!"

They each whooped and hollered, and then fell silent, glancing at their old rivals. The girls finally rushed forward, hugging each other in excitement. Principal Diamond just grinned and walked away.

"Oh my god, I can't believe it," Tiffany exclaimed. "I finally have the biggest tits in school!"

"Totally, right? Good thing my ass is so huge now," Brittany giggled. "I feel like a total bimbo goddess compared to your tiny butt!"

Bambi chimed in, "And my lips are so plump now, I feel like I could kiss the entire school before you even started! "

By the end of the night, Tiffany had decided to rename herself "Miss Fake," just in case another competition rolled around.

By lunch the on-again, off-again friends had started chatting again. They were each dressed in tiny shorts and tight tank tops, showing off their new bodies for gym class next.

Bambi could hardly take her eyes off of Miss Fake. "Tiff–" "Miss Fake." "Um.
Miss Fake, like your boobs look so real! Omg, I need to get mine done."

Miss Fake, née Tiff, shook her head, "Thanks, but, like, don't call them real. Yuck! They're totally fake, girl."

Mr. Smith could hardly believe his eyes when he saw his daughter that night.

And across the parking lot, similar scenes were being reenacted with other families.

Bambi's father was especially eager to see the transformation in his daughter. As they drove back home, he asked, "So, Bambi, how do you feel?"

Bambi smiled and twirled a strand of her newly blonde hair. "Daddy, I'm so sorry I ever considered getting a reduction. I didn't realize how much my big, beautiful breasts were a gift to you and Mom." Her massive breasts pushed her shirt to the limit.

Her father grinned, "That's music to my ears, honey. And what about enhancements? Do you have any interest in that now?"

Bambi nodded eagerly, fat, braless boobs sloshing around. "Yes, Daddy. I think I'd like to get some implants to make them the right size and just perfect. I need to get my bugbites fixed, just like Ti-Miss Fake did!"

Her father couldn't contain his excitement. "That's my girl! I knew the Bimbo Finishing School would do wonders for you. Let's set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon right away."

Bambi beamed with pride and contentment, feeling like she had made her father proud by embracing her extreme gigantomastia as a valuable asset - even if her assets were so tiny.

Chapter 4

At the Bimbo Finishing School, the process of adding implants to the extreme gigantomastia cases was a carefully choreographed dance between the surgeons and the school's administration.

In Bambi's case, her gigantomastia had become so severe that her breasts hung painfully down, the weight of them causing her constant back pain.

But the size gave the surgeons plenty to work with. They began by making several incisions in her breasts, carefully positioning the implants in place, and then stitching the incisions back up. The size of the implants was massive, capably pushing her breasts up to an almost cartoonish size, each one roughly the size of a bowling ball, if not the weight of one.

Despite the heft of the implants, Bambi's breasts still naturally sagged somewhat – and the surgeons had a solution for that too. They inserted a series of internal supports, almost like scaffolding, to hold the breasts up with an internal bra and give them the appearance of being preternaturally perky and firm like a sorority girl's.

The results were stunning, at least to those who appreciated the bimbo aesthetic. Bambi had breasts so huge and gravity-defying that they seemed to defy the laws of physics. Despite their impossible size, they remained firm and perky, as if gravity had no effect on them whatsoever.

And she was thrilled with the results, constantly showing them off to anyone who would look and giggling uncontrollably at the attention they brought her.

The Bimbo Finishing School had a carefully cultivated network of partnerships with local plastic surgeons. These surgeons were more than willing to perform the requested procedures on their clients. The school administrators made it clear that they expected the surgeons to be discreet and not ask too many questions about the reasons or legality of their surgeries.

In exchange for their cooperation, the school would provide these surgeons with a steady stream of business, sending them dozens of eager young women who were willing to pay top dollar for any procedure that would enhance their appearance. And the surgeons, in turn, would often recommend the school to their own clients who were looking for a more extreme look for their daughters.

Of course, the legality of these arrangements was dubious at best. But the school and its partners operated in a sort of ethical gray area, using shell companies and private investment to stay out of the spotlight. And as long as the money kept flowing, everyone involved was content to turn a blind eye to the potential risks and ethical concerns of what they were doing.

Chapter 5

Miss Fake's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, took her shopping for her graduation outfit at the local mall. They were thrilled to show off their daughter's new look. As soon as they entered the store, they were greeted by a sales associate who quickly showed them around the women's section.

"Oh, Daddy, let's go in there!" Miss Fake squealed, tugging on his arm. "I need some new bras to fit my big boobies." He watched as his daughter bounced over to the display of lacy bras. "What do you think, Daddy? Should I get the pink one or the purple one?" she asked, holding up two different bras.

Miss Fake truly looked like a real-life Barbie doll, with huge breasts that looked like they could barely be supported by her tiny frame. Her parents beamed with pride as they watched her try on outfits, each one clinging tightly to her voluptuous curves.

"Wow, honey, you look amazing in that!" Mrs. Smith exclaimed, as Miss Fake twirled around in her tight pink dress.

Mr. Smith nodded in agreement. "Those implants really did the trick. She looks just like we always dreamed."

Miss Fake giggled happily, completely oblivious to her parents' true intentions. She was too busy enjoying her new look and the attention she was getting from everyone in the store.

"Get anything you want, Princess," Mr. Smith replied, handing her his credit card. "I want my little bimbo to have the prettiest things."

Later, after trying on a dozen different outfits, Miss Fake finally settled on a tight white dress that showed off her ample cleavage. Her parents eagerly approved of her choice and paid for it at the counter.

As they walked out of the store, Mr. and Mrs. Smith whispered to each other, "Our little project turned out even better than we could have imagined. We really are such great parents, aren't we?"

That evening, Miss Fake sat on the couch, surrounded by her adoring parents, who were whispering excitedly to each other about their plans for her future. She smiled vacantly and twirled a strand of her bleached blonde hair around her finger, not really understanding what they were saying. Her parents had gotten her more filler today, and she was enjoying the feeling of it sloshing around in her face.

"Isn't she just the most perfect little bimbo?" her mother gushed, running her hand over Miss Fake's surgically enhanced curves.

Miss Fake giggled at hearing her name, her high-pitched voice slurring slightly from her lip injections. "I knowsh, right? Like, totally perfectsh," she gurgled, batting her fake eyelashes.

Her father leaned in closer and whispered something in her ear, causing her to giggle even harder. "Oh, Daddy, you're sho shilly!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck.

The parents exchanged a knowing look, happy that their plans for their daughter were working out so well. They had always dreamed of having a perfect bimbo daughter, and now they had one.

That evening as the family entered the cinema, Miss Fake was bubbling with excitement. She was dressed in a skimpy pink dress that showed off her ample cleavage and long, toned legs. Her high-pitched giggle filled the air as she bounced on her heels, eager to see the latest romantic comedy.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith led the way to their seats, with Miss Fake following behind, her oversized breasts bouncing with each step. They settled in the back row, with Mr. Smith sitting in the middle and Miss Fake on one side and Mrs. Smith on the other.

Throughout the movie, Miss Fake was the epitome of a ditsy bimbo, giggling at all the jokes and gasping at every romantic scene. She leaned over to Mr. Smith, batting her eyelashes and lisping, "That'sh shooo romantic, Daddy!"

Mr. Smith couldn't help but feel a surge of pride at how perfect his daughter had become. He put his arm around her, pulling her close to him and giving her a playful squeeze, feeling both her huge natural breast and the giant breast implant too. Miss Fake squealed with delight, snuggling up against him and burying her head in his chest.

Mrs. Smith watched the pair with a smile on her face, feeling content that her husband and daughter were so happy together. She leaned over to Miss Fake, brushing a strand of blonde hair out of her face and whispering, "You're such a good girl, Tiffany. Daddy's so proud of you."

Miss Fake looked up at her mother with a vacant expression, nodding her head and lisping, "Thanksh, Mommy. I'm shoo happy to make, like, um Daddy proud. But call me, like Miss Fake!"

As the credits rolled, Mr. Smith stood up and took Miss Fake's hand, leading her out of the cinema. She skipped along beside him in her new heels, still buzzing with excitement from the movie. Mrs. Smith followed slightly behind, a sense of contentment filling her as she watched her perfect family totter out.

The End