Author Topic: Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4  (Read 2319 times)


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Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4
« on: February 02, 2023, 10:07:36 am »
Giant BE Implants Story, has companion images with captions. Bit dark, I dont know when to stop. Just stop reading half way I wont feel bad.
I'm working on more stuff. Probably a bit less boundary pushing than this, as I learn to write and morph better.
This is cut together from a few posts so I'm sorry if it doesn't flow very well, I'm trying.

Other stuff here,
Next longish form story will be BE based and is getting developed on patreon :)

Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4


Everything we do at the Implant Expanders Clinic (IEC) is safe, and how do we know? All of our staff are encouraged to evaluate and test our procedures and services.
A look at any of our friendly nurses lets you know they understand expander implants inside out.
This all means when an IEC nurse suggests you press the 1000cc button again, you are sure to be both safe and satisfied.

The IAC is always looking for highly motivated applicants, all required training is provided.

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Re: Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2023, 10:07:48 am »
Meet 'Number 4'

At the Implant Expander Clinic you either test the procedures ... or you work, like doing nurse rounds.

Number 4 has been at the IEC for a long time, the 4th nurse to ever be hired since the clinics opening!

Over the many years she has done quite a lot of expander testing, after all how else is it possible to find out their maximum capacity?

This week, the long suffering Number 4 is having her already immobilising expanders pumped up with another 5,000cc of saline.

It seems like a drop in the ocean, but the Big Boss suspects that Number 4 is reaching her limits, despite the implants themselves having MUCH more capacity.

Before we worry too much about Number 4, everyone at the IEC signed a simple contract.

You work or you test. If you'd like to quit your job, the experimental implants must be removed.

The Big Boss is still working out how extreme sized expanders can be safely removed, will a solution ever be found?


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Re: Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2023, 10:08:03 am »
WTF Number 4!!

It seems like the test or work paradigm has eventually got the better of number 4.
The very same girl who was previously  chagrined to accept her weekly saline fill, she seems to have taken matters into her own hands.

Staying up all night with her implants connected pushing the fill button until each of her fingers hurt.
By her estimation she requested at least 800 fills, without so much as a break.
For those unfamiliar with the systems of the IEC, a standard implant fill is a 1,000cc shot of saline.
Considered a very large amount of saline for your average person. Bigger than Pamela Anderson in one go.
But inside the walls of the IEC, standards of what is possible have been pushed further than anyone would have thought possible.

The only thing that stopped Number 4's interpretation of these standards appears to be the internal pressure in her implants exceeded that of the portable pump!
When the fill tube popped straight out of the ports in each of Number 4's armpits, she felt a mixture of existential angst overlayed with the undeniable desire to go further.
Here she was, a woman after a series of small seemingly reasonable decisions, now finds herself attached to breast implants that are much too heavy for her to move, not one inch.
So heavy they have destroyed her high strength motorised wheelchair. Were it not for the foresight of the IECs engineers, the floor may have collapsed under her.
"Now I definitely can never work in the wards again... " thought Number 4.
Like that even an option 6 months ago. She was totally immobilised and had been for a long time.
Number 4 suspected that the Boss had her ways of draining implants, even when they reached the size of a family sedan.
How might that leave her skin? and even worse her self image? These gigantic debilitating implants had become part of her psyche now.
Thus leaving the only answer to the existential dread to keep going further. At least by continuing the implant R&D she had a purpose....

"Now to wait for next month I suppose..."


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Re: Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2023, 10:08:18 am »
http://Number 4 goes rogue

"Next month... but I what will i do NOW while I'm stuck here".
Against the implied will of the Boss, Number 4 had recently insisted on doubling down and inflating her terrifyingly maxed implants even further.

"The only problem last night was the huge pressure building up in my boobs.." she recalled.
"If I multiply the power of the pump forcing saline into my ports, then more will go into my implants? simple".
While she may have previously worked as a nurse, Number 4 was not stupid. Reckless but not stupid.
"I know that it's very hard to compress water. And the lakes of saline in my implants are definitely water”.
"That's not to mention the shell of my implants. God knows how much give they've got left in them. The Boss didn’t tell me to wait for no reason…"

Number 4 looked up suddenly to see her favourite ward nurse return.
"Nurse! I have an idea!" she bellowed.
"Forget about moving me. I’m far too heavy, but more importantly I'm finishing this".
"Long story short I need a *lot* more filling pressure" Number 4 said while absentmindedly massaging her achingly swollen fill port, which was now a large protruding bulge above the smooth surface of her breast, ringed with deep dark bruising as evidence of her actions.

"There's a spare room next door with a fill tube, but will that be enough for me....I'm very thirsty" Number 4 said as she managed to drag her hands away from her ports.

"I'm not sure why I am encouraging you, the Boss will punish me. But why don't we connect *all* of the fill tubes to one implant at a time".
"That way you will have maximum pressure forcing those insane saline tanks even larger, if it's even possible..." uttered the young nurse, who had yet to earn her own number.

"Great idea!" shouted Number 4.
"I'm going to put all the pressure this building can muster into my left boob until it won't take any more!".
"If we're really about exploring the limits here at the IEC, then I'm sure the boss will understand".

“Before we do this, I want to really tell you something Nurse” Number 4 started solemnly.
“My ports are already aching and we haven’t even started. When this monstrosity of a high pressure system gets going, I’m worried I won’t be able to reach them”.
The beginning of tears formed in her eyes, she let it linger.

“I’ve already given up so much”.
“First to run, walk. Then to stand or even sit up. I can’t touch myself and need constant help”.
“Now I’ve become too heavy for the strongest wheelchair!” sobbed Number 4.
“But all of that is OK! I’m fine with this. But my very last threshold is my ports, Nurse. Do you understand?!”.
“Once I can’t reach the ports, I have absolutely no control left anymore. I can’t massage the near constant throb away. I can’t fill myself up!".
"...or stop myself getting filled” she choked.

After a moment to regain her composure, Number 4 continued.

"Nurse. Look me in the eyes and tell me that I will be OK. Tell me what you’ll look after me and massage my distended ports when this is over, because I’ll be utterly and totally helpless”.
"A trustworthy nurse is why the IEC is so successful. People trust our judgement in these matters".
"Perhaps my judgement has become skewed, but I am now trusting you as an IEC nurse and leaving this in your hands".
“If you agree, then plug me in and let’s finish this”.

Number 4 wiped the final tears brought on by her soliloquy and looked at the young Nurse, just as she finished connecting the multiple large tubes to her left breast

Then the nurse winked and pushed the button.


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Re: Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2023, 10:09:07 am »
Naughty Nurse

"Where have you moved me? I've never seen this place before".
"It's the warehouse loading dock behind the clinic, the only place with big enough doors for you now", chuckled the nurse.
"Keep charging ahead like we've been doing lately and there's no telling what door's ill ever fit through, maybe a hanger?" retorted Number 4.
"But if you're with me, I can't wait to see where it goes".

The nurse had carefully removed the mess of small saline hoses running to 4's cannula prior to moving her.
Well, moving her is an overstatement. She had... had her moved. By an entire crew of people with heavy equipment.
But now that they were in a suitable location, the Nurse had to think about a better solution to meet 4's endless lust for having saline pumped into her tits.
Small hoses and pumps just weren't going to cut it.

That's why the Nurse had had the maintenance crew install an industrial pump, capable of fearsome pressures.
As far as they told her, it was from a water jet cutting plant.
"I have literally no idea what that is. As long as it's high pressure and flow! How high do I turn it up?" she had asked them.
She'd been instructed to leave it at no higher than the low setting, under any circumstances.
It was not even safe to stand in the same room otherwise.

Next were the saline lines. She simply could not attach enough lines to 4's now terribly outgunned cannula. Just plain out of space.
"What's the kind of hose they use for a firetruck..." she had wondered.
“Those move a lot of water”.
That ended up being not far from the truth.
Number 4 now had *gargantuan* hose running to her breast, the size of her arm at least.
“I won’t say that isn't a bit intimidating, Nurse, I’ve never seen these in the Centre before…” said Number 4.
“But you’re in charge now, I trust you. Maybe don’t tell me where you got all this stuff… As long as you know how to use it”.

Finally, against her better judgement, she'd decided to provide Number 4 with a morphine button.
"I shouldn't be doing any of this, but I am. So why should 4 suffer for it" she'd rationalised to herself.
The state of Number 4's skin could only be described as concerning, even before she’d been moved from the ward.
Huge dark veins crossed its its skin, skin stretched to within an inch of its life trying to contain the swimming pool worth of saline contained inside.
And her ports… WOW. She’d been massaging them frequently at 4’s request, but it was clear that this last week had been both too much and too fast.
They seemed to be both barely holding together and barely staying inside her body.
"I really don't understand why that is happening at all... it doesn't make any sense" she had mused.
"But all things considered she might want some relief, what's the harm in that...".

And with those preparations complete, it was time for the warehouse pump to start in earnest.


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Re: Implant Expanders Clinic: Meet Number 4
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2023, 10:09:47 am »
Beyond The Pale

To say the warehouse pump hadn't gone to plan would be an understatement.
The Nurse knew that Number 4's ports looked marginal, something seemed off...
"Damnit, she entrusted herself to my care!".
"Look at what obstacles she'd already overcome. I need to think more like her and be brave", she eventually decided.

At least parts of her newly hastily improvised “implant bloating system” had worked nicely.
The new pumps were *very* powerful.
She wasn't quite sure why Number 4's implant shells were resisting so much, but she now had the answer to the internal pressure problem at the touch of a button.
No matter how much pressure was inside 4's monstrous implant, she would be able to generate more pressure than that, much more. If it held.

She had been so confident when flipped the switch.
And it had worked perfectly for a whole 24 hours.
The pumps rumbled, the girthy saline hose flowed tremendous amounts of salt water into a breast that was already practically larger than the door it had entered through.
"Am I pushing too much? Should we go for low and slow? I've never done something this beyond the pale before" the Nurse thought to herself.
"Turn it up, inflate my titty!" came Number 4's words, as if prompted.
And she had turned it up, a lot. Far beyond that which she was warned about.
But her and Number 4 were the blind leading the blind now. Both encouraging each other, charging forward with no brakes.

When she'd first noticed the area around Number 4's port swelling she hadn't wanted to believe it.
But she'd spent enough hours squeezing and massaging that area to recognise the change.
No longer just irritated, it had become a swollen sphere unto itself, standing on top of 4's breast implant. A boob on a boob.
She'd thoroughly examined the area and concluded it was itself being inflated with saline.
"Oh GOD! Your implants are leaking 4, we need to stop!" she'd shouted.
But giving Number 4 the morphine button was a mistake.
This leak did not concern her. In fact she seemed to love the feeling of her newly distended bulge being squished and fondled, she begged for it even more than before.
Nothing concerned Number 4 anymore, and fatefully the Nurse had let this confidence reflect onto herself.

So she'd kept going.
They decided injecting saline directly into 4's breast wasn't so bad. After all, people on dark corners of the internet seem to do it.
It wasn't exactly within the professional range of the IEC, but the Nurse felt she understood the nuts and bolts of the operation.

Problem number 1 was that of pressure.
She was pumping insane amounts of pressure into Number 4's implant, but it was not growing at its once fearsome rate.
"It's ahhh it's compressing the saline hehehe" Number 4 had managed to inform her, sounding less than scholarly.
The Nurse didn't quite understand, but she reasoned if saline could in fact be compressed it explained why 4's breast was taking all of this saline but hasn't seemed to be getting much bigger, a term she used very loosely.
It also meant 4's breast was probably unimaginably heavy now, even heavier than its room sized girth would demand.

Eventually she'd hit on the idea of running separate hoses to the breast directly.
They wouldn't need to run at much pressure, there was nothing holding it back there, just Number 4's apparently indestructible skin.
She dared not think about how little pressure was really required to push skin too far…

 “Hold still 4, I’m inserting the extra cannulas into your bulge”, she said matter of factly.
“Oh hehe dont playyyy with me” Number 4 slurred.
“I can’t move at all. Look how far away my hands are from the bulge! ahah” she continued.
It was true, at full stretch number 4’s arm was… well it wasn't even close to the injection site.

“What can you actually reach now anyway?”.
“Ummmn ah well I can do my hair. I can smack my own ass” 4 murmured with her eyes closed, totally blasted.
“I can’t reach my downstairs though. And I’m craving it soooo badly”.
“I’ve been trying every time you look away Nurse. This lady has her uhmm, dignity.” 4 giggled, eyes still shut.
“My giant left titty has gotten so wide its forced up against my righty!”
“I just can’t like, dig through. Hahaha”.

Truthfully the Nurse had seen 4 pursue this end. She’d considered helping her out but was not sure if it crossed a line. As if there was much left to cross.
Plus it was quite exciting seeing the stricken 4 try to reach through her cleavage.
Even her microscopically small right breast was much too large for her to budge.
She’d been half concerned that 4 would get her arm wedged against its bulk, but she seemed to be sweating enough that it kept slipping it back out.

“But I have a solution to this, Nurse. It’s been a secret but uhhhm do you want to know what it is?”.
“I think I can guess 4, you’re not as sneaky as you think. But tell me”.
“I can almost finish from the feeling of my breasts achingggg” she giggled.
“But I’m so big now I hardly have any feeling down there. My bigger areola is so stretched that I don't think I can even feel it mmmmm. Must be the size of a beach ball by now”.

In actuality this was both an under and overstatement.
To the extent that Number 4 even had a left areola anymore,  a darkened area at the front of her breast greater in height than Number 4 herself could be found. But only if you were really looking.
And her nipple had been pulled so flat as to be all but invisible.

“That’s why I tricked you hehehe. I want my ports massaged all the time because I can still feel it. It gets me close” Number 4 said, making inebriated eye contact with the Nurse.
“I know 4, I know”.

The intermission out of the way, Number 4’s new distended port bulge had been plumbed up with 5 entirely new cannulas and hoses.
“I’m not sure I can fit any more cannulas 4, I can’t go too close to your implant. If I were to poke it we’d probably level the building”.
“Awwh don’t joke like that. Did you get another one in at least? I need It” a dazed 4 replied.
“Oh, honey, you’ve got 5 in. With a hose each”, she said, the words sticking to her tongue as she thought about what they meant.
“Eeeeeeee” was all 4 had to say.

“I thought you said this area was sensitive, put the damn morphine button down!”.
“In fact, give it here, I will administer it for you in a safe amount”, the nurse said, finally remembering her station.
Number 4 tried to struggle, but what could she do? A woman with the same range of motion as her old bedroom window just doesn’t win physical struggles.
“I promise I’ll be good, pleaseeeee” she begged, but to no avail.

“Look 4, don’t worry. I’ll look after you, the button is right here and I’m right here”, the Nurse reassured.
“Now you’re all hooked up. So you can either pout or we can see this through”.
“Remember now that we’re pumping up both your implant and YOU, things will be a little bit different”.
“It’s uncharted territory for the IEC as far as I know, but I personally suspect the shape of your breast will change”.
“You’ve always had this adorable near torpedo shape” she said.
“Even back when I was administering your weekly 5,000cc I could notice the inherent shape of your implants developing” the Nurse said with a sly smile on her face.
“But now that I’m pumping you up directly with no heavy duty expander to resist, I’m expecting the saline to go to the path of least resistance”.

“Thats …. good right … Nurse?” Number 4 slurred, seeming to have a break between words.
“I believe that both your favourite new port mound will be getting bigger to start with”.
“Oh….. that's good …. Bigger the better”.
“Your breast might also round out, well I’m not really sure”.
“Won’t you be quite the sight. One tiny armchair sized torpedo breast, and one perfectly round boob the size of a building!” the Nurse giggled.
“You’ll … fill my … other boob too … won't you … please Nurse” Number 4 stammered between more microsleeps.
“Of course Number 4. Anything you want” she replied.

“Now are you ready for this? 5 hoses. Unexplored waters”.
“Born … ready…” Number 4 stuttered.

And with that, the die was cast.