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« on: January 15, 2015, 05:59:39 pm »

also a story from  a yahoo groupe by an author called 57185:

by 57185

It was hot in the little provice school. Sandra was getting tired from the
history lesson, the teacher talking about the beginning 20th century.
Outside some cars passed. Sandra looked at her neighbours paper sheet where
Anne, also her best girlfriend, scribbled unidentifiable lines and figures.
Boredom was over as the bell rang and Sandra grabbed her bag to head home
for an afternoon in front of her computer.

Life is hard at age fifteen. Each morning you have to get up much too early,
have never enough time in front of the bathroom mirror, your parents are
preaching, at school all boys are much too boyish and school itself is more
boring than ever excluding all important things like music, tv and the like.
This in short was Sandras current opinion about her life. She was a cute
little girl, a virgin, slender with A cup breasts which she used to push up
with the approbiate bra, about 5.3 ft, thick straight light brunette hair
down to her bra strap with reddish highlights. She used her glasses only for
reading and watching TV. Sandra thought she would look much better without
them in public. Her parents had agreed to the belly piercing she wished for
so long and now her navel spotted a red sparkling stone. She knew she was
good in painting. Having copied alot of anime characters to her scrapbook,
her fingers became quite experienced with the pencil... if only her art
teacher would recognize. He only liked these van Gogh like color chaos
paintings with thick layers of oil paint where no one could easily see the
painters intentions never speaking of clear forms... Her grades would be
much better then. Secretly she imagined to open a tattoo studio when she
became old enough. Sandra was also thinking about getting a tattoo covering
her right shoulder and upper arm. She still needed to convince her parents.
Thinking about good reasons, who she talked to first, mum or dad, and the
best time to bring up this topic she reached her home and stepped into the
kitchen to hunt for something eatable in the fridge.

"Hi mum!" Sandra waved to her mother at the kitchen table who just tried to
catch a fly. The radio was playing one of these antique songs from the
seventies and the crossword in the magazine was nearly filled.
"Ummm hi honey! How was the day at school?"
"Nothing new... Anne was writing the whole day a letter to her boyfriend,...
do you have something to eat for me? I'm hungry."
"Yes, it's already in the microwave, just hit the button."
Over the meal the two discussed the days events. Mum then left for her
afternoon shift at the grocery store, dad wouldn't be home until 10 p.m.
Sandra got six hours to spend by herself and she went upstairs to her room.
Let's see what news the internet holds and how frequented the chatrooms are.

Checking her mail Sandra found the usual spam in her mailbox. One mail
subject caught her eye: "Teen models wanted!". Usually she wouldn't open
such mails but this one seemed interesting between all the anime advertising
and a few porn emails that had passed the spam filter her dad had setup.
Being from Europe Sandra wasn't raised prudish, so she had already looked
through some softcore websites but decided to not like the contents. Only
the models were real beauties which caught her eye and she professionally
inspected the makeup and clothes of the girls.

The text of the email was also interesting. It introduced a studio and
website where non nude pictures were taken and posted from girls between 14
and 18 years in order to get modeling contracts for them. They searched for
new models. Of course there was a link at the bottom of the email. Clicking
through the webpages Sandra found out that the studio was in the next big
town, 25 miles away. These were interesting news! More... the girls would
get, if accepted as a model, a monthly sum of money which really wasn't bad
for a 15 y/o schoolgirl. The only requirement was a photoshoot each two
weeks like the pictures shown in the preview area of the website which
included fashion and swimsuit images... an idea started to grow in her head.

It had taken Sandra two months to persuade her parents. They allowed her to
go to an interview to the studio. Since mum again was working at the store
and dad had a client with server security troubles she had to take the bus
to the city. She would go shopping for an hour and then meet Mr. Simmons,
Michael, as he introduced himself at the phone, at the studio. Sandras
parents had checked the studio for it's reputation and from a business
partner her dad had heard that his daughter was there under contract too.
She was 17, her name was Andrea. And Andrea would accompany Sandra at her

Finally the Saturday arrived and Sandra was diving through her closet. She
settled on a silver top with shoulder straps that left her slim shoulders
and the belly bare, showing off her piercing. She had to go without a bra
with this top. Bending over would have displayed her thong in the low cut
jeans she choose. They stopped an inch above her pubic bone. Sandra had to
be careful. Luckily her mum and Sandra had the same shoe size. She took
black platform sandals which added five inches to her height. The hour in
front of the bathroom mirror was very successful. Sandras hair was tied in
the back of her neck with a black hairglove. Her makeup was delicate and her
lips were a light wet pink. She was ready to take over the world, grabbed
her backpack and cellphone and was on her way to the city.

Andrea and Sandra met at a garden restaurant not far from the studio. They
had still 30 minutes until the meeting. It was early afternoon and the
summer sun was heating the air in the city. Andrea identified herself with a
fashion magazine. Sandra saw the girl immediately when she stepped around
the street corner. Andrea had long blonde hair. It was parted in the middle.
She was cute. 'I will never get accepted as a model!' were her first
thoughts as she saw the 17 years old beauty. She stopped for a moment,
insecure if it was worth being rejected by Michael Simmons... Andrea became
aware of Sandra and waved to her with a big smile on her face. Finally
Sandra decided to walk over to the table.
"Hi! You must be Sandra, I'm Andrea."
"Yes." was Sandras short answer.
The two shook hands and Sandra noticed Andreas long fingernails. They were
painted white.
"Would you like to drink something? We have plenty of time." asked Andrea
"Yes, a Coke would be fine." Andrea waved to the waiter.
"And you want to join us at New Age Modeling? That would be great." Andrea
licked her lips and sipped from her own drink.
"Yes, I was thinking about. I could use the money."
"You got the looks." Andrea was examining Sandra from head to toe.
Sandra blushed a bit.
"I doubt this after I saw you." was her answer.
"Oh, let me show you a picture of me." Andrea grabbed her purse and got a
photo out.
"Here, this is me at fourteen." The picture showed a girl in a school
uniform, dark hair in a ponytail. It had very few in common with the person
sitting in front of Sandra except the dark eyes.
"Michael is really good in working with you on your looks. He is able to dig
out the inner beauty of a girl like me and you." was Andreas answer and
Sandra was getting more confident the longer the girls chatted.

Twenty minutes later as Sandras Coke was emptied and most of her questions
about the modeling job were answered by Andrea, the two girls paid and went
to the studio which was only around the corner. It was in an old part of the
town. The house wasn't very clean and through the big old doors they stepped
into an inner yard full of flowers. Sometimes it's interesting what is
hidden behind these old dirty walls. Sandra stopped a second to check
herself in the small mirror from her backpack. Everything was still 100%. At
the other end of the yard was a steel door of another building and Andrea
rang the bell. Sandra saw the red light of the security camera over the door
flicker and a buzzer opened the door. The two girls stepped into the cool
floor. Andrea lead the way upstairs to the office where Michael Simmons was
waiting to interview a very nervous Sandra.

The door to the office was already open. Michael Simmons hugged Andrea and
kissed her on her cheek. He was an average man in his mid thirties, about 6
ft tall, dark short hair with an open face and very awake dark eyes. A big
smile appeared as he shook Sandras hand.
"So Sandra, you are here to start modeling with us." he started the
conversation coming right to the point after the girls had sat down at the
chairs and Michael behind his impressive desk. A Matrix screensaver was
hiding the view to the large computer screen and the green characters rained
to the bottom. Sandra would have liked to see what applications were open at
a Saturday afternoon on the computer of the boss of a modeling agency and
photo studio.
"Yes. I really could use the money you are offering and so I'm giving it a
try." she answered.
"Why could you use the money?"
"I want to open a tattoo studio when I turn 18. I need to pay for the
training and the equipment. From time to time I also want to buy some things
my parents don't have to know about." she smiled mischievously and tried to
be honest. Her sweaty hands clasped to the backpack in her lap.
"OK, I understand." Michael grinned
"Please stand up and turn around that I can see how you are in shape."
Sandra stood up, went to the center of the room and slowly turned that
Michael could see her figure.
"Thank you. You are very pretty."
Sandra blushed.
"Would you like something to drink? I have a questionaire here that you need
to fill out. It could take you a while."
"Yes, I'd like a Coke..."
Michael gave her the forms and Sandra sat on a nearby table.
"I'm back in a minute with your drink. Andrea, we have to discuss your next
shoot. Would you come with me please?"
Michael and Andrea went to a backroom and started talking. After some
minutes Michael brought Sandra a big glass of Cola.
"Take your time, and don't wonder why some questions go into detail. It's
just for the records. If you're ready, come in the backroom and I'll give
you a tour through the studio. We can make some sample shots then."
Sandra filled the forms with her personal data, measurements and health
status. Some of the questions really went into detail, asking if she's a
virgin, how many boyfriends she had (none yet to be true) and when her last
period was. But she didn't think much about it and answered honestly. She
sipped from her drink and after 20 minutes all questions were answered. She
grabbed the papers and went to the backroom lightly knocking at the door.
Michael and Andrea looked up from a pile of photos they were reviewing.
Sandra gave Michael the forms and he watched over it.
"OK, fine. I see no reason why you shouldn't start modeling for us." Sandras
heart jumped.
"I still need to talk with your parents to sign the contract. I'll call them
tomorrow that we can schedule a meeting. Ready for a tour through the
"Yes!" Sandra said it with a big smile on her face.

The three went through two different studios and the changing area for the
models. Michael explained the light and camera equipment and showed Sandra
the wardrobes full of sexy robes, skirts, lingerie and swimwear. There were
so much clothes, Sandra would have needed hours to inspect everything.
"OK, time for the sample shots." Michael announced.
Sandra was positioned in front of a white decoration, the lights pointing at
her she couldn't see alot. She only reacted to Michaels instructions.
"Turn 90 degrees .... slowly ... bend over and smile to the camera ....
nice... would you please open your hair..."
Sandra took the hairglove out and shook her head. Her full hair was now wild
and teased.
"OK, all done... you did great!" Michael announced after some more shots.
The lights were turned down and the three went back to the office. Sandra
finished her Coke while and chatted with Andrea while Michael made some
notes from the forms on a separate paper.
"OK Sandra. All is fine. Tomorrow I call your parents, then we sign the
contracts and you can start your modeling carrer here. That's all for now.
Do you have any questions?"
Sandra didn't have. She was happy that she was accepted as a fotomodel.
Michael wrote down her cell phone number and her email address, then Sandra
was on her way home to tell the news her parents and most of all her
girlfriend Anne.
Michael talked some minutes with Andrea and after she left, he loaded
Sandras pictures from the digital camera to the computer where he made
changes reworking the hair color, make up and morphing in Sandras breast
"That's it. She will be my next star." He grinned satisfied.

The meeting with Sandras parents was great. They talked hours about Sandras
future. Michael was discreet enough not to mention Sandras own wishes she
revealed in the interview. The contracts were signed and Sandras first shoot
was scheduled on Saturday the following week. Michael Simmons left a list of
items which Sandra was needed to do including a visit to a special
hairdresser, and daily visits to a tanning salon. Both were already paid so
Sandra and her parents didn't need to invest anything. Sandra was beaming
all day and her results in school were also very well since this was a
requirement her parents had set.

Sandra was required to tan each day for one hour in the nude. The tanning
salon was very impressive. They checked her skin type and developed a
special program for Sandra. At Thursday next week she had a golden tan all
over her body. Two more weeks and she would look like she came from a
tropical island. Friday was her appointment with the hairdresser in the
city. After school her dad drove her to the old part of the town and
promised her to pick her up when she called him.

She stepped into the salon and was greeted very friendly by the receptionist.
"You must be Sandra. Hello dear! Vincent will be with you in some minutes.
Please sit down over there and I bring you a drink."
Sandra sat on a chair in the waiting area and grabbed a hairstyle magazine.
The receptionist brought her a glass with a clear liquid. It turned out to
be a mild Gin Tonic, unknowingly to Sandra spiked with a light drug that
would make her responsive to any suggestion Vincent would make. And Vincent
made alot suggestions. They were of course from Michael Simmons but it
didn't matter to Sandra. Vincent was built like a body builder. He was the
italian type of a man, thick dark hair slightly curly, in his mid twenties,
only dressed in a muscle shirt and tight jeans. Sandra felt a warm feeling
in her loins as he put his muscular arm around her waist and guided her in a
separate room. Her mind was already foggy from the drug and the alcohol she
wasn't used to.

"Please take all your clothes off, all please and cover yourself with this
gown. I'm leaving now for preparing everything for your makeover. I'm back
in five minutes." Vincent said and closed the door behind him.
Sandra finished her drink which she had taken with her and disrobed. She
didn't know why she had to be naked at the hairdressser but she also didn't
question it. The drug was working. As Vincent returned, she sat in the chair
with a long thin see through robe which molded to her body. Two knotted
straps at each side held the cloth in place. Vincent secretly admired her
young body but didn't show any sign. He started washing Sandras hair and
while drying it a bit they discussed different hairstyles. Sandra agreed to
a modern style which left most of her length in the back. Vincent also
suggested lightening Sandras hair to what she readily agreed with the drug
cursing through her veins. While the dye was working its magic on Sandras
head, Vincent plucked her eyebrows to thin arches and applyed the dye there
too. Vincent now went to her legs and spread them apart. In her drugged
state Sandra didn't think much about. Vincent put the gown away and was
presented a small brown patch of pubic hair. Sandra was used to wear thongs.
So she was shaving for months now. Vincent took a razor and formed a small V
from the patch of hair. Then he took the scissors and a comb and cut all
remaining hair to the length of 0.2 inch. It looked a little spiky as he
applyed the dye to his work down there. Two hours, one makeup and another
dye/colouring session later Vincent made the final cuts to Sandras hair and
sprayed it in it's form.

She was a true platinum blonde now, her hair, her eyebrows and her pubic
stubbles were a bright whiteblonde. The makeup was still decent. Vincent and
his makeup artist knew that Sandras dad would drive her home and the
photoshoot would be the next day. They had to be restrained with a full *WOMAN*
makup. Sandras tanned skin and her platinum blonde mane were in stark
contrast. Vincent was thinking about something and Sandra was still too
drugged to notice anything. He again put her gown up and exposed her
privates up to her belly. Vincent removed the barbell with the red stone. It
was much too common, not extraordinary enough. He went to his drawer and got
a box with different body jewelry and clamped a half inch silver ring in
Sandras navel. From the ring dangled a little chain with a thick arrow which
would point down when Sandra stood. Vincent quickly grabbed a hypodermic
needle and pierced the girls ears twice. He replaced the existing little
gold studs with 2" silver hoops and added smaller rings in diameter the
higher the holes were pierced. Sandra now sported three rings in each ear.
Last thing he did was applying a cream to Sandras still exposed clit. It was
a special mix of growth hormones and stimulation ingredients. He massaged
alot of the cream into the absorptive skin of her clitoral hood and her
vaginal lips. 'This will initiate a good growth spurt there.' he smiled
silently 'Your little boobs will be a specialists work...'

Sandra slowly awoke from her drugged state. Vincent smiled at her and she
felt a bit groggy. She was still in the gown Vincent had provided for the
"Hey, it's nearly 8 p.m. ... great that you're awake!" Vincent greeted the
"Uh, I must have fallen asleep! Are you ready with the new hairstyle?"
"Yep, come over to the big mirror!"
Sandra stood up and stepped in front of the full length mirror. Her chin
dropped and she was speechless. In front of her stood a young beauty. Long
whiteblonde hair, parted in the middle, golden tan, feminine makeup
accentuating her best features. She noted her thin whiteblonde eyebrows as
well and the new earrings.
"Oh well ..."
"You didn't expect this, eh?" Vincent grinned "Yes, that's you and you're a
very pretty girl! OK, I'll leave you alone now that you can get your clothes
back on and call your dad to pick you up. I'll wait for you at the
receptionist desk. I have a note from Michael Simmons there for you, he
called while I worked on your new hair color." Vincent left the room and
Sandra was alone.

She still looked at the mirror and slowly she accepted her new image turning
herself from side to side. 'This is hot!' were her thoughts... 'Andrea
didn't promise too much as she said about Michael.' As she got rid of the
gown and stepped into her thongs she noted the whiteblonde V shaped patch of
her pubic hair and the new jewelry in her navel piercing. She giggled and
blushed, Vincent must have seen her privates to do this. She felt a strange
tingling in her vaginal lips ... 'Must be from the dye...' she thought. Back
in her clothes and platform sandals she again looked at herself in the
mirror: 'I am a walking tease.' Sandra mentally stated very satisfied. She
called her dad that she was ready for picking up and he told her he would be
there in an hour.

Sandra walked out of the door over to the receptionist desk where Vincent
was talking with an older woman in her thirties which obviously was a
customer. She was tall and beautiful, long straight black hair down to her
ass, razor sharp bangs above her extremely thin arched eyebrows, blue eyes.
But her most outstanding feature were her big boobs. They were obviously
fake, an 38 DD or E cup with pointing nipples bulged in her tight tank top.
Above her ass you could see a tribal tattoo.
Vincent introduced the two: "Dana, this is Sandra. Sandra will start
modeling for Michael Simmons tomorrow. Sandra, Dana is a long time client
here, she's from Russia. She already modeled for Michael sometimes."
The two shook hands. Dana smiled while her eyes were wandering up and down
on Sandra.
"Great that you start your modeling carreer that young!" Dana said with a
light accent and a deep voice.
"Yes, after this makeover I feel much more sure that it will be successful
but I'm still anxious and nervous."
"No need Sandra, Michael teaches you everything you need to know."
Vincent gave Sandra a sheet with some notes. Michael Simmons wanted her at
his studio at 9 a.m., it would be a swimsuit and lingerie shoot with another
model named ... Dana...
"Oh! You and me will do the tomorrow shooting together?" Sandra looked
surprised at Dana.
"Yes dear, I wanted to see who's the new girl. And from what I see you will
most likely become a star."
"Ummm thanks..."
"Have some minutes left before your dad arrives? We could have a drink and
wait together?"
"Yeah, I still have an hour and I'd be happy about company!"
The two beautiful women said goodbye to Vincent, Sandra thanked him for the
makeover which was already paid by Michael Simmons and walked together to a
small bar some steps away from the salon. Over a glass of wine they chatted
about modeling and money about everything and nothing. Sandra couldn't take
her eyes away from Danas big bosom and finally Dana took the initiative:
"They are silicone, do you like them?"
"Umm yes, but I couldn't imagine myself with big breasts like you."
"They are a men magnet, each boy at your school hit on you if you would gain
some cup sizes. And the money for modeling is much better if you have such
The topic changed and Dana accompanied Sandra back to the salon. Just as
Sandras dad came around the corner Dana kissed Sandra on the cheek and said
to her: "We'll have much fun tomorrow, goodnight dear!" Then she went away.
Sandras dad was stunned and silent on the way home. He didn't know what to
say about his daughters new appearance. Sandra was excited what the next day
would bring and she went to bed very fast after they arrived home.

Saturday morning Sandra awoke from the beep of her alarm clock. It was 6.30
a.m. and everyone else was still asleep. As she stepped in the bathroom she
was a bit startled from the platinum blonde girl in the mirror but instantly
remembered her yesterday makeover and grinned about herself. Today was her
big day, her first photo shoot and Dana would accompany her. After a light
breakfest Sandra rummaged in her closet to find some clothes and settled
with a black mini skirt and a white top. Today she wore her white wonderbra
and put a black velvet choker around her neck. She spent some time for her
makeup and hair but she knew she would get styled at the studio, so she
didn't pay too much attention. In a hurry she put on her jacket, grabbed her
backpack, sipped from her coffee and wrote a little note for her parents:
"Wish me luck! I'll call if I need a ride home. Love U! Sandra" and she was
running to catch the bus to the city.


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Re: Modelmakers
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2015, 06:01:41 pm »
... Michael Simmons had talked about her shoot, explained the way everything
works at the New Age Modeling studio, and tried to calm her down a bit. But
now, sitting in the chair and watching the beautician, a twenty something
slender chocolate brown girl, curl and style her hair after she had applied
a heavy dark makeup, the nervousness tightened her throat.
"Hmmmm calm down Sandra... they won't kill you, it's just a photo session."
Jackie, the beautician grabbed a glass and rummaged through her purse.
Finally she found what she was searching for and gave Sandra a little yellow
capsule and filled the glass with water.
"Here, in ten minutes you will feel much better, I promise."
"Really? ... Oh thank you."
Sandra didn't ask what in the yellow capsule was, she just wanted to be
calm. She leaned back and watched Jackie finish her work. The result was
stunning. From the top of her head down to her ears the hair was straight
and strict. Slowly starting at her neck it changed to big voluminous curls.
Two thick straight strands fell down from her forehead over her temples, the
tips touching the top of her breasts. Jackie took a spray bottle and
followed exactly Sandras hairline coloring it black, matching the dark
mascara and eyeshadow of the girl. The result was a big whiteblonde mane
with dark roots.

"Come with me Sandra, you need to change into your first outfit."
Sandra didn't feel nervous anymore. In fact she was pretty lightheaded and
her body felt tingling all over as she followed Jackie.

Sandra stood naked in the dressing room and Jackie handed her the garments.
A white G-string with a lacy front barely covered the girls privates. Her
slim legs were encased silky white stockings reaching up some inches above
her knees. A sheer white blouse hung loosely and open down to her hips. Only
the lower two buttons were closed. The thin material did nothing to hide
Sandras long erect nipples topping her A cups which made little tents
causing the front of the blouse gaping open down to the new jewelry in her
navel. On her white adventurous seven inch platform highheels Sandra watched
at the pretty little teen*WOMAN* in the full length mirror. The image was
arousing and she felt a light wetness in her crotch. Jackie came from
behind, softly stroking her hands down Sandras arms and  whispered in her
ear: "You look good enough to eat girl ... be careful or Dana will bite
you..." Jackies hot breath at Sandras ear and neck sent a light shiver over
the girls skin which slowly crawled down to her groin and added to her

Sandra had to watch Dana as Michael Simmons did the first shooting with her
alone. She would be next alone and then the third shoot would be both girls
together. Dana was in identical clothes like Sandra but hers were black. Her
jetblack hair hung loosely down to the small of her back and under her sheer
blouse the mounds of her double D's were heaving with each breath. Dana
hugged Sarah. During their little chat she couldn't take her eyes from the
beautiful fifteen years old girl. 'That's a must have...' she thought and
went over to the set, a big round royal blue bed.

For the next twenty Minutes Sarah watched each pose and move Dana did. She
absorbed the way the experienced model did her work and as it was time to be
the center of attention by herself, it didn't take Michael Simmons much
instructions to place the girl in sexy positions. Thanks to Jackies little
yellow capsule it also didn't bother Sandra that she had to spread her legs,
arch her back and stick her tight little ass out that the camera could catch
the moistness on her lips. The G-string didn't cover them anymore, instead
the it just parted and presented them proudly to the camera, shining from
the girls juices.

"Great, we're done with the second scene, break!" shouted Michael Simmons.
Jackie grabbed Sandra and redid her makeup and her hair.
"You are a natural! You should never again worry if you can be successful as
a model, you are already!"
"ummm thanks..." Sandra tugged at the back of her wet string.
"Seems we need to change this. I'm back in a minute."
Jackie grinned and walked to the wardrobe.
Without hesitation Sandra dropped her skimpy thong in the middle of the
studio as Jackie arrived and she changed in a similar piece of lace. She
didn't feel the ravenous looks from Dana and Michael Simmons. The tingling
from the pill still did wonders to her level of shame.

"Dana, you will guide Sandra." ordered Michael Simmons for the third photo
The two models switched the positions several times and Michael Simmons
camera clicked. Dana made sure her hands and fingers, her whole body were
stroking and touching Sandra as often as possible. The girl already started
to breath heavier and her cheeks were flushed.
"You kneel in front of me, spreading your legs and I kneel behind you."
Sandra changed into this position and Dana kneeled behind. She was taller.
"Lean back..."
Danas hands were lightly caressing Sandras inner tighs above her
stockings... click
Danas hands went higher and higher ... click
Sandra moaned against Danas shoulder.
The hands moved Sandras G-string aside exposing her privates .-.. click ...
One finger found Sandras clit and in circling motion it massaged the little
love bud ... click ... click
The other finger slightly probed Sandras wetness and sunk into her virginal
opening... click
Sandras state of arousal was near peak.
The women in her thirties fingerfucked the fiften year old teenage girl ...
click ... click
With one hand she slowly moved Sandras blouse from her shoulders, grabbed
one nipple and rolled it between her fingers... click ... click
The petite little platinumm blonde teen was leaning barebreasted, her sheer
blouse bunched around her hips and her thong pushed aside, against the older
black haired woman... click ... click
Sandra was near orgasm.
Without stopping the fingerfucking Dana removed her own blouse and her DD
boobs came into the view ... click
She reached under the cushions and posed, licking the little pink dildo that
had been hidden there... click ... click
When the vibrator was humming at it's highest level, she replaced her wet
finger with the plastic tool and sunk the tip of it in Sandras tight love
canal, slowly fucking in and out about an inch ... click ... click
That was too much for Sandra. With a high pitched scream she orgasmed, her
face right beside Danas big breast... click ...  click...
In this moment Dana slid the vibrator with one powerful stroke deep into
Sandra. The stinging pain of losing her virginity to Dana mixed with the
heat of her orgasm let Sandra pass out... click .. click ... click...

As Sandra awoke, she was covered with a sheet, still on the big bed. The
studio lighting was shut down and the afternoon sun was shining through an
open window. She heard the voices from the street and looked down. There was
a light pain in her pussy, little blood on the bedsheet... Sandra remembered
and blushed. But she couldn't completely remember everything, all she really
knew was the unknown sexual arousal and the power of her orgasm. Jackies
little yellow capsule had done a good work. Sandra definitely knew that she
needed more of that... no matter that it took her virginity.

"Hey sweetheart, you're awake."
Danas low warm voice came from a dark corner. She had watched the girl.
Already in her normal clothes she came over to the bed and hugged Sandra.
"Everything OK with you?"
"Yeah ... I think so... but... but, what if my parents hear what I did?"
"They probably will never learn. It's our secret honey."
"Really? ... You're so nice..."
The two again hugged.
"Come, we need to get you presentable. I have planned the afternoon for you
and me. I'll drive you home in the evening. Michael already called your
parents and told them they don't need to worry. He also said them that you
were great, a natural. And he's planning much more shoots with you."

Sandra smiled happily. She went with Dana to the wardrobe. Jackie was
already waiting there.
As Sandra went direction of her own clothes, Dana shook her head, grabbed
them and hurried out of the room.
"Let's redo your makeup and hair until she's back."
Sighing the teenager sat into the chair and Jackie did her magic, changing
little at the *WOMAN*ty makeup, just brushing Sandras hair and tying it behind
her ears in two loose ponytails. With a chemical she removed the dark
coloring of the hairline and Sandra was back to an all whiteblonde.

Dana arrived with the new clothes.
"Donated by Michael."
"Yes, I explained him what I have in store for us and he readily agreed."
Dana smiled knowingly.
"Now I'm getting really curoious." ... "and hungry."
"OK, get into your clothes and we can start."

Black thong, black tight and very low cut slacks that the top of the thong
was peeking out, a shiny black plastic like pushup bra and a sheer black
blouse with only one big silver button were the outfit for the afternoon.
After Sandra stepped in her 5" high heels, Dana and the girl left Jackie
alone with cleaning the studio.

They drove in Danas car to a part of the town Sandra didn't know. It was
near evening as they reached a bar. Noting only women in the dimly lit room
Sandra didn't think much about. She was busy asking Dana about the surprise.
Sandra finally got something to bite and Dana ordered wine. While they
emptied a bottle they were chatting about the events of the day. Suddenly
the room went darker and red spots illumnínated three corners of the bar.
Curtains were drawn aside and gave view to glass cubicles that looked like
big shower cabins. The crowd of women in the bar cheered. Loud beats from
the stereo announced something important. Then three young, half naked
muscular men jumped into the glass cubicles and started dancing and
stripping to the music.

"Ha, let's go over and have a closer look!"
Dana grabbed a pretty tipsy Sandra. They went from cubicle to cubicle and
inspected the boys.
"Which one is your favourite Sandra?"
"The oiled up latino guy." Sandra answered giggling and blushing a little.
"Hmmm, good choice. He's cute and the bulge in his jocks isn't too bad..."
"Oh come on! You know I'm too young for this!"
"Nonsense... you..." Dana stopped, turned around dragging Sandra back to
their table.
"Wait here, I'm back in a few."

Sandra was wondering what her model girlfriend was doing but she had to pee
now and went to the washroom. As she came back to the table, Dana was there
with an older woman in her mid fourties.
"This is Jeanette, the owner of this bar. She's from France."
"Hi Sandra," Jeanette replied with her french accent.
"I think everything is set up in five minutes. Then please come to this
Jeanette pointed to a door in the back.
"But ... "
"No questions." Dana cut her words and Jeanette went back to her office .
A silent Dana smiled knowingly at Sandra who tried to get a hint from her
about the upcoming event.
"Now it's time, go over and enjoy your special show..."

Pouting, curious and excited Sandra opened the door in the back of the bar.
The room behind was dimly lit. A single chair stood in the middle.
"Sit down!" She heard Jeanettes commanding voice from a hidden speaker.
She did so.
Music came from the speakers.
She heard another door open.
Sandra shrieked a little as the latino guy from the glass cubicle stood in
front of her. He was clad only in his jock shorts. He began to dance for
Sandra. The lights were shimmering at his oiled muscular body when he moved.
'So this is the surprise, I get a lapdance.' she thought.
She sat like a stone and watched.
The guy came near and near, moving in snake like motions to the hammering
It excited her watching the half naked dancer.
As he nearly stood over Sandra, he grabbed her hands and put them around his
pelvis, locking Sandras fingers in the waistband of his shorts.
Sandra tried to get away but he held her.
Guiding her hands with light force, he used her to push his jock shorts
slowly down his rotating hips.
Sandra watched transfixed at the emerging penis.
It was beautiful, completely shaven.
It was big and already half erect.
In a sudden move the latino ripped his shorts off his body. He was
completely naked now.
Still dancing close to Sandra, he grabbed his tool and slowly  began to
masturbate right in front of Sandras face.
It grew, thicker, harder, ...
Sandra didn't know what to to, running away was no choice.
It was much too arousing to see the drop of precum ooze from the little hole.
She sat still not trying to move, watching the cock in his hand.
He moved one hand up and down, the other, soft but powerful, slowly caressed
the back of Sandras neck and lightly pushed her face closer to his cock.
Only a centimeter separated her lips from the glistening head.
"Lick it..." he whispered.
Cautiously she probed with the tip of her tongue.
His precum was salty.
Slowly she twirled her tongue around his cockhead.
His tool was now rock hard and pointing straight upward.
With both of his hands he grabbed the teens braids and thrusts her head
lightly forward.
The platinum blonde girls lips parted automatically and the cockhead
disappeared in her mouth.
She started to suck and nibble.
He again thrusted her head, back and forth, slowly increasing the speed he
fucked her mouth.
He suddenly stopped. He stepped backward, sat down, spread his legs and
leaned back.
Looking into Sandras eyes he masturbated furiously. The girls mouth still
slightly open, she watched his cum spurting all over the floor. He got up
again and slowly walked to Sandra. He lightly kissed her on her cheek and
whispered into her ear: "Well see again ... soon..." then he left. For
another second the teenager sat still in the chair then she run out of the
room, back to her table where a smiling Dana was waiting for her with
another bottle of wine.

Her mind still in sexual overload Sandra drained two glasses.
"Wow ... that was ... that was..."
"Don't try to explain. I know how you feel." Dana looked into Sandras eyes.
"It's OK, just a little present for what you've lost today." she smiled.
"It's about time to drive you home."

As Sandra finally was in her room, had answered all her mothers questions
and she made herself ready for the bed, she unpacked her backpack. Between
her clothes was another surprise. The little pink vibrator and a thicker and
longer dildo. She had to test them tomorrow...

It had been two weeks since Sandras first photo shoot. The attention, her
new appearance had raised at school, was already lowering. Boys from the
upper classes were now hitting on her. Her grades were still good so her
parents didn't interfere because they saw Sandra did something to reach her
goals. Though the regular tanning sessions in the nude had caused her skin a
nearly unnatural deep golden tan and during the last week her pussy lips had
started to swell a bit and were feeling tense as well as her former little
clit was now proudly peaking out from under the hood she was happy and in a
great mood. The 350 $ cheque from New Age Modeling, now in her bank account,
added to that feeling.

Friday late afternoon, Sandra was on her way home from school and her brand
new cellphone was ringing.
"Michael Simmons here."
"Hi Michael, how are you?"
"I'm fine, thanks. I got something to discuss with you, could you come to
the studio at six?"
"Hmmm yes, I have nothing planned for this evening. I'll see if my dad can
drive me, if not I'll take the bus."
"Don't worry, Dana will pick you up in an hour and drive you back this
"OK, I'll tell my mother, hop under the shower and will wait for Dana."
"Fine, see you then. Bye."

"Mum, the photo studio called, they need to discuss a new shoot with me this
Sandras mother cleaned the kitchen as her daughter run through the door."
"Dana, the other model I told you about, will drive me. She picks me up and
she also brings me home later. Do you have something planned for me or is it
"Nothing that I could imagine right now. I think it's OK. Your dad is on his
business trip so I think this will become a ladies night for me. I'll call
Janet from work, we can go to the movies and have a drink."
Sandras mother seemed pretty happy about the time for herself.
Sandra got in the shower, put on a light make up and changed from her school
clothes into a new tight mini skirt and tank top. As she brushed through her
thick whiteblonde mane, she saw the darker roots had grown out already.
While she was stuffing her backpack, Dana already honked on the street. She
hurried down, slipped in her 3" open toed sandals, kissed her mum a goodbye
and jumped into Danas car. Her mother could see the two speeding away as she
looked out of the window.

"So this boy from school tried to hit on you on your way home? Is he cute?"
Dana was joking with Sandra as she closed the door of her parked car. They
had to walk some steps to the studio. As usual on a Friday afternoon people
were busy with shopping for the weekend and parking lots were rare.
"Hmmm yes, he's blonde, blue eyes,..."
"Sounds like DiCaprio ... how come he goes to school with you?" Dana grinned.
"Ack... you..." Sandra jokingly cuffed the older model in her side.
Some construction workers whistled from a platform after the girls.

They arrived at the studio and Michael Simmons was already there. He hugged
both for welcome and let them come behind his desk where he fired up his
webbrowser and typed the URL of his website where Sandra had found out about
the agency where she was a model now. A big picture of Sandra in her white
lace outfit was announcing the teenager as the newest star of New Age
Modeling. He clicked on the members area link and two big series of Sandras
pictures, one of her alone and one of her together with Dana appeared.
Michael switched into the second series. There were only non nude pics of
the girl and the woman. Sandra secretly felt very relieved that the other
pictures were not online.
Dana cheered: "Beautifuuuul!"
"Right." confirmed Michael Simmons, "That's why we need to  talk. I have
alot in store for you, Sandra, but first let's have a next look."
Lower down on the page was a very small, easy to oversee text link
"special". He clicked on it and was asked to authenticate. After being
logged in, all the other pictures of Sandras firt lesbian encounter in front
of the camera and, in great detail, her deflowering were to be seen. Sandra
blushed as she never had blushed before. Michael and Dana commented on the
poses and the action in a very professional manner as porn producers
normally would do. Over the minutes Sandras embarrassment faded slowly.
"You did very well girl for the first time and for the fact you didn't know
anything." Michael said.
"This is behind the high honorars of our girls. We do the glamour shots and
for a special clientele we do the additional scenes. Here is where I have
the most in store for you."
"I'm not sure if I can do that..." mumbled Sarah, again blushing.
"OK, here is the deal. I raise your salary to $500 for two non nude shoots
and one porn shoot. I make sure, your parents never will know about the
pictures. Also, we care for your complete wardrobe and health. Since you're
our new star we need you presentable and in good shape in every situation.
If you agree, I arrange for your summer holidays a USA trip where we can get
you in professional shape and I arrange this with your parents. Maybe we can
get you for your last school year into a foreign exchange student program
that you can spend the whole year in the USA. Everything at no cost for you
or your parents. You would live with Dana who owns an appartment in Florida.
All you have to do is fully comply with our rules."
Dana and Michael looked expectantly at Sandra.

She was completely flabbergasted about the offer. Sandra could still
remember the overwhelming feelings of her orgasm from Dana's fondling during
the photo shoot and just for snapping pictures of it, which was a work she
really liked, Michael Simmons made such a proposal? Getting all this for
just having fun and also getting paid for it? It was nearly too good to be
"Well ... and I'll live for one year in Florida?"
"Yes. Sun, beach and fun."
"When would we start?"
"Hmmm summer holidays start in three weeks, the plane takes off each morning
at nine. We need at least a week for all the paperwork and first of all we
need your sign under the new contracts I have prepared." answered Michael
Without a word Sandra took a pen from the desk and waited...


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Re: Modelmakers
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2015, 06:03:02 pm »
"Turn your back to the camera and bend over..."
Sandra turned around, kneeled down again and put her upper body on the
sheets. She had to hold the blue dildo that it didn't slip out of her lubed
pussy. Arching her back and sticking her tight little ass in the air, the
vibrator pointed nearly upright to the ceiling...

Sandras second shoot was scheduled a week before her departure to Florida,
two days after the summer holidays begun. She was eager to do what Michael
Simmons behind the camera told her. In preparation she had visited Vincents
salon yesterday. It took nearly the whole day to weave all the false braids
into her thick whiteblonde mane. Finally she stepped out of the salon with a
cascade of thin platinum blonde braids that reached short below her ass
cheeks. This time both of her parents picked her up, they were shopping the
whole day and had lunch with Michael Simmons. Both complimented her alot for
the new look. Surprisingly they didn't care about the *WOMAN*ty hairdo, instead
her mother recommended a darker lipstick would better match her now deeply
tanned skin colour and her father told her that she should shave her pubic
hair this evening. Michael Simmons had mentioned it useful for tomorrows
shoot. Not knowing how to react to her parents changed behaviour she stayed
silent and nodded to everything. Michael Simmons must have had convincing
arguments during lunch.

It turned out that it was really useful to shave the remaining stubbles off.
They also had dark roots after Vincent had dyed them the first time. Sandras
first shoot today was a bikini shoot. The bottom part was nothing than
strips and a miniature patch of cloth which didn't really cover her pubic
bone. Same with the bikini top. The small triangles just made sure, her
darker aureolas were not to be seen, which wasn't completely true because
Jackies yellow capsule, she had taken again, made her nipples stand straight
out, forming little tents that tightened the fabric so the sides of the
aureolas peeked out. Her second shoot was in a black shiny but nearly see
through nylon catsuit. She had to rip this catsuit during the photo session.
Now she laid there, the shiny nylon dangling in shreds from her body, her
ass sticking high in the air and her pussy stuffed with the blue dildo.
Sandras pussy lips had become extremely fleshy. It looked like the whole
organ was intended for a much larger body than Sandras petite frame.

"Turn your head to the left side and look sheepishly back to the camera!"
... click... click
"Now use one hand and play slowly with your clit!" ... click ... click
Sandra was getting more and more turned on. She didn't notice the naked man
that slowly walked from the background to the large bed in the center of the
studio. The 15 years old teenager played in front of the clicking camera and
moaned lightly.
"Don't move, stay in that position..."
Suddenly she felt somebody pushing the dildo further into her love canal. It
didn't go completely in the first time. He moved it slowly in and out, the
overflowing wetness of the girl making her obscenely fleshy pussy lips
glistening. Finally all the 8" had disappeared completely. The somebody
switched the vibrator on and started sucking on Sandras clit.
"Aaaarghhhh...." Sandras head flipped from side to side in the girls
ecstacy. In a moment of opening her eyes she saw a familiar face ... tha
latino guy that gave her the lapdance was behind her. She saw his rigid
shaven cock and remembered the tension in the air as he stood in front of
her and let her taste his precum... Marco slowly removed the dildo from her
hole and got on his knees behind Sandra. He teased her pussy while
positioning his cock at her entrance. With one fast move he pushed himself
fully into her. The girl stiffened and gasped for air. He began to move,
slowly, then faster, then he fucked the slim teenager seriously.
"Sandra, get on top of Marco! ... Kiss him first!"
Marco got out of Sandra. He guided the girl. As she sat on his tighs and
looked on his cock, he ripped the rest of the sheer cloth from her upper
body, grabbed her and kissed her. As his tongue entered Sandras mouth she
didn't fight.
"Sandra, get on your knees and slowly sit down on Marcos cock!"
She did. As the tip touched her genitals she nearly coudn't stand it but
followed the instructions and lowered herself slowly until his testicles
touched her firm asscheeks.
"Now fuck him!"
And she did. There was no halt. While Marco twisted her nipples between his
finger she throwed herself up and down on his hard member that her long thin
braids danced a wild beat in the air. It was a sight. A fifteen years old,
4,9 ft. tiny blonde teen*WOMAN* in a ripped nylon catsuit, her little tits
sticking in the air, fucked an adult 6.3 ft. bodybuilder, a mountain of male
"Fuck ... I'm cummmiiiiing...." Sandra fell down to Marco's chest. Her whole
body jerked in convulsions of the orgasm.
"Missionary style Marco!"
Without his cock leaving Sandra, Marco took the girl and laid her on her
back. He took her legs and spread them as wide apart as possible. Then he
hammered Sandras pussy. As Marco switched again the position he bend the
teenagers legs nearly beside her head. Her pussy and ass were in the air. He
only pounded a few times into Sandra and the girl had her second orgasm.
"I'm ready!" announced Marco after some more minutes fucking Sandra.
"OK, in her face!" was Michael Simmons answer.
He positioned himself, pointing his cock to Sandras face. Masturbating the
last seconds, finally loads of sperm shot over Sandras eyes, run into her
mouth, smeared into her hair and over her tiny breasts.
"I told you we'll see again soon..." Marco whispered in her ear while she
got on her elbows, exhausted, well fucked and cummed on.


Dana's appartment was huge ... Sandra didn't know where all the money came
from as she unpacked the bags in her room. It had ocean view, a large
balcony, just as you see in the movies.
"Come honey, get yourself ready for the medical check, the doctor isn't
waiting all day!" Dana called from the kitchen.
It was a bit strange that right after their arrival at Greyton Beach she had
to go to a private clinic for a checkup. But Michael Simmons had organized
scheduled everything. So he arranged an additional health insurance for
Sandra for her time in the US. Sandra had called her mother from the airport
that everything was fine. Mum had told her to have fun and there was no need
to care about home.

Sandra had decided to stay with the unusual hairdo she got for her last
photoshoot as she got royally and for her first time fucked by Marco, the
more than ten years older bodybuilder and dancer. She still could remember
the feeling of his cock sliding inside her. The tip of her tongue licked
over her lips as she tried to tame the thick mane of thin platinum blonde
braids into a blue scrunchie. Finally she managed and the tips reached down
just below her ass cheeks in the skin tight, in the front low cut shorts.
Two braids fell free from her temples over the front of her loose tank top.
If one would look up from beneath, he would have seen Sandras little nipples
on her A cup breasts. High heeled sandals completed her outfit.
"Here I am." Dana switched the TV off as Sandra came into the kitchen and
grabbed her keys...

During the one hour drive she had alot to watch. Everything was new. As they
finally reached the private clinic she chatted excited with Dana about the
beach, the people, the buildings... At the reception Dana was greeted like a
lost friend. The receptionist, a woman in her mid twenties with a short
spikey haircut and an unbelievable shocking pink haircolor, hugged Dana
"Sandra, this is Lizzy, a very close friend. We know each other for more
than ten years."
Lizzy came around her counter and shook Sandras hand. Since this was a
clinic, she was dressed all white. But the white gown was an ultra short and
tight mini dress. Sandra guessed Lizzys boobs a 38D. It seemed, Lizzy had
nothing underneath. No lines of a bra or panties.
"Sandra, Doctor Hudson will be with you in five minutes. Why don't you take
a seat over there while Dana and I chat for a moment. I bring you a coke, or
do you like something else?"
"Yes, a coke would be fine, thank you, but please without ice."
Sandra sat down in a comfortable chair and grabbed a magazine.
"Here is your coke."
"Oh thanks."
"There is one thing I have to tell you about the checkup." Lizzy sat down
beside Sandra.
"It can be rather painful. That's why I suggest you take this little pill."
"Hmmm? What have you planned for me?" Sandra looked with fear in her eyes.
"The checkup includes gynecologic tests. And since you are very young and
tight ... the painkiller avoids a bad evening."
"Ah, OK." Sandra gulped the pill down with a sip from her coke and flipped
through the magazine while Lizzy chatted with Dana.
Reading a story about Avril Lavigne she didn't notice that Dr. Hudson looked
over her shoulder.
"Hi Sandra!" ... Sandra turned around frightened and looked into dark eyes.
"I'm Dr. Bernhard Hudson." The man with the dark eyes and the smirk on his
face offered Sandra his hand.
"You scared me! Hi Dr. Hudson." Sandra pouted a bit and shokk his hand.
"You came to Florida for the next year, that's great. And I have the favor
to be your medicine man, even better. Excuse me for scaring you but I
couldn't resist."
Sandras pouting changed to a smirk as well. Then the doc and Sandra started
to laugh. Dana noticed it and came over, hugged the doctor and asked Sandra:
"Did he bother you? Don't care, he does it with every patient."
"Come on girls, let's go to my office and talk about how you've been Dana
and what you have in mind for the next year Sandra."
"Lizzy, could you bring us a coffee please?" he asked the receptionist.
"Sure, I'll bring it in five minutes."
Walking over to the office Sandra felt very lightheaded.

In Dr. Hudsons office Dana told him about her life in Europe, her modeling
carreer and introduced Sandra to the doc. She brought up how successful
Sandras first shoots were and that's why she was here in Florida to spend
the next year as exchange student looking for modeling opportunities, making
contacts and working on her carreer.
"Sandra, please stand up that I can have a look at you."
The doc came around his desk, checked her body, muscle structure, took her
height and weight.
They sat down again and Lizzy came with the coffee. The doc wrote something
in Sandra's file and he was done.
"Anything wrong with you?" he asked.
"Not that I know of, except the jet lag." Sandra managed to answer though
she felt very tired and her mind was a bit foggy.
'Maybe it's from the painkiller.' she thought.
"Well, that's fine. But I have some ideas how to improve your carreer."
Sandra looked confused, a medical checkup and carreer consultation?
"My clinic isn't a general practice. Ususally we don't make medical
checkups. Instead we are specialised in cosmetic surgery. That's why Michael
Simmons called me and scheduled this meeting. Since you agreed to your
contract conditions you have to follow Michael rules.  Michael wants you to
have larger breasts as well as some other modifications. Lizzy didn't give
you just a painkiller, it is a preparation for your surgery. Everything is
already setup, we can start in fourty minutes."
Sandra was nearly sleeping on her chair. She again looked very confused.
Dana came near her ear and whispered: "Don't worry honey, when you awake
you'll be a new woman. Trust me, Doc Hudson is great. He did my boobs too.
In some hours you'll be the prettiest girl in the world ..."
Sandra passed out.
"OK Dana, what do you think about the desired cupsize?" Doctor Hudson put a
catalog on his desk.
"Hmmm she's pretty small, 32 inch, so a D or DD cup will do fine."
"Are you nuts Dana? This big she will look like a freak."
"That's the intention. Michael wants her to become his biggest teen fuck*WOMAN*
and he doesn't accept anything smaller than D."
"Hmmm, I see what I can do... what else?"
"Her nipples need special attention and her lips should get collagen
injections. Michael mentioned removing her clitoral hood and collagen
injections in her clit too. The growth hormone didn't work as expected, it
just made her pussylips fleshier."


The first Sandra noted was her dry throat. She really needed something to
drink and turned her head to the side. There was a glass of water on the
nightstand. She gulped it down. She felt a bit weak but managed to get in a
half sitting position in her bed and looked around. The room must be in a
clinic, everything in white and pastel colours, medical equipment aside the
bed. Slowly she remembered. She came here with Dana for a medical checkup,
they sat in Dr. Hudsons office and talked about ... she couldn't remember.

At her nightstand was a digital watch showing time and date. An alarm went
off in her head. The date showed two and a half weeks after she arrived in
Florida. She throwed her bedsheet aside and looked at two big round globes
of flesh under a thin gown standing straight in the air. They were topped
with half inch long nipples, thick like a pencil eraser. The aureolas were
clearly visible through the thin cloth, much darker than before, nearly
black and perfectly rounded.

Sandras mind raced. She tried to get out of the bed and though it was hard,
she managed it to the door that seemed to be the bathroom. She was right.
She sat down on the sink and peed. This glass of water was running through
her like nothing. She wiped herself dry with a sheet of toilet paper. She
touched the point where her clit was and a flash of excitement went through
her body. Bunching her gown around her waist she examined the source of the
sudden feelings and found her clit was now big as her thumb, poking out half
an inch from between her pussy lips which left the thick fleshy bulges gape
open. 'What have Dana and Dr. Hudson done to my body?' were her thoughts.
There was a full length mirror at the door. Sandra stripped out of her gown
and stood naked in front of it.

They had removed the long thin braids from her hair. It was now shortened
considerably and the tips just reached down to the middle of her
shoulderblades. It was still platinum blonde but in a total mess and the
dark roots were clearly visible, nearly an inch in length. Sandras lips had
beome much thicker and fleshier. Collagen injections had pumped them into an
ever pouting little O, slightly gaping open. Her body had thinned over the
two weeks of being passed out.

Every ounce fat was melted away. On Sandras chest now two big round boobs
rode high, looking totally fake and out of proportion on her tiny 4.9 frame.
They were a D cup now instead the former A. Two little, nicely healed scars
at the underside showed where the silicone bags had been implanted. They
stood straight out from her body defying gravity. Sandra turned and tried to
look from behind. She put her arms up and saw the large mounds sticking out
to both sides of her body.

Then she examined her nipples and aureolas. She didn't know how they made
them so thick and a half inch long. But she could guess about the color and
the perfect, nearly black circle they made on her deeply tanned skin. They
must have tattooed them dark. The color intensity decreased near the center
and her nipples were her normal skin tone. It had the dramatic effect of
accentuating her upward and slightly to the outsides pointing nipples which
were extremely sensitive and now had increased their length to a proud one

Sandra looked scared at the rest of her body. Her waist had thinned as well
as her legs. They gaped open between her thighs and on top of her thick
bulging pussy lips her clit stood out between them like an angry red little
thumb, begging to be touched and massaged. Again Sandra touched it and
another jolt of pleasure tensed her whole body. 'My god ... they made me an
oversensitive crazy freak, looking like a complete, much too young
fuck*WOMAN*...' Sandra stood silent some minutes in front of the mirror and
took her new image in, her mind racing what to do next. But she wasn't able
to grab a clear thought. Totally confused she stumbled back into her bed.

What she had seen made her very afraid but it also excited her at the same
time. The reaction of her body to simple touches, the image of the teen*WOMAN*
every man or boy would lust after. She imagined the opportunities in
modeling with her new body, the admiring looks from men, the jealous looks
from other girls and women, the attention she would be getting...

Being lost in her mixed thoughts and turned away from the door Sandra didn't
notice Dana coming in the room.
"Hello cutie, how are you feeling?"
Sandra turned around and with tears in her eyes she looked at Dana. The 35
y/o woman had her long raven black hair in a spiral curl flowing around her
upper body. Dana's long sleeved lack top hugged her big 38DD boobs and left
her belly bare. Low cut tight red shorts and black high heeled platform
boots that stopped under her knees completed her outfit.
"Dana, I feel so bad!"
"Oh dear..." Dana sat down and took the teenager into her arms.
"... you shouldn't, you are now the prettiest girl in the world. Doc Hudson
has outdone himself to make you into a wet dream. Every man will drool if he
sees you."
"But ... I'm completely changed, that's not me...."
"Nonsense, you are still Sandra but an enhanced version." Dana hugged her
"I know how you feel, I was in a similar situation and now I'm very very
happy that it was done this time. I made a fortune with my body, I could
easily retire if I wanted but I have a little girlfriend, a fifteen years
old girl, that needs to be supported in her carreer and right now in her
confidence..." Dana looked at Sandra and smiled.
Sandra slowly understood and a little smile flickered about her face.
"Come on girl, first you need to eat something and for the next days we have
a busy schedule."
Sandra suddenly felt hungry.
"I brought you some clothes that should fit your new curves." Dana gave
Sandra a bundle.
"I'll be back in fifteen minutes with something to bite for you, than we can
go over the plans."
They hugged again and Sandra felt alot more confident than before. Dana left
the room and the girl started to dress.

What Sandra foud at the bed was a backless, long sleeved jumpsuit with short
pants, made from a stretchy metallic blue material. There were no panties so
she had to stay naked underneath. It was extremely tight and seemed a size
too small. Her back was bare down to the top of her ass crack. Her now big
boobs squeezed out at the sides and her nipples made little tents in the
thin material. At the front was a hole cut out, starting millimeters above
her pubic bone in an oval shape, displaying Sandras dangling navel jewelry
and stopping right under her big mounds. She now noticed that her pubic hair
was not existent though she didn't shave while she was passed out. It would
have peeked out. High heeled platform sandals in the same color completed
the outfit. Still a bit wobbly she stumbled into the bathroom and tried to
bring her hair in shape.

"Hey where are you?" Dana called from the bedroom.
"Bathroom" Sandra yelled back, "I'm coming."
As Sandra came back, she was freshened up, her hair brushed and a little
makeup put on. The plate with the sandwiches and a glass of Coke were at her
nightstand. Hungrily she started to eat.
"OK, here is the plan for the next das." Dana started to explain.
"You have an appointment at Wicked Hair this afternoon. Btw, how do you like
my spiral curl?"
"Hmppff looks nice..." Sandra responded with a full mouth.
"Tomorrow evening is your first photo shoot. I invited your tomorrow
partners over this evening for some drinks. So you won't be too surprised
tomorrow by the new people. Then two days spare time where we can go
shopping or hit the beach and a casting for the next day. Is this OK?"
"I think so." Sandra had finished the sandwiches and sipped at her Coke.
"OK, fine. So if you are ready, we can start. We need an hour to the salon."


Four hours later the beautician at Wicked Hair made her finishing touches to
Sandra makeup.
"Done. Now you're allowed to look at a mirror." she stated.
Dana had made it a big surprise which hairstyle had been choosen for Sandras
next photoshoot. During the whole afternoon Sandra wasn't able to get a
glance what had been done to her hair. She knew the dark roots had been
bleached and something else chemical had been done but she didn't know how
she looked. On her high platform sandals she went to the full size mirror in
the corner. She nearly again didn't recognize herself with the big fake
boobs, her thick lips and this new hairstyle. It was parted in the middle,
straight on top and now bleached completely white. Starting from her neck
down to the tips it was styled in big dramatic curls that cascaded
voluminous over her shoulder blades and fell in front down to the sides of
her boobs. Her makeup was delicate as well. Dark eyeshadow and eyeliner,
darkred lips, outlined with lipliner. All together with her tanned skin and
her metallic blue outfit Sandra looked like a wet dream.

"Satisfied?" Dana came from behind.
"hmmm yes ... I still don't get used to that new body...."
"Take your time, but I hope it's at least very sexy what you see."
"Oh yes, it definitely is." was Sandras response.
"Then it's OK." Dana smiled, took Sandras arm, waved a good bye to the
beautician and then they went home to prepare the little party, Dana had
planned for the evening.

Just one hour left until the guests would arrive. They had arranged the
drinks and snacks in the living room. Dana didn't tell Sandra how many
guests and who. Sandra only knew they would be her partners in tomorrows

The petite 4.9 ft, 15 y/o teenager had just recovered from plastic surgery.
Doctor Hudson had enlarged Sandras smallish A cups to big 32 D boobs with
silicone implants. They stuck out proudly, high on her chest with thick half
inch long nipples in the center of perfect round, nearly black tattooed
aureolas. Collagen injections pumped her lips to a delicious fleshy little o
and her clit to a throbbing oversensitive length and thickness of a thumbs
last knuckle looking out on top between her bulging, hormone treated pussy
lips. The afternoon visit to the Wicked Hair salon left her long white dyed
hair in an angelic style contrasting extremely to her deep tanned skin and
her *WOMAN*ty makeup and appearance. The much too young and smallish image of a
high class teen*WOMAN* and pornstar...

"I put your dress for the evening on my bed!" Dana, the raven haired women,
Sandras friend where she lived during her exchange student year in Florida
and a model like herself, called from her bedroom.
Sandra slowly walked into Danas room.
Dana stood there, her jet black mane down to her ass in spiral ringlets. She
was clad in a black thong, a black lacy half cup bra and black shiny tigh
"I hit the bathroom. Get dressed and then you can freshen up."

Sandra looked around. It was the first time she was in Danas room since
right after they arrived they went to Dr. Hudsons clinic. The room was
large, really large. The center was a huge round bed. There must be space
for four or five people to sleep. Mirrors were placed everywhere, also on
the ceiling directly over the bed.

The clothes on the bed were similar to Danas but in white. Sandra stripped
from her metallic blue jumpsuit, taking special care for her freshly styled
hair. The half bra left her nearly black aureolas and long nipples standing
free. The smallish thong didn't much to hide her fleshy pussy lips and her
protruding clit. The tension from the skimpy cloth sent pleasurable feelings
through Sandras body. She sat down on the bed and rolled the white silky
tigh highs up her slim legs. White 5" highheels and an anklelength white see
through gown completed her outfit. Everything was clearly to be seen through
the thin cloth. Looking at her fingers and toenails as she fastened the
ankle straps of her shoes, she noted how plain they looked.
'I need to do something about that.' she thought.
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Re: Modelmakers
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On her way to the bathroom she switched the stereo on. Slow grooving music
filled the whole appartment.
Dana just finished her hair as Sandra came into the room.
"Hmmmm delicious!" was her comment on Sandras outfit.
"Do you have some nail polish for me Dana?"
"Sure dear, over there is my collection, help yourself." Dana showed Sandra
a cupboard filled with everything. It seemed she had bought a whole cosmetic
company. Sandra choose a bloodred nail polish and painted her finger- and
"You need another lipstick that goes with this color." Dana pointed out and
grabbed one from the shelf.
"Let me help you..." Dana painted a thick layer of the same red as the nails
to Sandras collagen enhanced lips and with a dark pen she repainted the
"Yes, that's it. You just need to fluff your hair a bit."

Sandra did and as she came from the bathroom Dana sat on the couch as an
identical twin of Sandra. The only diffeence was Sandras appearance in
angelic white while Danas color was demonic black. The mature beauty had a
black see through gown in the same fashion like Sarah. Dana stood up as
Sandra came to the couch. She put her hands on Sandras shoulders and looked
deep into her eyes.
"Girl ... you look good enough to eat."

She leaned down to the smallish girl and frenchkissed her deeply, her tongue
twirling in Sandras mouth. One hand slowly stroked down over Sandras breast,
moving further down her flat tummy  and reaching her love button. Dana
slowly massaged Sandras clit with one finger. Sandra stiffened and moaned
from the sudden feelings that flooded her body. She could feel her juices
flowing, building a wet spot on her thong. The door bell ringed. After one
minute of intense kissing Dana stopped and went to the door, leaving an
excited and turned on Sandra standing in the middle of the room.

The guests were here. Those would be Sandras partners in the photoshoot
tomorrow. It were four men and a woman. Will and Jeff were two young black
giants looking like they just came out of a football match. Ken, with his
blonde crop cut, was a slim but muscular guy in his late twenties and the
last of the males was Gary with already grey hair. He must have been in his
mid fifties. He had a little pot belly and a great sense of humor.

The woman with the four guys was Lyndie. She introduced herself as Lyndie
Likemore. The 24 y/o model came from London. Her oustanding feature was her
long straight platinum blonde hair. Lyndie's makeup was *WOMAN*ty and heavy.
Dark eyeshadow and dark lipstick together with her pale skin and the black
tight mini dress and the heavy silver jewelry made her look like a gothic
*WOMAN*. The endless legs in the black high heels of the 5.6" women were
encased with a silky and shimmering silver pantyhose. Lyndie and the guys
eyed Sandra up and down after they shook hands.

Dana hugged and kissed them all, they seemed to know each other. All of them
took a seat and Dana and Sandra brought them drinks. Sandra was introduced
and they chatted about the business, and how everyone had been in the last
months. The longer they chatted and drunk, the more excited became the
discussion. The discussion slowly shifted to erotic topics. Gary, the older
man with the grey hair, sat aside Sandra who was already pretty drunk at
this time. He had his arm around Sandras back and his hand caressed the side
of her big 32 D breast which wasn't unpleasantly for Sandra though Gary was
alot older than her. The alcohol made her forget the age difference. As the
group broke out in a big laughter, Gary took the opportunity and in on move
he grabbed Sandra and shifted her on his lap. She sat on the edge of his
knees and turned her head in surprise.
Gary smiled: "Be a good girl and sit on daddys lap."
"Sure... daddy" Sandra giggled.

During the ongoing discussions Gary slowly, unnoticed by Sandra, spread his
knees. Sandras legs were now spread as well. From behind Gary's hand found
it's way under Sandras tight little ass and he started to caress Sandras
pussy and the wet spot on her thong. Slowly he increased the pressure and
worked his finger up to the teenagers throbbing clit. Through the cloth of
the see through gown Gary managed to shove the wet thong aside and now his
fingers had free access to the girls slit. Sandra was caught in the
discussion while the drunk teenager was masturbated by Gary from behind, her
legs spread and her pussy on display to the whole group.

All the guys rubbed their dicks through their pants taking in the lewd image
of the little girl*WOMAN* on Garys lap. Everyone was becoming silent, only
Sandra bubbled and giggled. Finally Lyndie stood up, walked over to Sandra
and made her stand up, grabbed her head and the two girls frenchkissed. What
a sight, in the middle of the room two platinum blonde *WOMAN*s kissed. Dana,
who sat between the two black men, grabbed their dicks with both hands and
massaged them through their pants while each of the guys took care of one of
Danas silicone boobs.

Lyndie, without stopping to kiss Sandra, opened the buttons of Sandras see
through robe and stripped the girl. Lyndies hands were all over Sandras
naked skin. Gary, in the meantime, had opened his zipper and his thick 8"
cock was standing straight in the air. He grabbed Sandras ass and slowly
pulled her back on his lap. With one move he spread his legs while Sandra
was on her way down. Sandras legs were spread as well and Garys cock pointed
to the entrance of the girls slit. Falling down with her weight, Garys thick
cock disappeared completely in Sandras tight cunt. She stiffened trying to
relax her muscles and adjust to the thick organ. Gary held her on her hips
that she couldn't move away.

Lyndie got on her knees and crawled between the spread legs of the couple.
She started to lick from Garys grey haired balls up to Sandras protruding
clit, where she stopped awhile, twirling her tongue around the love button.
At this point was no hold anymore for Sandra. She moaned loud and started
rocking up and down on Garys shaft. Lyndie sucked a last time Garys balls
into her mouth, massaging them with her tongue, and got up. She shoved the
black mini dress over her head and was now only clad in high heels and her
silver shiny tight lycra hose. Dana was between her black lovers. While
sucking Wills 10" cock, Jeff fucked her from behind.

Ken in the meantime had freed a plate from the remaining snacks and emptied
white powder on it from a little plastic bag. With a razor blade he formed
lines from the powder. Lindy came over and sniffed two lines into her nose.
Ken did the same. Sandra groaned already in her first orgasm. She stopped
bouncing up and down on Gary to recover a bit as Lyndie came over with the

"Here, before you go on, sniff two lines."
Sandra did. She never had any experiences with drugs. The cocaine drove her
insane. She was ready for everything. It took her just a minute to empty
Garys balls. His cock was shooting his sperm deep into the petite teenagers
womb. He whispered into Sandras ear as she still sat on his lap, his cock
buried into her and the two watched Lyndie, laying on the table, her legs
spread and masturbating herself furiously through her pantyhose while
sucking Kens dick which was very long and thin: "Wonna do something crazy
"Yeah, what?" Garys finger, massaging Sandras clit sent little jolts of
pleasure through Sandras drugged, oversensitive, obscenely enlarged body.
"Fistfuck Lyndie..."

His limp cock slipped out of Sandra, he put her standing upright and
produced a tube of KY jelly from the pocket of his pants which still bunched
around his ankles. Sandra crawled on her knees between Lyndies legs and
tried to push her fingers through the silky sheer material into Lyndies
pussy. The cloth was very flexible and with one finger, later with two
fingers she managed to fingerfuck Lyndie furiously pushing the hose together
with her fingers an inch into Lyndie. Finally the expensive material gave up
under Sandras ministrations and tore apart.

Gary stopped Sandra, took her hand and put a good amont of KY-jelly onto it.
Sandra lubed her whole forearm while Gary squeezed a big blob of the greasy
substance into Lyndies pussy. Sandra started again to slip her fingers into
Lyndie. One finger, two ... three went in. She added another one and the
last. Suddenly with a last big pressure her whole slim hand disappeared in
Lyndies hole. Lyndie had sat up, leaning on her elbows and watching the
action. With big eyes, wide awake by the cocaine and breathing heavily in
anticipation she felt Sandra forming her hand into a fist inside her and
moving. Lyndie was getting fisted by the teenage *WOMAN* and as Sandra found
Lyndies g-spot... she threw her head back and orgasmed with a loud whine.

Ken had moved behind the kneeling Sandra while Gary was now getting his
mouthfuck from Lindy. Ken's cock was very thin and long. He took the tube of
KY jelly and squeezed the rest into Sandras tiny little asshole. The girl
squeaked from the coldness inside her anus but didn't stop fisting Lyndie.
Ken placed his cock at the entrance of Sandras pussy and started to fuck
her. His thumb massaged Sandras sphincter until it disappeared inside. He
moved and twirled his thumb to relax the muscles.

After some minutes he was satisfied and took his dick out of Sandras pussy.
Sandra was now licking and fisting Lyndie. As Ken shoved his cock into
Sandras asshole, the girl nearly bit into Lyndies clit by the sudden pain
which she sucked in this moment. After some seconds of accomodation Ken
started to assfuck the fifteen years old platinum blonde petite girl. Dana
came over, well fucked by the two black guys she started to rub Sandra big
clit and alcohol, cocaine, pain and pleasure mixed to a mindshattering
orgasm. Sandra only saw stars and passed out.

As she awoke, the sex hand not stopped. Dana and Lindy were fucked in both
holes. Dana between Ken and Gary, Lyndie between the two black giants Will
and Jeff. Will sat on the couch, his 10" cock in Lyndies asshole, Lyndiy
with her back to his chest, her long whiteblonde hair tickling his nose.
Jeff fucked Lyndies pussy in powerful strokes through the hole, Sandra had
torn in the pantyhose. Sandra went over to LYndie and kneeled aside her on
the couch. She started to Lyndies B cup breasts and twirled her nipples.
Lyndie moaned.
"Lyndie ... why don't you get a boob job like me?" she asked the London girl
who moaned between the black guys.
"...I .... I would .. would like that ... " Lyndie answered breathless.
"Imagine yourself with these jugs ... " Sandra whispered into Lyndies ear
and moved Lyndies hand around her boobs.
Lyndie orgasmed ...

"OK, time to switch, let's finish off with Sandra." Will shifted Lyndie from
his cock easily like a feather. Sandra crawled between the two black
muscular guys. As the tip of Wills cock reached her still slightly gaping
open asshole, he pushed her down with steady pressure, his big 10" sinking
into Sandras tight ass. She cried out in pain. It took some seconds until
Sandras sphincter accomodated to to Wills girth. Heavily breathing the
teenager grabbed her 32 D boobs, massaged them and watched Jeff slowly slide
his 12" monster into her pussy. Both her holes were stretched now to the
limit. The guys started to move and fuck the petite little girl with the
oversized tits.

Lyndie had recovered now and was behind Jeff. She massaged his asshole and
with each stroke he made into Sandra, Lyndies thumb slit into his asshole a
little deeper. Will started to orgasm and shot his hot sperm into Sandras
ass. Jeff couldn't hold it anymore as well, his monster cock buried into the
tight pussy of the teenager and his asshole fondled by Lyndie. As he emptied
his balls into Sandra, the girl orgasmed a third time this evening into a
drug induced mind shattering spasm which again let her pass out.


Sandra awoke slowly from the feeling getting her big clit sucked and
nibbled. As she opened her eyes, she saw Lyndies platinum blonde head
between her legs and grey haired Gary fucking the 24 y/o woman  from behind.
The old man, the young woman and the petite little girl were a sight. Dana
was filming the whole scene from the side. It was already bright noon in
Danas bedroom. Will kneeled behind Sandras head. He put his large dick into
Sandras mouth and she started sucking on his knob while Ken and Jeff
massaged her big 32D boobs.

As Gary shot his load into Lyndie, he took over the camera from Dana. Ken
and Jeff laid the two girls side to side and Will laid Dana in the line as
the third. Then they started gangfucking the three females in unison. After
some time the guys got out and switched over to the next woman. Now that
every guy had every girl at least once, they positioned the women with their
heads together and started masturbating in front of their faces. Nearly all
came at the same time. The three women were bathed in cum. Like sprayed with
hoses, spurts of semen from the three men splashed all over their faces.
After sucking the guys clean, the women licked each others face to get as
much cum as possible eaten.
'What a wake up call...' thought Sandra, recovering from the two orgasms she
already had this morning. She had been right about the size of Danas bed.
There was enough space.

After everyone showering, a light breakfest and alot of coffee, the guests
left. They would meet again this evening for the photoshoot. Sandra was
looking at her website photos. The updates from the shoot with Marco were
online. The smallish girl in the pictures with the extremely long thin
braids, fucked by the body builder and dancer, was her. The breasts of the
girl were nearly non existent, her mouth was thin.

She compared the new Sandra with the old one... The old Sandra was innocent,
just cute, blushing, inexperienced ... the new Sandra was an extremely hot,
big titted little *WOMAN* who already got fucked in the ass last evening. She
got collagen injected lips that sucked four cocks and two pussies in 12
hours, she knew the results of cocaine and had uncounted mind shattering
orgasms. She was ready for everything ... all within the last four weeks.
She didn't know for sure if this development was the right direction....
what she knew was that it made her feel good ... really good...


The afternoon went uneventful. Dana and Sandra drove to the photo studio as
the sun was going down. The next three hours were nearly a repetition of the
yesterday evening. Sandra got royally fucked by all the guys and Lyndie and
Dana. Hundreds of pictures and hours of film were taken from the hot action
in the studio. Sandra, a dreamy satisfied smile on her face from the many
orgasms and a rest of -again- cocaine in her blood, nearly couldn't walk as
the three women had their dinner together after the shoot in a little
restaurant near the beach.

"So you'd like to get your tits enlarged Lyndie?" asked Dana, sipping from
her wine.
"Yes ... Sandra asked me yesterday evening and this caused me thinking about
it. I decided it would be great to have such big juggs like you and Sandra,
but I guess I never will have the money to get it done."
"Hmmm and what if money wouldn't be a problem?" Dana asked after some silent
"Well, If I had the money I would get it done in no time."
Dana flipped her cell phone off and dialed a number.

"Hi doc. How are you? ... I have a new client for you. She needs a boob
job....  24 y/o, 5.6", slender, I guess a 36 double D or E could be the
desired size ... day after tomorrow? ... 10 a.m. sharp! ... OK, great! Thank
you doc ... and sleep well ... dream of me and Sandra."
Dana turned back to Lyndie: "So, you heard it. You still want it?"
Lyndie nearly choked. "Yes, why ... how..."

"I made alot of money with my body. More I could spend in one life. Why not
investing it? There is one thing. For the next three years I get the
exclusive right to market your body everywhere, in magazines, on websites
and in porn flicks, everything. I will be your personal manager for the next
three years, same like with Sandra. Michael Simmons signed her over to my
agency for three years and you two make a great team from what I saw. You
two could easily go as the *WOMAN*ty sisters. And your little hosiery fetish
adds to your value. Is this OK with you? We could sign the contracts
Lyndie thought for some seconds ... "Deal!" was her response.

Sandra had eaten in silence, listening to the two women.
"Oh great Lyndie! So you get big boobs like me and we will model together,
that's ... great!" she blurted out.
The petite big breasted teenager hugged the young woman.
"Lyndie, got anything to do tomorrow?" Dana asked.
"No, just the beach..."
"Could you please accompany Sandra on a shopping trip? She got a casting in
two days and needs some sexy clothing."
"Fine! I'll catch her in the morning."


"Want a cigarette?" Lyndie asked Sandra taking a deep drag from her own.
They sat in the shopping mall on a bench, their bags around them.
"I never smoked yet..."
"The guys like it. You should try one."
"Why not ... one can't damage alot." Sandra lightened the slim 100's and
filled her lungs with the smoke.
Her head started lightly to spin and her hands, feets and her clit tingled
from the nicotine suddenly circling through her veins. Especially the tingle
in her clit caused a very pleasant feeling.
"I think I like it."


While Sandra was at her casting, getting fucked by the producer of the porno
she would be starring in, Lindy sat at Dr. Hudsons office. Nervously she
waited for her breast enlargement. Doc Hudson had taken her measurements and
now discussed the possibilities with her.
"I'll be able to enlarge your breasts up to an E cup. Dana ordered circular
silicone implants for you with a structured surface. They will look like big
round melons on your petite body. Is there anything else you'd like to get
"Hmmm yes, I don't like my little ass. I'd like to have it fleshier ...
bigger. And my eyelids. Could you make it that they don't open fully? I like
the sultry look."
"I think this is possible... and covered by the amount Dana already
transferred to my bank account. It just would cause you to stay for a week
in the clinic. Is this OK?"
"Yes, that's no problem. I have cancelled my flight back to London. So I'm
free to do what and when I like."
"Great. Lizzy, my assistant, already prepared everything. We can start in
twenty minutes..."

I's been two weeks now since Doc Hudson did my boobs and ass. I'm nearly
painless, all the swelling is gone. I'm Lyndie, if you didn't notice yet.
After the photoshoot with the sweet little Sandra, who came over today to
show me scenes from her last video, Dana asked me if she could invest in my
body and get it enlarged in certain places. I had to agree to her rules. I
couldn't resist ... I signed the contract. For the next three years I work
exclusively for her. I'm sitting here at my computer, have been watching
porn and chatting minutes ago with a nice guy from Germany who wants to
write about me and get pics of me online ... I had to refuse the last offer
since Dana got the exclusive rights. Anyway, this will become kind of a
diary of my life here in Florida.

I'm a 36 E now. Pretty big funbags. The implants let my boobs stick out
straight. The skin is tight and smooth.  Doc Hudson used a special
technology to enhance my nipples too. Instead being hidden all the time
unless stimulated they now stick out the whole time. And they got much more
sensitive ... if it touches or rubs on cloth, I get pretty hot. Sometimes
it's very hard to go out without being turned on. Doc Hudson did a little
more to my body. Since I'm pretty slim, he used dehydrated fat cells and
injected them at different places in my bum and hips. During the first week
in the hospital I had to drink gallons of water. The result is a nice tight
round ass and hips. He gave me the perfect hourglass figure. My face isn't
the same anymore as well. My eyelids don't open fully anymore. The doc cut
some muscles and without asking for it he did my lips and puffed them up
with collagen. Relaxed they don't close fully. It looks like something
constantly lacks between them.

I had to buy a whole new wardrobe yesterday since nothing fits anymore. Dana
and Sandra came with me to carry all the bags. Now I'm sitting here, writing
this stuff. My whole body is encased in a powder blue shimmering nylon
bodystocking with a turtleneck and long sleeves. My feets are in 7" high
heeled plateau shoes of the same color. At home I have to wear nearly
nothing since webcams follow me through the whole appartment. I know I'm
constantly observed by anonymous men and women, tracing each of my steps,
each move of my hand which now caresses my nipple through the cloth and
slowly wanders down to my naked pussy between my spread legs, rubbing the
clit. The hidden visitors see the light make my pantyhosed body shimmer
differently with each move I do ... how the light breaks from the different
angels ... I imagine faceless men, their hands rubbing their cocks, women
pushing the vibrator deeper into their pussies while they watch me right
now, sitting in front of the PC, legs apart and furiously masturbating
through the thin nylon...

Sandra had been here this afternoon. She's a real beauty with her 15 years.
Doc Hudson enlarged her as well. I was a bit scared by her young age first
but it turned out she's driven by her pussy. Don't know what caused this in
her. She is a whiteblonde, 4.9", petite girl. Her 32 D boobs, the present
from the doc, look completely out of place but they're sooo *WOMAN*ty. She
brought a video cassette from her first pornmovie. We watched it together.
Sandra had a wig in this scene, long straight raven black hair down to her
asscheeks. She was a girl from India sold as a slave to a sultan who let her
entertain his business partners. They had strapped her to a frame in a half
sitting position. Her slim legs were spread wide apart, the unnatural fleshy
pussy with the big protruding knob of her clit lewdly on display. Sandras
back was arched which let her boobs with the long nipples stick out. Her
arms, put up and bound crossed under her head, pushed her head up that she
could see everything happening to her. Her long black hair hung down to the
floor it's tips in the dust. She had this little henna dot in the center of
her forehead, a tight pearl choker around her neck and a large blue
sparkling stone in her navel piercing. A long line of guys was waiting to
take their turns on the little teenager. As the third guy inserted his big
black cock into Sandra, we got so hot that we needed relief.

We kissed heavily on the couch. Sandras hands were roaming over my body.
From Sandras bag appeared a large doubledildo. Without warning she pushed
the bulbous head into me and furiously fucked my pussy while I sucked on her
clit in 69 position. Later we were stuck on each side of the dildo, fucking
each other while watching a scene where two beautiful female slaves sucked
and cleaned all the sperm of the first five men from Sandras pussy on the
screen to prepare her for the next in the row. After two orgasms of each of
us, we were too exhausted and spent the afternoon in the bed, chatting and
making plans for the next week. We settled on Wicked Hair salon tomorrow
after shopping, get our nails done on Monday and Dana had set three meetings
that we didn't know yet. She would tell us soon enough. Dana was pretty busy
these days. She probably made contacts in the industry to promote us. Enough
for today, I'm tired. Going to bed now, dreaming of all the faceless people
watching me, peeling myself out of the bodystocking. I think I'll rub my
pussy a bit through the material before I switch the lights off, just to
turn them on ... giggle...


I'm back from Wicked Hair! It's absolutely stunning what they did with my
dull straight hair! Today I'm totally in white. Had to try this innocent
look. White crop top stretching over my enormous boobs, it's so skimpy that
the undersides of my melons peek out. Bare tummy, showing my beginning tan
off. Extremely short tight white miniskirt that stretches over my delicious
new ass and hips. White seamless pantyhose, sparkling in the sun with every
step ... of course nothing underneath. I like the lightly wet nylon rubbing
on my pussylips with each move. Today I tried the seven inch platform heels.
I was a bit unsteady first but over the day I got used to them.

The hairdresser didn't really know what to do with straight blonde hair and
flipped through some catalogs. Then she had an idea. Since my roots are
pretty dark and grown out to 1" she suggested two colors. Why not I though
and she got to work. She cut alot. I already flipped about the remaining
length which was only down to my shoulderblades but she had something else
in mind.she brought long black tresses which she weaved as the lower layer
into my hair. It reaches down to the small of my back. Then she dyed my
roots also black and to make it contrasting even more she dyed my remaining
blonde hair again that it's pretty white now. So here I am, sitting in front
of my PC, a thick layer of raven black hair tickling me at the top of my
asscrack, shimmering blue in the light with a crown of whiteblonde hair down
to my midback with three inches of black dyed roots... I feel absolutely
hot, I could instantly fuck the cute guy that now sits on my couch waiting
for me.

He asked me as I was walking home, if he could invite the innocent girl (me)
for a drink. I blushed and we went to a nearby cafe. Paul is a muscular guy
in his twenties, sunburned. As we sat in the little cafe, talked and sipped
from our drinks, his hand wandered under my skirt and he stroked my pussy
through the nylon. His finger pushed on my clit. As we left I was completely
horny and my cheeks flushed. There was an older couple sitting at the other
table, they constantly watched and shook their heads as Paul fingered me, I
felt so embarassed and begged him to stop but he didn't. I have to have him
... now! ... where is this white powder ... I need a line to calm down ...
or is it to increase my heat? ... doesn't matter ...

Paul is gone now, I'm drained ... need a drink. Dana gave me these little
pills. I have to take one each day ... done now. When I came from the
computer, Paul was sitting at the couch. He had put a porn movie in the VCR
and Briana Banks got fucked by two guys on the screen. He rubbed his dick
through his pants. I asked him if he was ready for some real flesh. As the
answer he opened his zipper and his 10" cock stood up. I dropped to my knees
and sucked, I sucked like there was no tomorrow, massaging his balls and
twirling my tongue around his shaft. Paul had found some scissors. While I
blowed him, he cut my top in pieces. The cloth dangled from my tits. He let
me stand up and get rid of this mini skirt. I was only clad in my white
pantyhose with the big wet spot in the crotch and my platform heels. He
flipped me over the back of the couch. My upper body hung down and my big
boobs meshed on the seat. Paul made me spread my legs and slowly cut my
pantyhose with the scissors, following the line of my asscrack to my pubic
bone. Now he had free access to me.

And he used his free access. He entered me in one stroke. As I felt his big
tool shoved into me, every nerve was in tension. Coke is much better than
any Viagra. I came twice. The second time as he put his hand on my spline to
hold me in place because I flipped around like a ragdoll by his powerful
thrusts and then he pressed his thumb into my sphincter. The second intruder
sent me over the top. Then he took his cock out. I muffled into the pillows
under my head and begged him not to stop fucking me. I felt his cock at the
entrance of my ass. He pressed into my anal passage and I cryed in pain. The
muscles gave up and he sunk his full ten inch into my ass. I breathed
heavily from the painful intruder fucking my tight asshole. I felt him
getting ready. The pain was now completely replaced by pleasure. I had my
third orgasm as he shot his hot seed into my womb. With a plop he took his
dick out of my ass and let me kneel down in front of him with spread legs.
His cum dripped from my ass on the carpet. He made me lick his cock clean.

Wheeew, what a day! Completely new style in the morning and fucked like
crazy in the afternoon. Need to call Sandra to tell her everything... was
nice to meet you today... I'm off now.


Ha  ... Tuesday morning 4 a.m. ... I just got back from getting my nails
done ... huh? you could say and you were right. Monday afternoon Sandra and
I went to this sweet lil nail salon and the beau... dunno ... the girls
there did great work. We spot now 1.5" long acrylic nails ... hot! I can
tell ya. They painted them rubyred ... cuuute! It's strange ... sometimes I
cannot remember words. If I read this above, it meant beautician. Why the
hell I didn't remember how to write this? I need to take Danas pill, forgot
it yesterday.

OK, back to the story. It was near evening as the girls finished our nails.
We were soo cuuute yesterday. If I think of it I'm getting wet again. Let me
start with Sandra. The tiny girl got a spiral curl at Wicked Hair. Imagine a
long thick mass of whiteblonde hair in a spiral curl nearly down to the ass.
This tight little ass in black leather hotpants ... looong slim tanned legs,
red plateau sandals. OK, from the middle upward naked tanned tummy, red
crop-top stretching over her 32 D tits, black leather jacket, heavily made
up face. Now me, giggle, the same red crop-top but I got bigger boobs, 36 E,
around my neck a black velvet choker, my new black-whiteblonde mane fluffed
up, nearly the same black leather jacket, bare tummy, black mini-skirt like
a schoolgirl, shocking red pantyhose ... of course on my bare skin, black
platform sandals.

We had to show off our freshly done nails. So we headed to a bar. It was
pretty crowded. The music was goody and we danced and drunk alot. One time
we kissed on the dancefloor ... I was so nasty! We had a really good time.
We had nearly smoked a whole pack of these long slim cigarettes and we
needed a new pack. So I went to the washroom looking for cigarette machine.
I got them and stumbled back to our table. At this point I was already
pretty drunk. We had visitors. Three black guys were hitting on Sandra. They
sat around her chatting and kidding. The guys had like totally bald heads. I
said hi and they too. We drunk and danced. The one slow song I was
sandwiched between two of them. I felt the hands of the one guy sliding my
mini skirt up. He groped my ass the whole dance and the one in front had one
hand shoved under my top, playing with my nipple. I was hot. Til the end of
the song the guy from behind slipped his fingers between my legs. He
whispered in my ear that I got a big wet spot in my crotch. I felt his
fingers trace my pussy lips through the nylon and I blushed deeply. The
other people at the dancefloor stared.

Minutes later we left because the barkeeper didn't want us girls in his
establishment. Dunno what he meant. We got in the car with the guys. I sat
between my dancepartners at the backseat and Sandra was in the frontseat
aside the driver. we joked the whole drive and had fun. I saw Sandra having
her hand in the drivers crotch, massaging his cock. My two guys had each one
of my legs over their laps that they were spread wide apart. The one was
busy pulling my top up and exposing my tits, the other was probing the wet
spot on my pantyhose and the pussyflesh underneath with his fingers, nearly
bringing my to orgasm. I opened my eyes as we stopped and saw Sandra getting
her head up from the drivers lap. The lucky one already got a blowjob...
hehehe. In their appartment the hot action really started. We danced, drunk,
fucked, drunk and fucked again. I don't remember everything, I was pretty
passed out I remember them doubleteaming me in my ass and my pussy wile I
sucked on the third cock. Sandras long red nails scratched over his
testicles, and the guy instantly shot his load in my throat that I gagged.
But I managed to gulp it down. Funny ... each of us found two hundred dollar
bills in her bag as we were back on the street an hour ago. I was searching
for my cell phone as I found them. We didn't care and called a taxi. Now I'm
here and write about my adventures. Pretty tired now... going to bed.


Ouch ... it's Friday ... my whole body hurts. Now I know what appointments
Dana had scheduled for us! Tuesday afternoon, I was still in my bed coz I
was like tired from the night before, the phone rang. Gawd what a horror,
Dana was on the line and wanted to meet me at my door in one hour coz of
this thing she had setup. I smoked a cig and had a strong coffee, snuffed a
line from that white stuff to get rid of my headache, had a shower and got
ready. That definitely wasn't my day and Dana made it worse. Sandra was
already sitting in the car and we drove into the seedy part of town. She
stopped at a tattoo store. Gawd that was awful. This smelly guy with the
greasy hair strapped us naked to benchs and started to fondle us with his
latex gloved fingers. Then he produced piecing jewelry and hypo.. these
sterile needles and little corks and started to pierce Sandras nipples. She
screamed like there was no tomorrow and passed out. Then this monster did
me. I already fainted after he drove the needle through my first nipple.

I awoke from this sharp smell. The guy waved a vial under my nose. Sandra
was still passed out at the bench beside me. It seemed they had given me a
painkiller. First I examined my body. My nipples sported thick ornamented
silver rings. My navel and my clit had little barbells vertically pierced.
Two rings were in my pussy lips. My tongue was swollen and no feeling at
all. They also had put a stud in my tongue. The guy brought a mirror and I
saw my ears were pierced three times and one of my thin arching eyebrows was
also pierced. Sandra had the same jewelry and piercings at the same places,
except he took the opposite eyebrow. We should be there again the next
morning and the guy gave us instructions, no sex over the next week.
Nothing! This is so unfair.

We spent the next two days with this ugly guy. Dana had ordered tattoos for
us. Much work, two full days of dull pain from the needle. Two guys worked
on us. Me and Sandie ... well we're now Lyndie and Sandie the *WOMAN*ty sisters
... got now dragons on our shoulders, me on my right, Sandie on her left.
The dragon necks come from the shoulder over the upper arm. The heads open
their mouths from the underside of our boobs as if they would bite in our
nipples. I became my aureolas also tattooed black and perfectly round, just
like Sandie. I like what they did above our asses. There is a tribal now on
each top of our asscracks. It will peek out when I wear these low cut pants.
Kinda like sexy, have seen this already.

Still no sex for one week ... I'm so bored. Surf the web for some porn...


I like type this .. giggle ... on another computer. Dana said she had a job
for us. These pills of her, I dunno if they are really good for me. But I
like them. I'd love to get away from them but they are so ... so cute lil
red pills. I cannot stop taking them. They get me like hot and make me think
of sex and nothing else. Together with my white powder and a guy with a
thick cock ... or two guys with two big cocks... or more... I need a cock
now. Just one! But they don't let me... Dana had a job for us. Sandie and me
were like totally dolled up. I had talked Dana into getting us nice
pantyhose. Sandie a baby pinkie one and me a baby blue one ... sheer shiny
nylon. Nothing underneath. It now not only rubs on my pussy lips so tight,
it also rubs on the thick ring in my clit. Each step is so tickly.

The hair salon had our hair done all sprayed up and nice. I played with
Sandies nipple rings and she played with my clit ring as we stood in front
of the big mirror. Dana brought our dress and shoes. Mine was baby pinkie
and Sandies was baby blue we are now like *WOMAN*ty pantyhose sisters. It was
lycra tight and short. Our ass looked out and our boobies were sticking out.
You could like see our long nipples with the rings. High heels on our feets
and we could start working. Dana drove us to a bar where we should entertain
and drink with the people. Goodie, this will be a fun job I thought.

There were like only girls in this bar. No guys, no cocks. I was so
disappointed. I and Sandie needed to relax and we sniffed some lines of this
white powder. All the girls ogled us. This powder really helps. We got in
better mood and started dancing. We danced really hot. I flashed my boobies
to an older woman. She was around 35 and like totally clad in black leather.
Is this a Helloween party here? Anyway, we had plenty of drinks and we
rubbed our asses and boobies together. Sandie licked around my perfectly
tattooed nipples as I had the dress around my hips and I smacked her pinkie
nylon covered ass. Then the lights went down and some spots were on us. We
were in the center of the dance floor and we danced. Some of the other women
brought a big couch to the middle of the dancefloor. This was getting

Some of the women came over to us and grabbed us. They looked like kinda
turned on. They brought us to this couch and stripped our dresses. We were
only in our nice baby pinkie and baby blue panty hoses. I was getting a bit
worried what would happen. The women, it must have been twenty or thirty of
them, all older than us, started to fondle our asses through the nylon, they
tugged on our nipple rings and played with our clits. We just stood there
and got more and more turned on. They held our heads and made us sniff more
of the white powder. It must have been very good stuff. I got instantly wet
and Sandie as well. We had big wet spot in our crotches.

Then they dragged us to the couch, held our legs apart and in the air. The
leather clad woman cut with scissors our crotches from the pantyhoses. Now
that they had free access to all parts of our bodies the fun begun. They
licked us, bit us, sucked everywhere. Fifteen years old Sandy was like
pretty ecstatic. She screamed load as two women sucked on each of her
nipples while one had her hand in her cunt, fisting her, and another
fingered her asshole. In the meantime most of the women were naked. At the
command of the leather clad lady they all produced strapon dildos from
somewhere and put them on. They were big, really big and black. I think
between 10 and 12 inches long and 2-3 inches in diameter. They had put
something wet and slick on them, they all were dripping wet, it was kinda
scary. Twenty or thirty sex crazy women stand in front of two defenseless
girls, their strap ons looking anry black, pointing ready and drooling to
drill our holes.

Then it started. They flipped us around like ragdolls, they shoved their
dildos in my ass, my pussy, my mouth and made me suck on it, they had
sometimes four of them at once in me ... two in my pussy. They fucked and
stretched my arse, they shoved these black strapons in me, I didn't count
them. I was in trance, clad in my tihght baby pinkie nylon pantyhose,
sparkling in the two spotlights that made us the center of the party. I had
orgasm after orgasm. I squirted, I cried, I screamed ... I was spent. When I
finally looked over to Sandie she wasn't much better. She was curled in a
fetal position, one woman still fucked her ass. I saw from her shuddering
that she had another orgasm. Then I fainted.

I awoke in this room together with Sandy. We were told to stay for the next
weeks entertainment. Every one or two hours one or a group of women comes in
and we have to be their playthings. My cunt lips are swollen. They look like
Sandies hormone enhanced now. Puffy, red and constantly in heat. My asshole
doesn't close fully now. It slightly gapes open. I have to stay wet and
ready squeezing KY jelly in from time to time. My nipples are sucked to the
length of an inch relaxed now. I think when this week is over, I'm near two
inches. Before some woman visits us we are supposed to touch up our makeup
and hair. We are supposed to sniff from the white powder every 8 hrs during
the day. I won't do this but I am forced to do it and when I got it I'm like
crazy for sex. Then I need a mouth, a vibrator or a hand to stick it in my
hole. If I have nothing I do it with Sandie. She got such a nice small hand
at her yound age. Dana rented us as lesbian love slaves ... I hope this
won't destroy me ... all the white powder and the pills and the fucking ...
or would I like that it destroys me? ... kinda ... like ... giggle ...

The End
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Very nice!  I love the subject matter!


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Great story! More?