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Marci’s Makeover
« on: May 22, 2014, 07:48:09 pm »
I will post a story which I found years ago at the Internet at a yahoo Bimbo Groupe.
I'm not the Author and I also don't know who's the Author, because the story was always posted without any Author's name.
So if I violate a copyright please remove the story or contact me by e-mail-

Marci’s Makeover

Chapter 1-2

Steve watched intently as his cock slipped in and out of Marci’s wet mouth. The faint outline of her red lipstick clung midway down his shaft and the knuckle of her index finger. “She still uses way too much hand”, he thought as she continued to milk him.  He had to admit, while not the best cocksucker he’d ever had, she made up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm. He was leaning against the railing of the deck off his 10th floor condo overlooking San Destin Beach. The setting sun was beautiful reflecting off the blue ocean and white sand, but Steve was not interested in that type of beauty right now. He was more concerned with the beauty squatting before him on her wedge sandals, still wrapped in her shiny black bikini, as she sucked noisily on his 8-inch cock.

“MMmmmmmm….feel good, Baby?” Marci groaned as she slid the dick from her lips. She lapped down his shaft and began gently sucking his balls, her right hand lightly stroking him. “Yeah Babe, that’s great” Steve said. “It DOES feel good”, he thought silently, but inwardly, he was sizing her up.

They had been together 6 months and, for the most part, things had gone quite nicely. Only 22, Marci had no real career plans, so it had been no problem for her to quit her job at the mall and join him for an extended stay at the beach.  She was a pretty girl, stunning by most people’s standards. 5’5 and 105 lbs, she had long sandy blonde hair and green eyes made dazzling by the colored contacts she wore. After 4 days of sunning, she was beginning to get a dark tan. She wore large silver hoop earrings and several silver bracelets on her left wrist. A bellybutton ring with a small silver dangle charm completed the picture. For the hundreds of guys on the beach who had stared lustfully at her, the thought of this beauty sucking their cock was a dream. For Steve, it was merely the beginning.

“Close, Marci” he moaned as he felt his balls slide up tight to the base of his cock. Marci felt them move too, and cupped his balls in her left hand as she began pumping the shaft with her right.

“Cum, Baby…cum for me!” she moaned. Marci wasn’t thrilled with the facial cumshot thing, but Steve seemed to really like it…and she really liked Steve! At first she was surprised at the “suggestions”. She considered herself “experienced” when it came to sex. She’d had several partners in high school and had even tried a lesbian relationship for a while. She was willing to try most anything and, as far as she knew, had tried most. Anal sex hurt and she wasn’t into S&M or any of that pee stuff. Other than that, she was pretty open. She had seen the facial thing in several of the porn movies she had watched, but she never really understood the point. Cum tasted funny to her, but not unpleasant…she actually thought Steve’s tasted better than most she had sampled. She was more than willing to swallow all that he could produce. That was why she was rather stunned when he insisted on cumming on her face whenever he came, regardless of whether she was blowing him or they were fucking. He had explained that it was one of his fantasies, and that if she really wanted to be his fantasy girl, she’d have to “get used to it”. “Fantasy girl or not, it was still kinda weird…but Steve was great looking, rich, he treated he great and…well…he had a really nice cock” she thought. If this was all she had to do to make him happy…she was willing to make that sacrifice.

“GGGGggggnnnhhhh” Steve groaned as he launched a huge blob of white cum across Marci’s left cheek, “Yyyyyyyeahh”. “She’s getting better,” he thought as he lobbed another blob across her nose, “she didn’t flinch this time”. Steve reached up and took control of his spurting cock. He squeezed a final blob across her parted lips and smeared the various streaks across her face. Marci responded by opening her eyes and sucking the head of his prick extracting the remnants of his heavy load.

Once he was finished and she had cleaned his cock, Steve helped he to her feet and handed her an unfinished Heineken. He didn’t like her to immediately wipe her face or clean up, rather, he enjoyed watching he as his cum dripped from her face or began to dry in place. “The things I do for love” Marci thought.

Chapter 1 – Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Steve and his friend Jack were sipping beers at Whale Tales on the beach when Steve’s cell phone chirped. “Excuse me for a sec…Marci again” Steve said grumpily, it was the third call since he and Jack had arrived at the bar less than an hour ago. “Yeah, babe?” Steve answered.

“UPS just delivered something…looks kinda heavy” Marci explained.

“Yeah, I was expecting that…now look, Jack and I are having a few brews and catchin’ up. Why don’t you go down to the beach and I’ll see you around 4:00” Steve replied.

“But Steve, you promised that we would go shopping this afternoon…you said you wanted to buy me a couple of sexy outfits and some shoes” she whined…she had started to do that a lot recently.

“Damn it, Marci…it’s time you started making some of your own decisions…you know the shit I like…I talk about it all the time…why don’t you take the initiative and do something for me!” Steve said.

“Do something for you…Fuck You! I do all kinds of shit for you…sick, disgusting shit…letting you treat me like some kind of *WOMAN*…just so you can play your “fantasy girl” game”!  Marci was letting it all go.

“Marci”, Steve said in a low, angry voice, “I told you that if you didn’t like it here, you could always catch a flight back to Atlanta….maybe that’s what you really want.”

“Maybe I will!” Marci threatened to a dead line. Steve had hung up. Marci couldn’t believe how bad things had become in just a few days. Everything was going great…they were spending a lot of time together…he made her feel special…special and sexy…all at the same time. She had never me a man with a sex drive like Steve…it was all he ever really talked about and seemed to be the thing on his mind most of the time. All that, and he seemed to focus it all on her…and she loved it. “Loved it” she thought, “until the really weird shit started”. She’d gotten used to the cum facials…he really got off on those…and they were rather dramatic and all. She’d found herself actually looking forward to the “Big Ending”. She’d learned how he liked to be stroked right up to the point he erupted…he always took over at that point. She’d even started wearing a different lipstick that didn’t wear off as fast…apparently, Steve liked her to look her best as he blasted his load all over her face. “But apparently…he’s not satisfied with my face, painted up like a *WOMAN* and covered in cum….he wants my lips bigger!”

This last “suggestion” came after a particularly hot session. He’d taken her in the car after the parking lot of the restaurant. He’d fucked her like a racehorse. She’d been a little drunk, a little high and a lot turned on. He’d called her a hot *WOMAN* just before he blasted her face. She’d passed it off as passion and actually found it arousing…just because it was so nasty. But he’d been serious. On the ride home, with his cum drying on her cheek, he brought up the collagen lip injections. “That was awesome, Marci…fucking awesome…but a hot little *WOMAN* like you needs some dick suckin’ lips…what do you say?”

She’d been stunned. “You don’t like my lips?” she asked?

“There fine, Babe…but think how hot you’d look with a set of puffy painted lips…I’m getting’ hard just thinkin’ about it!” he answered.

“But I like my lips” Marci stated. “I’ve seen girls with those fake lips…they look fake…like a pornstar’s lips…is that what you want me to look like…like some pornstar bimbo?” she asked. She was starting to sober up and get mad.

“Yeah…maybe I do” he replied. “Maybe that’s what I’ve been tryin’ to tell you all along…you look great now…but so do a lot of women…but pump up you lips…maybe get some fake tits…lighten up your hair a little…you’d be fuckin’ incredible!” he answered.

“If you’re so hot for a pornstar, why don’t you go find one and leave me the hell alone!” she had screamed. From that point on, their relationship had changed. He seemed distant, aloof…she didn’t know if he was mad, ashamed or just didn’t care anymore. He’d started hanging out with his friends and leaving her all alone. The few times they’d fucked…and that was really what it was now…he’d pounded away at her, obviously just getting himself off…only to stiffen, cum inside her pussy and roll off…usually to get a beer and turn on the ballgame. That was when she discovered she secretly missed the facial thing.

She was mad, hurt and lonely. She felt she had screwed up…even though he was the one with the weird ideas. She sat at her dressing table and stared at her face. She had just showered and her face was scrubbed clean. She stared at her face, her mouth…her lips. She puckered and licked...trying to imagine a set of puffy lips on her thin face. “Why does he need that” she asked herself, “people have always told me I’m pretty…even he said that…at first”.

She got up and walked over to the computer. Steve was always looking at different porn sites late at night, after they had fucked and he thought she was asleep. She scanned through his “favorite” sites. “Wifeysworld…Erinslegscene…Bimbo*WOMAN*z…Cum on her face…ClubJenna…they all featured big-tittied bimbos…some with puffed up lips…most with bleached or colored hair (obviously fake, she thought)…long fingernails…”the Erin chick paints herself up like a clown with so much make-up…but I do like her shoes..and she is sexy” she thought, “that Wifey chick could lose some weight…but her tits were HUGE…and more than that they looked real…and she must really like facials!” “The Jenna chick…she had seen some of her movies…obviously early ones…since the chick on the website had huge fake boobs…lots of piercings…bleached hair and maybe puffed up her lips some…all in all, she looked exactly like what you would think a porn *WOMAN* would look like” she thought, “and the women in the COHF website were downright ugly…but obviously *WOMAN*ty with all that cum all over them.” “Is this really what guys like?” she asked herself, “I need to find some answers.”

She made herself up a bit, got dressed in her sexiest bikini and went to the beach. It was college spring break and the beach was packed. She got settled in her chair and tried to read a fashion magazine, but the talent show was too hard to ignore. Countless buff bodies, both male and female prowled the waterline, looking for tonight’s conquest. “The fashions have obviously changed” she thought to herself as she studied the young women. While far from modest, her bikini looked downright old fashioned compared to the ultra-revealing suits most of the women were wearing…and it appeared that many of these chicks had already gotten boob jobs…or at least it sure looked as if they had. She thought she’d see more if she walked herself, so she positioned her suit bottoms just right and began strolling down the beach. As she imagined, the action was much wilder in the :hotel section” of the beach. There was a bikini contest going on, so she bought herself a beer, found a perch and watched the proceedings.

While the show was billed as a “Bikini Contest”, in reality it was “whose the biggest *WOMAN*” she thought. The girls she thought were “pretty” got little applause, while the trashier ones with the big fake tits and bleached hair drove the mostly-male crowd wild. The eventual winner, a girl from UNC (or so she said) with huge fake tits (probably 40DD’s she thought), wild make-up, puffy fake lips and hair bleached almost white done up in braids was the tackiest of them all. She answered the “contestant questions” in an obviously fake, high pitched voice and spoke like a sailor on leave. She had called herself the “hottest *WOMAN* on the beach” and ripped her top off to reveal her huge tits with their pierced nipples.

After the contest, Marci followed the winner (from a discreet distance) back to where her group was staying. While the contest winner, Savannah, was the most far-out of the bunch, the rest all looked like strippers or porn star wannabe’s. All were dark tanned…all over it would seem, with pierced belly buttons and tiny thong bikinis…all had fake looking boobs, wild hair, dragon lady fingernails and tons of make-up. All had tattoos of some sort. Even though she was 30 feet away, she could smell the cheap perfume and cigarette smoke and hear parts of the on-going chatter.  As she looked around her, she noticed that she was not alone in gawking the *WOMAN*s. At least 20 guys were attempting to play it cool while obviously drooling over the sights before them. A few that were with their girlfriends soon found them selves standing alone…not that they noticed.

As she refocused on the girls, she noticed other things about them...the way they all held if they knew they were being watched (obviously that was the whole idea)..each movement seemed meant to arouse…the way they smoked, walked and adjusted themselves…it was like watching a porn movie without the fucking…that is, until one of the girls pulled Savannah’s top to the side and began sucking her pierced nipple. Again the crown roared….this continued for several minutes until Marci had seen enough. “At least for these guys…the *WOMAN*tier the better” she thought, “ I wonder what it’s like to have all those men lusting all around you?” The more she thought about it, the more turned on she found herself becoming.

On the walk back, she tried to hold herself the way the beach *WOMAN*s did…with her tits held high and her ass swaying…she got a few appreciative glances, but none of the outright lust that Savannah and her friends got.  “Maybe I do need to try a little harder” she told herself.

Chapter 2 – The Book and its Cover

Marci quickly showered…after a brief session with her vibrator…and got dressed. Her first stop was the bikini shop that had sponsored the contest. Inside, she found a variety of suits, all designed with the same purpose…to attract as much attention as possible. The downside was that the most daring suits all were made for breast bigger than her 34-B. Even the ones that were made in her size couldn’t disguise her smallish chest. With her tight ass and long legs, the thong bottoms looked great…but would certainly require a new bikini wax….”Maybe I’ll go all the way and get a Brazilian this time” she thought, “Steve’s been after me to get one since I got here”. Once she had made her choices, a shiny black “latex look” and a bright yellow number, she moved on to the “accessories” section. There she found scads of belly chains, belly button rings and charms, hoop earrings of all shapes and sizes. She liked her little belly charm, but in comparison (like everything else) it seemed bland. She chose a new, large charm (a star with a fake diamond in the center) and several pair of hoop earrings (all much larger than what she usually wore). At the checkout, the cashier had talked her into a black latex choker that matched her bikini…(she said all the guys seemed to love that kind of thing).

From there, she continued her spree to include a new black mini dress of shiny material. “What’s with all this shiny shit” she asked herself…but she couldn’t argue that the lycra blend got her much closer to the “beach *WOMAN*” look she was after. She finished the day with two pair of platform heels, each with 5-inch heels. Even with their extreme height, she found she could walk easily and that they were very comfortable. She thought about getting her hair done, perhaps even lightening it up a bit, but it was already 3 PM and she wanted to be dressed in her new gear when Steve got home. She wanted to apologize for the argument and make up…actually, she was still horny from her afternoon on the beach and she was hoping for a long sex session. “I just need to get fucked” she chuckled to herself.

4:00 PM came and went and Steve was not home. She called his cell phone and left several messages…one even promising to “blow his mind”, but as of yet, she had heard nothing. She had already had several drinks and was beginning to feel tipsy. She was wearing her special “blowjob lipstick”, but had put so much on her glass was coated on the rim with a dark red ring. She had drawn her lips bigger with a lip liner, hoping to achieve the puffy look Steve wanted. Sadly, while it did look inviting, her current lips could only be so big. That as it was, she thought Steve would like her new outfit. The dress clung like second skin and stopped just beneath her ass. She would have to be careful…if it rode up at all, everyone would get an eyeful of her black thong. She had teased her hair a little more than usual…”Steve seems to like the pornstar look” she thought and she really liked the way the big hoop earrings twinkled and swayed when she moved. “I bet they’ll look pretty sexy when I’m blowing him” she thought to herself.  Combined with the heels, it was closest she could come to the “*WOMAN* look” she had seen on the beach. “ I need a cigarette”, she said to herself, “All the girls smoked”. She had to admit that, while she really wasn’t a smoker, it did add to the look….”I also need some nails”, she added as she looked at her short, stubby nails. “I’ll fix that tomorrow!”

5:30 passed and still no Steve. She hadn’t eaten anything all day, and the booze was really staring to hit her. Pissed and bored, she turned on the TV, only to find no picture. “What the fuck?” she said, exasperated. She hit a few more buttons and the DVD turned on. The picture immediately showed a huge cock sliding into a wet, shaved pussy. Steve had been watching porn last night and hadn’t bothered to flip the TV back to the satellite setting. “Fuckin’ pervert” she slurred as she sat down to watch. The big cock belonged to a chiseled stud with dark brown hair.

“He’s hot”, she thought to herself, “but what would I do with a cock that big?” Steve’s cock, while not small at all, hardly compared to the monster on the screen. As the shot pulled back, she saw the chick he was fucking. She was tiny, probably no more than 5 feet tall, but with huge fake boobs that hardly jarred as the big stud plowed into her. He had her legs over his shoulders, her platform heels flopping in rhythm to his thrusts. What got Marci’s attention was her face. She was almost a dead ringer for the girl who had won the bikini contest that afternoon, only *WOMAN*tier. While Savannah had made a show of acting *WOMAN*ty, this chick was the real deal. Her hair was bleached an almost white blonde and was curled wildly. Her hoop earrings were larger than any Marci had seen in the bikini shop. Her make up was super heavy…her eyes were dark, almost black and her lips were dark red, but wet and shiny. Her lips, like her tits were obviously fake, as they were completely out of proportion to the rest of her face. She opened her lips to reveal a long tongue with a double piercing. Marci had never seen anything like that.

“How does she talk with those?” she asked herself. As fake and perverted as the image was to her, Marci couldn’t help it when her hand snaked under her panties and began rubbing her swollen clit. As she did, the camera pulled back to show the starlets’ pierced clit hood.

“Oh my God”, she thought, “how much did that hurt?”

Marci continued to watch as the stud pulled his monster cock from the chick’s dripping snatch. “I want it in my ass” the starlet moaned as she rubbed her own clit.

“No fucking way” Marci said, her own experiences with anal had been clumsy and painful, “that’ll rip her ass apart.” She watched as the porn stud bent down and began to lick the chick’s asshole.


 But as she looked more closely, she noticed that the chick’s ass, as well as the rest of her pussy was shaved and was perfectly clean. She also noticed that as the stud tongue fucked her asshole, the porn chick’s hand was a blur on her clit…she was obviously enjoying the tonguing. Marci was getting more turned on as she watched. She hit the pause button and quickly retrieved her vibe. She took her panties off and spread her legs, hanging them off the arms of the big recliner. She licked the tip of the vibe and slipped nearly the entire length into her steaming snatch.

“Uuuunnngh” she moaned as she turned the setting to low. She flipped the DVD back to play and once again began rubbing her clit. Shortly, the porn stud began with one, then two fingers in the in the porn *WOMAN*’s asshole.

“He’s opening her up for his cock” she thought. Both of the times she’d tried it, her boyfriends had merely lubed their cocks and began pushing…resulting in pain for both her and them. Marci was really into it now. She watched as the stud pushed a third finger into her ass.

“Open it up, baby” the porn chick moaned.

“That must feel good “ Marci thought as she looked at the girls face.  Finally, the big stud must have opened her ass enough. He stood, repositioned her legs so that she was totally open to him and simply pushed his massive cock up her ass. He was gentle at first as he worked his way in. The porn *WOMAN* moaned and mewed, but showed no pain and seemed to really like it. Finally, the stud had all of his considerable length stuffed up her ass. Once all the way in, he began to thrust…slowly at first, then faster. Marci’s own hand was a blur on her clit. The vibe purred softly in her pussy. With her free hand…and she had never even thought of this before…she slowly worked a finger up her ass.

The feeling was unbelievable…deep and warm…she felt herself moving closer and closer to her orgasm…but she wanted to wait…she wanted to come with the porn stud. So wrapped up in her passion was Marci that she didn’t notice as Steve entered the condo. He heard the porn moans and groans as well as Marci’s. He moved quietly into the hallway where he could look over her shoulder at the goings on. The view was awesome…here was Marci, who had just that afternoon called him a pervert for liking exactly the kind of thing she was jerking herself off to. He liked the dress, the shoes…she had even bought new high heels…and her make-up looked hot…it was obvious she had done something different with her lips…lips that were peeled back in a grimace as she tried to control her rapidly approaching orgasm. The big porn stud was really pounding the chick now…it was clear he was building up to his own orgasm.

“Where do you want it?” the stud asked.

“In my mouth, on my face” the porn *WOMAN* moaned the stud extracted his 10-inch dick from her ass.

“Here, *WOMAN*, eat this” he said as he flopped the big dick in her face. She quickly grabbed the shaft and began feeding the huge head into her mouth.

 “MMmmmm…Unnngh…..Unnghhh’, Marci moaned, her eyes wide as she began to cum. “Here..” the stud moaned as a long string of white cum lobbed across her face. She continued to stroke the prick as it deposited two more thick streams across her chin. Then she captured the dripping head in her mouth and fed herself the remaining load. She dribbled this out, leaving long strands of cum hanging from her lips and chin.

“Ahhhnng,,,Ahhhhhhnnnggg…AAAHHHHHnnnngggg”, Marci wailed as she exploded. The vibe shot from her snatch as it clenched in orgasm. She pinched her clit with one hand and drove her finger deep into her ass. Her pussy was literally oozing. Finally, her body relaxed and she let out a contented sigh.

“I see you like my perverted movies”, he chuckled as he moved around, now facing Marci and her dripping snatch. She was so weak from the massive orgasm that she didn’t bother to move her legs from the arms of the chair. She just covered her pussy with her hands.

“’s not that…you were late and I just….uh…I…uh”, she stammered, her head still fuzzy.

Steve dropped his pants and stroked his raging boner. He didn’t ask…he simply moved her hands out of the way and slid his cock effortlessly into her wet pussy.

“Uuuunngh…yeah, Baby!”, Marci moaned as she felt Steve’s cock fill her. Again, her hand strummed her engorged clit. It was obvious that she was building quickly to another orgasm. Spread as she was across the chair, Steve had a great angle to fuck her deeply, while enjoying the scene from above. She stared deeply into his eyes and licked her deep red lips seductively.

“Nice…very nice” Steve moaned, “you like being a little porn *WOMAN*…don’t you, Baby?”

 “Yeahhhh”, Marci moaned, her pitch rising with her building cum. Steve rubbed his right index finger under his cock as he pounded her, their combined juices coating it. With that, he reached lower and slowly worked his finger into her ass.

“Ohhh….fuck yeah” she moaned loudly.

“This is new” Steve thought, her ass had always been strictly off-limits. “Cum for me *WOMAN*…cum for me” he commanded, his finger driving deeper into her ass.

 “Ohhh…Ohhhh…Ohh FUCKKKKK”, she shrieked. Macri felt as if a bomb had gone off in her head. She rolled from one massive orgasm...then a smaller one…until finally she just felt a buzzing over her whole body. She opened her eyes to find Steve smiling down at her.

“Its different when you let your self go, isn’t it”, he asked, stroking slowly. He picked up his pace, Marci was thrusting back now. “Where do you want it, *WOMAN*” repeating the line from the porno.

“In my mouth, on my face” Marci replied, just like in the movie.

“Here *WOMAN*, eat this” he moaned as he exploded in her face. A thick rope of cum shot across her face, a second covered her chin. She quickly engulfed the dripping head and sucked the remainder of his load into her mouth. When she was sure he was done, she pulled back, opened her mouth and displayed the mouthful she had captured and quickly swallowed. With that, she sucked and licked his cock until it began to soften. She loved the way he looked at her, his cum dripping from her face. She loved to be the focus of all his attention and energy. She knew then that she would do whatever it took to keep that focus.

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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Chapter 3 – A Road Less Taken

The sex that night was unbelievable for both of them. Steve was caught off-guard by her sudden change of heart, but he recovered quickly and really enjoyed the new, sexier Marci. Marci was just as surprised, and even more surprised by how much she got off on the whole scene. She had never come like that. In fact, before last night she didn’t consider herself multi-orgasmic. By her slightly-drunken count, she had cum 10 times. Her pussy was sore, her asshole swollen and tender to the touch…she wondered how the porno chicks could accommodate those monster pricks…she had only taken Steve’s finger…but then again, that was a first in itself. “Maybe you get used to it” she thought. She’d have to do a little research and see if there were tricks to it. Whatever she needed to do, she was willing. The ass thing had opened her eyes to a whole new kind of sexuality and she didn’t want to go back to the old ways.

Steve said very little that morning. He was occupied with work and seemed distracted. He did take a moment to thank her for last night. “That was awesome, Marci”, he said “I’ve never seen you like that before…and I liked it!” “You were more the woman I want you to be…but you could be so much more…if I can help you with this, let me know.”

“Steve, this is something I’ve got to figure out for myself” she replied, “I don’t know how I feel about all this…but I’ll do my best to make you happy.” Steve kissed her deeply…the way he did before their argument…and left for an appointment. He said he would be back around 6:00 and that they would go out for drinks later.

The first thing Marci did once Steve left was to go through the remainder of his favorite internet sites. She even found a file in his “documents” section labeled “Pics”. Sure enough, she found row after row of pictures…most blonde…all with big, obviously fake tits, tons of make-up, gaudy jewelry…some with augmented lips, piercings and tattoos…there were even a few pics of heavily made-up girls smoking cigarettes. That was a little strange, as Steve didn’t let on that he found that exciting. It was almost like looking at Savannah and her group, only farther to the extreme. She looked through his “secret” video drawer and found several porn DVD’s. “Sodomania 5…Ass Master…Latex…Gag Factor 5” she read to herself, “He’s definitely into the anal thing…that explains his reaction last night”. She found herself getting aroused again…but she had a lot to do. She’d have to look at the rest of the DVD’s when she got back.

Her first stop was the nail salon. She didn’t really know what she wanted, but she explained to the nail lady that she wanted something sexy for her boyfriend. The lady winked and said “We get that a lot…I know just what your man wants”. With that, she set about her work. One hour later, Marci was staring at her new nails. They were at least ½ inch past the end of her fingertips. The lady had suggested and “American” style, so the tips were white while the lower part of the nail was pearl colored. “Since this is for your man, let me fancy them up a bit” the lady continued. With that, she put a strip of tiny fake diamonds on each nail separating the white tip from the nail bed. The effect was subtle, but definitely different than anything she had seen on the beach or in the movie last night. After a few moments of study, she found she really like them.

On her way home she stopped at a convenience store. She wanted to buy cigarettes, but she had no idea what brand to ask for. She knew for certain she didn’t want any of the Marlboro’s that several of her friends at home smoked. She had tried those occasionally and found them harsh. She also thought the short, thick ones didn’t look as sexy as the longer, thinner ones. She stirred up her courage and walked into the store. “Shit, there must be 100’s of brands” she thought. Then her eye caught an add for Capri 120’s. The chick in the picture looked a little like her, and they looked longer and thinner…exactly what she was looking for! She grabbed 2 packs and quickly paid the cashier…only to quickly return for a lighter. She giggled at her inexperience. She hoped learning to smoke the things without throwing up or looking like a truck driver would be easier.

She opened a pack and extracted a cigarette. She was surprised just how long and how thin it was. She was also surprised how sexy it looked with her new nails. Steve would really like this…but she wanted to be a little more experienced before she sprang it on him. She remembered how the beach *WOMAN*s smoked….sexy and seductive…she’d have to practice a bit. Lighting the thing with her new nails took a little more effort than she expected…luckily, she wouldn’t be required to do anything more demanding than that for the next several weeks. The first few puffs were tough...her head was spinning a bit and she felt like she had a buzz, but she made it home without wrecking the car or burning herself. As she crushed out the cigarette in the parking lot she thought to herself “I can do this…I might even like it.”

She changed into her new, shiny black bikini. She had to admit, the thong made her ass look hot! She stuffed a little toilet paper into the top to make her tits look a little bigger.

“Maybe one day I’ll get a boob job like Steve wants…nothing too big…maybe just a big C-cup”, she thought.

She applied a little more make-up than usual and slipped the black choker around her neck. “The sales lady was right…it looks sexy as hell”, she thought. With that, she opened the sliding glass door to the deck, lit another cigarette and started “Sodomania 5”. From the look of it…most of the scenes in the movie were older than the one she watched last night…after a few scenes, she ejected it and put in “Ass Masters”. This one was much more recent…the chicks much more attractive and much more like the *WOMAN* she saw last night…she even recognized the big dicked actor for last night’s scene. She smoked 2 more cigarettes…”I’m starting to get the hang of this” she thought. Like last night, the movie really started to turn her on. She slid her thong down, grabbed her trusty vibe and brought herself to 2 strong orgasms…the second with her vibe 2 inches into her tender ass.  Once she had settled down, she freshened herself up and headed for the beach.

“Time for a little more research!”
It was Tuesday…the second day of Spring Break for most colleges…actually, the “Spring Break Season” would last a month or so…Marci was hoping she could use this time to perfect her new “attitude”, as she called it. Instead of the condo chairs that she had used yesterday…Steve’s dues to the association made these available to all residents all season…she decided to move closer to the hotel section of the beach…she wanted to get a better look at Savannah and her gang. They weren’t tough to find…the music could be heard far down the beach and the crowd around them was sizable. She noticed quite a few older men casually glancing down toward them. “Checkin’ out the young stuff” she thought. A chair opened up just a few steps down from Savannah’s group and Marci quickly set herself up. She popped a beer, put on her darkest sunglasses and began her study.

Savannah had unbraided her hair…and she had a ton of it…all bleached white…except for a pink stripe that started over one eyebrow and continued all the way to the middle of her shoulders.

“The only word for that is tacky.”

 A huge guy was sitting next to Savannah…so huge in fact he could only be a college football player, “I wonder if he’s big all over”, Marci thought to herself…then she reasoned that he probably was, or he wouldn’t be with a *WOMAN* like Savannah. As she watched, the beach *WOMAN* on the other side of the big guy ran her hand slowly up his leg and grabbed a large handful of cock through his shorts. “From the look of it, he’s as big as the stud in the movie” Marci thought.  As she watched in disbelief, the *WOMAN* opened his fly and extracted a huge cock. She stroked it a few times and then leaned over and began sucking him off…right there on a public beach…surrounded by hundreds of people. The big guy’s head was thrown back…clearly enjoying the wet mouth on his cock. Several people began yelling crude remarks once they noticed what was happening.

Savannah turned and said “let him go Staci…if the folks want a show…I’ll be the one to give them one”. With that she reached over and pulled the big prick from her friends mouth. She stroked it a few times…it was huge…and glistening with spit…she stood…turned to face the crowd…pulled her thong to the side and simply sat down on the huge tool. Her eyes bugged a little as the massive cock slid to the hilt, but she quickly settled and began a slow fuck…in front of a growing crowd.

“Fuck that cunt, Jimmy…fuck that cunt good” she said loudly.

Jimmy was doing all he could to do just that…pistoning his cock into her from behind.  Savannah paid him no attention…she was focused on the crowd and the reaction she was causing. The louder and more crude the cheers, the more excited she got. Jimmy was close to cumming as his moans became faster and faster.

“Don’t cum in me Jimmy….Hold on”, she said as she pulled off the cock and quickly dropped to her knees. She grabbed the cock and quickly sucked it down…almost to the balls. Jimmy grunted one last time and then roared as he came. Savannah took all he had, stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls…draining him. Finally, Jimmy relaxed and Savannah released his cock. She rose, turned around and opened her mouth to show the crowd the large wad of white cum she had collected. Once she was sure that everyone had seen it, she swallowed it all down in one gulp. Once done, she took a drag off the cigarette she had somehow held through the entire thing and grabbed a beer.

“You started it…you clean him up”, Savannah said to the other beach *WOMAN* as she walked to the water to the cheers of the crowd.

“She’s shameless…utterly shameless”, Marci thought. As perverted and degrading the act should have been, Marci found herself actually panting she was so turned on. As she looked around, she could see the total lust the men in the crowd had for Savannah. Every one of them was fantasizing about fucking her right there…and the really arousing thing was that they all knew that, if they played their cards right, they just might get the chance. Marci lit a cigarette and watched Savannah as she emerged from the water and rejoined her group. Her friend had finished cleaning up Big Jim and was dancing to the loud music.

“Dancing….more like stripping”, Marci thought.

Once she was done, Savannah sauntered over and kissed her deeply. This went on for several seconds, the girls squeezing each other’s big tits. The crowd roared once more…. More calls for “eat her pussy” and “fuck her” rang out. Savannah just smiled broadly and told the crowd “That’s enough for now, boys….better get back to your girlfriends…tough to sleep with blue balls, ya know?”

Marci decided she needed to cool down after the performance. She finished her second beer and took a quick dip in the cool ocean water. Several of Savannah’s friends had scattered, walking down the beach solo or in pairs. In every instance, a small throng of men paced the beach *WOMAN*s…keeping a safe distance, but watching…and lusting. Marci walked out of the surf and down the beach as well. Her new bathing suit did help gain her a few glances, but the hunger and the lust enjoyed by Savannah and her gang was clearly missing.

“They don’t think I’m sexy enough…I’m missing that something that separates the “good girls” from the ones everybody wants to fuck…I don’t look available enough…to draw their interest.”

The nails had definitely helped….so had the cigarettes…she had noticed several guys staring when she first arrived on the beach. But her actions were still forced…she was playing at being sexy…She needed something that would give her more “attitude”. She’d just have to figure out what that was.

Steve’s cell chirped around 5:15. “Hi Babe, what’s up?”

“Hi Stevie, are we still on for drinks over at Whale Tails…I’m out and about and getting’ a little thirsty.”

“Sure, Marci…I’ll be there at 6:00”

“Six it is, I’ll see ya then”. Marci was pleased he was coming out. She wanted to break the nails on him in a public place…she thought there would be less questions that way. She had practiced smoking all afternoon, but she didn’t know if she was ready for him to see that yet. She decided to take what was left of her first pack with her….just in case. She finished applying her glossy red lipstick and got out of the car to enter the bar. She wanted a few drinks in her before Steve got there.

Steve was late as usual. One drink turned into four by the time Steve’s car pulled into the lot. By that time, Marci had forgotten her concern over her lack of smoking experience and was puffing away as he walked in. She didn’t notice, her attention directed as it was to teasing the table of guys who had come in earlier. Steve saw her immediately. She had on a tight, black, short-sleeved crop top that left her taught belly and new, larger navel charm visible. She had on a matching black stretch mini…it rode up on her thighs and gave a great look at her long, toned legs. She had on her 3 inch wedge sandals that she wore most of the time now. None of that was particularly new for Marci…Steve had months ago convinced her to loosen up in her choice of clothing….but she looked great! Her make-up was much like the previous night….heavier than usual…and she had picked up some new lipstick…bright red…and quite wet from the look of it.

“And check out the nails!” Steve thought, “And she’s smoking…this is getting REAL good.”

Steve walked over quietly and sat down next to her. She jumped at his touch…and looked surprised as she turned to him. It was only then that she remembered that she was smoking…for a moment she thought of tossing the cigarette away…but from the smoldering look Steve was giving her, she figured he was pleased.

“Hi, Babe…you’re just full of surprises lately, aren’t you?”

“I…uh” Marci stammered…I thought you might like my nails a little longer”.

“They look fantastic….I didn’t know you smoked?”

“Well…I used to”, Marci lied, “and they helped me lose weight…with all the partying we’ve been doing down here…I…uh...”

“That’s fine, Babe…I don’t mind at all…in fact…I think it works with your new look”.

“You do?” Marci began to relax.

“I really like this effort your making…it turns me on that your doing things to make yourself sexier…like I said last night, I’ll do whatever you want to help you along.”

“Thanks Stevie…I didn’t know how you would feel about the cigarettes…you might think they made me look cheap or something.” Marci took another puff and slowly blew the smoke out through her wet lips.

“I guess they do a little bit”, Steve explained, “but that’s what gets me…the cigarettes, the nails…the make-up and the outfit…the jewelry…cheap?….maybe…*WOMAN*ty…probably…but look around…those college guys at the table you were flirting with when I came in…do you think they would have been drooling all over you if you had come in dressed like you would have several days ago? Do you think they would have been so infatuated with you without the extra effort you made? Do you think my cock would be straining at my zipper right now without all this?”

Marci looked over at the other table. Several of the guys were staring at her. “Just like the guys on the beach with Savannah and her friends…well…maybe not quite like that…but close.” She glanced back at Steve….he was staring at her with that same look.

“*WOMAN*ty, huh….how far would you want me to take this?” She felt her pussy getting wetter by the minute. She glanced down and her nipples were straining at the clingy fabric. She loved this new attention!

“As far as you want to go, Baby”, Steve answered. “I’ve always been hot for chicks who were comfortable with their sexuality….better yet, those that let go and expressed their inner desires….I like *WOMAN*ty chicks…all guys do…the might not want to take one home to Mom…but I’m not worried about that…you get into this, I’ll love it…and I’ll bang your brains out every fuckin’ night!”

“Well, Stud…why don’t we head for the house and you can do just that.” With that, Marci stood and slowly made her way to the gate. She glanced back at the college guys…they were all staring at her. She smiled and ran her tongue across her lips…the guys roared in approval. The whistles and cat calls continued as she made her way across the parking lot. Steve moved close and reached his hand behind her. He squeezed her ass and held on for a few seconds…causing another roar of approval from the crowd. “I think you’re gonna love being a *WOMAN*, babe…you’re a natural!”

Marci had never felt as sexy…as wanted…as she did that day….and she really liked it!

As they had driven separate cars to the bar, Steve suggested that they leave one. His real motivation was to keep Marci in this frame of mind for as long as possible. He couldn’t believe his luck…his beautiful, rather conservative girlfriend was considering becoming his walking wet dream!!!

Once in the car, Marci pulled out a cigarette. “Do you mind if I smoke in the car, Baby?
“Not at all….like I said, I think it’s hot as hell”

“All of this is so new to me”, Marci said, staring at the now glowing end of her cigarette. “How long have you wanted me to do this?”

“From the first night we met…I took one look at you and said…That could be my dream girl…if she’d only loosen up a bit.”

“From the first day we met, you’ve been trying to get me to change into a *WOMAN*?”, Marci giggled. She was obviously enjoying toying with Steve, his stiff cock clearly evident in his pants.

“No…I never dreamed that it would get to that. I focused on getting you to dress a little less conservatively…maybe wear a bit more make-up…why do you think I pushed so hard to cum in your face…I gotta admit, it’s hotter than hell…but I was hoping that by trying something that you’d never done before…something a little outrageous and *WOMAN*ty...that it would open you up to new ideas.”

Marci took a long drag off her cigarette and slowly exhaled. She could feel Steve’s eyes on her…she could feel the lust. She loved the control she now felt. Steve normally was a man of few words…but here he was…going on and on about how much he loved her new look…all the while, fighting a losing battle with the hard-on she had caused.

“Cigarettes, long nails and a little more make-up and it causes all this. What would happen if I really went for it…is this what Savannah and her gang feel every night they’re with a man…almost total control….basking in the heat of all this attention?” she thought to herself.

“When we get home, I want you to mix us a couple of drinks…strong ones…and then I want you to get out your favorite porno movie…the one that gets you the hottest and get it all set…then I want you to pull up your favorite pictures on the internet…I know they’re there…I saw some of them…I’m gonna go upstairs and freshen up…but when I come down, I want you to show me exactly what you like…what you fantasize about…what you want your dream girl to look like…who knows, maybe you might just get it!”

When they arrived, Marci quickly scampered upstairs…she wanted Steve to remain focused on gathering the information she needed…if he did that, she was willing to give him the prize he had been after for months….her ass! Since the movie and his finger the night before, Marci had convinced herself that she not only wanted to try anal…she NEEDED to do anal…she had become a bit consumed by the concept herself…and if her orgasms from just a few inches were any indication…an ass full of Steve’s cock should literally blow her mind! Plus…anal was SO dirty…so *WOMAN*ty…she felt if she could pull this off, maybe she really could be the *WOMAN* Steve wanted so bad.

She reapplied her sticky red lipstick, made her eye shadow a little darker and combed out her hair…she had to admit, with the addition of the nails and the cigarettes…she was beginning to look a little cheap…like a chick who would take it up the ass to get what she wanted…EXACTLY the way she wanted to look…she wasn’t happy with her tits…if she was going to play this game, she’d need bigger tits…but she’d have to make the best of it for the time being”.

She finished off the look with a pair of her new 5-inch heels. With that, she lit another cigarette…”how many was that…MY GOD”…she only had 2 left in her first pack…she’d smoked nearly an entire pack today…”maybe I really am cut out for this”, she thought.

Steve had done as she had asked. He had mixed a strong gin & tonic and was finishing loading their water pipe with pot…something he did only rarely. As Marci descended the stairs, Steve was waiting for her, drink in hand.

“Very nice” he said. He handed her the drink and hugged her around the waist, grinding his swollen cock against her belly. Instead of their normal kiss, Marci stuck her tongue out and swirled it around his. As they parted, she closed her painted lips around the tip of his tongue and lightly sucked.

“I don’t want to smear my lipstick all over your face…I’d rather smear it all over your cock.”

“ I think I like that better anyway…plus, I love the lipstick.”

Marci smiled and took a long drag off her cigarette. As she exhaled, she said, “I thought you would. Now Lover, show me what you really like.”

“Where would you like to start?”

“Maybe the pot first…it might help me understand this better…then, let’s start with the internet.”

Marci took several strong hits from the pipe. To her surprise, she didn’t cough at all. “Must be the cigarettes”, she thought.

She began to feel the warmth of the pot buzz spreading over her body almost immediately. She had forgotten to eat, she suddenly remembered, but she was surprisingly not hungry.

“I found a couple of pictures I think you’ll find interesting”, Steve said as he opened the file. “These are from a website I belong to…Erin’s Legscene…she doesn’t get totally nude or fuck in these pictures, but I think you’ll see a big change from the early ones to her latest batch. He opened the first to reveal a fairly attractive woman, decked out in tight clothes and thigh high boots with 5-inch heels. Her sandy blonde hair was similar to Marci’s shade and was cut slightly longer than her own. Her face was heavily made up, again, similar to Marci’s, but with false eyelashes and way too much rouge. Marci had seen several of her pictures when she browsed through Steve’s collection earlier. The pics showed her in various sexy poses, but quite frankly, Marci didn’t feel she pulled it off very well.

“Is that the look you like?”

“Just hold on a sec…as I said those were early on…now look at her latest set. Steve opened up a new picture and the change was incredible. Gone was the sandy blonde hair, replaced instead by a total platinum blonde color. The make-up was the same, heavy, and seemed to be more professionally applied. Her lips looked larger…more pouting…and her tits were obviously fake…round and hard…they looked fantastic. The next picture had the new and improved Erin dressed in high heels and stockings and smoking a long brown cigarette. Marci felt her heart flutter and her pussy begin to tingle. She really liked the new version of Erin…the long nails…the heavy make-up…the *WOMAN*ty clothes…that long brown cigarette…”She’d have to try those”, she told herself…the fake tits and lips…it was obvious that this chick had bought into the image totally and commited herself to it.

She reached over and stroked Steve’s hard cock through his slacks. “You want me to look like Erin, Baby?”

Steve moaned under her stroking. “You’re a lot prettier than Erin was to start. I think with similar changes, you’d blow her away.”

Marci gave his cock a hard squeeze. “OK Baby, what’s next?”

There were blowjob pictures, cumshots and fuck scenes…quite a few anal…about what she would have expected to find…but there were striking similarities…almost all the women were blonde…various shades…but most were obviously bleached almost white…all had large, fake tits…some ridiculously huge…but most were only slightly out of proportion to the rest of the bodies and hard and round. Apparently, the “natural” look several of her friends had achieved with their surgeries was not the goal here…overt fakeness seemed to the objective…several had their lips done as well and these were as nearly obvious as the tits. All sported long nails…again, some were ridiculously long…she didn’t think that look was particularly sexy. Most were pierced…navel and  tongue…and a few had their clit hoods pierced…just like the porn *WOMAN* in the movie she’d watched the night before and virtually all had some sort of tattoo. All were heavily made up and looked like they’d be willing to do anything.  If they had on any clothes at all, they were skin tight and barely covered anything. As he continued to flip through his collection, she noticed more smoking shots than she had originally seen…”That explains Steve’s reaction at the bar”, she thought. As he continued on, she began to notice other things…facial expressions…hair styles…most of the women were…or had started out…pretty…that surprised her a bit. These were not ugly skanks that had chosen this life out of necessity. Rather, most would have been quite attractive in normal life without all the surgery and make-up. “These pretty girls had chosen to become sex toys, bimbos, *WOMAN*s…whatever normal folks would call them…and apparently enjoyed their lifestyle from their expressions. All that coincided with what she had seen with Savannah and her gang on the beach. The last picture was of a busty blonde…Steve had said her name was Lovett…taking on 2 huge black guys…one in her pussy and one deep in her ass…Marci was stunned…she had never heard of anything like that…a DP Steve said. The look on her face was one of complete ecstasy…Marci couldn’t believe that a woman’s body could accommodate that much dick…as shocked as she was, she couldn’t help but notice the warm pool of fluid that had leaked from her pussy…these pictures were driving her crazy.

“Stevie Baby…I wanna suck your cock”, she slurred a little. The combination of the booze and the pot had really begun to hit her. Steve simply rolled his office chair back from the desk.

“Sure Marci…whatever you want…you still feeling *WOMAN*ty?”

“Oh fuck yeah”, she moaned as she slid his pants past his hip and slid her hand up his length. She squatted on her heels…none of the girls had been on their knees in the pictures…it was tough…but once down, she found herself fairly stable. She also noticed that the girls in the pictures had kept their knees spread wide while they sucked cock…some had even frigged themselves as they did. Marci rubbed her clit….the feeling was fantastic…far better than usual…and Steve seemed to like it when she just used her mouth.

Steve saw that she was frigging herself and moaned “Fuck, Marci…that’s hot as hell…make yourself cum”. With that, he took control of his cock with one had, the other grabbed a hand full of her hair. He began to slowly fuck her face.

At first, Marci struggled a bit…she wasn’t used to anyone holding her head or forcing a cock down her throat.

“Relax, Baby…just suck…I’ll do the just concentrate on making that pussy cum.”

At that, Marci did relax and Steve settled into a slow rhythm. She found that she liked being “used” like this…it was different than a typical blowjob…there, she controlled the tempo and the pressure…here, she was merely an object, a hole, that he was using to get himself off. Her pussy drooled at the thought…her own orgasm was fast approaching. She thought of the college boys at the bar. “What would they say if they could see her now…a big cock down her throat…a man fucking her face as she rubbed her own clit…desperate for a cum. She decided right then that they would be cheering…urging her on…to be more *WOMAN*ty…and lining up to be next.” She had never thought about more than one man at a time…and the thought thrilled her…how nasty that would be…and how fucking exciting it would be as well! She also thought that…if they were there right that minute…that she would gladly suck them all off…and that turned her on even more.

As Marci got closer and closer to cumming, her mouth continued to get hotter and wetter. She was usually very tidy when she blew him…never a drop of spit visible…that’s what had inspired the facial thing…to hopefully break her of her neatness…whatever the case, she was not neat now. As Steve pistoned his cock in and out of her mouth, her lipstick left a dark ring about 4 inches down his shaft. Occasionally, he’d force himself a little deeper, but she clearly was not ready for a deep throat yet. Despite that, she was drooling continuously as he fucked her mouth. A few long strands dripped to the floor, and as he pulled his cock from her mouth, several strands of spit connected them. Only as his cock left her mouth did Marci open her eyes and look up. From the wide open gaze, he was sure she was about to cum. “Show me what a *WOMAN* you are, Marci!”

With that command, her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth remained open. She remained like that for several seconds before she gasped for breath and began moaning deeply. “Ohhhhh Fuuuuuck”, she said, her eyes shifting back to his. Just as her orgasm subsided, Steve let loose a huge volley of cum. It splashed off the bridge of her nose and shot across her forehead. His second volley was better aimed and landed squarely in her mouth. He moved his cock to her lips and deposited the remainder of his load into her mouth. As this was happening, Marci’s own orgasm failed to fade, but rather, built in intensity to another shattering cum. Steve had stuffed his cock back into her mouth as he finished cumming. As she came again, Marci suckled is cock like a baby nursing at its mother’s tit. A full minute passed before his softening cock flopped from her mouth. Steve helped her to a standing position and led her to the couch. There she collapsed. He handed her a drink and she gulped down two large gulps.

“That was unbelievable, Baby”, Steve said as he retrieved his own drink and sat beside her.

“So good…sooooo good, Stevie”, Marci said as she lay back on the couch. “I’ve never cum like that…well, I sorta did last night…but not right on top of one another. “

“Like I told you last night…the more you let yourself go…the better it will be…for both of us.”

“You like controlling it like that…sorta fucking my mouth?”

“Yeah…yeah I do…but I’m not really controlling it…you’re letting me…giving me control of your body…yeah, I really like that….say, why don’t you go get yourself together and we’ll turn on the movie…if you like the pictures, you’ll really like this!”

“Sure Baby…give me about 20 minutes…you kinda messed my face up…but I’ll get it perfect for you…see ya in a bit.”

“Unbelievable”, Steve thought as he watched her ass sway up the stairs, “This just keeps getting better and better.”

Marci did her best to repair her make-up. The look she achieved was sexy enough, especially in the low light, but in the bright light of her make-up mirror, she looked like a hooker the morning after. Even as it was, she still thought she was prettier than most of the chicks in the pictures…and with the re-applied make-up, she looked nearly as cheap. She slipped out of her mini skirt and top. Both were streaked with cum, his and hers, as well as drool. She dug deep onto her underwear drawer and pulled out a black garter belt and stockings. She had packed them by mistake as she gathered her things for the trip down to the condo, but tonight, they would be perfect. She slipped the sheer stockings onto her legs and attached them to the garter…”Perfect”, she thought to herself. She slipped back into her heels. As she started to go back down stairs, she had another thought. She went back into the bathroom and found the KY jelly. With a smile on her face, she took a sizable amount and lubed her asshole. As her finger slipped in, she felt herself getting turned on again. Her pussy was already wet just from the mere thought of taking Steve up her ass. Once she was sure she had lubed herself as well as possible, she grabbed her trusty vibrator and her second pack of cigarettes and went downstairs.

“Fuckin’ A…you look great”, Steve said as she cleared the stairs. Her legs looked longer in the stockings and heels. The best part was, she looked like she’d been fucking all day!

Marci made her way over to the water pipe again and took several large hits. She handed Steve her empty glass..”Why don’t you make me another stiffy?”

“Sure Babe, coming right up.” As he turned to get the drinks, Marci sat on the leather sofa…leaned back…and kicked her legs up on the coffee table. She spread them wide before opening her second pack of cigarettes for the day and lighting up. Steve soon returned and was frozen by the sight as he rounded the couch. Marci lay back, her pussy literally glistening it was so wet, and seductively smoked another cigarette. With the fresh make-up and the stockings…he didn’t think he had ever seen anything as sexy as she was right then…maybe sexy wasn’t the word…she looked like the most fuckable woman in the world…and his cock, without pants to conceal it, quickly sprouted to attention.

“So you really like the stockings, eh?”

“The stockings…the face…the nails and cigarette…the heels…the wet cunt…I like it all”

“Cunt…that’s not a very nice word for my little pussy.”

“Well, that’s not a very nice little pussy anymore…look at it…look at you…you see anything “nice”?” “To me, that looks like one *WOMAN*ty, sexy, wet cunt…and it’s driving me crazy.”

“She’d have to get used to that as well…that had always been one word she’d never used…or allowed anyone to use around her”, she thought, “but fuck, everything else is changing…why not my cunt…and it does sound so nasty.”

“Well, let’s get that movie started and maybe you can try this cunt out all you want.”

“Deal!” Steve said as he grabbed the remote and slid beside her, careful not to cause her to close her legs. He reached over and rubbed her clit lightly. It was swollen and red…easy to find.

“MMmmmm” Marci hummed as she exhaled a tight stream of smoke. “What’s the name of this and who’s in it?”

“It’s called Motel *WOMAN*s…it’s a compilation of a lot of different movies…but it’s got some of the biggest stars out there…Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Nici Sterling, Nicole Sheridan, Brianna Banks…but I think you’ll like their outfits…and the sex is fuckin’ hot!”

The movie started Jill Kelly putting on her make-up. That went on for some time…with her look getting *WOMAN*tier by the moment…until there was a knock at the door. Jill slowly walked to the door. She was wearing stockings…much like the ones Marci had on….even the heels were similar. The scene progressed through cock sucking and regular fucking…with Jill talking dirty the entire time. It was when the anal scene began that Marci began to squirm.

“Stevie…take my vibe and see if you can work it up my ass…go slow…I’m still a little sore from last night…I only took a finger last night and it felt great…I wanna see if I can take my vibe…If I can…maybe you can finally get that buttfuck you’ve wanted for so long.”

Steve quickly positioned himself between her spread legs…careful not to block the TV. As he looked up at her, Marci’s eyes were glued to set where Jill was taking a monster cock up the ass…she wasn’t paying him any attention at all. Only then did he discover that she had lubed her ass before coming down. That discovery drove him wild. He turned on the vibe and slid it across her clit…he held it there as he worked his index finger slowly up her butt. With the lube, there was little resistance…and from the look on Marci’s face…no pain at all. Steve stayed with the one finger and the vibe until Marci shook to a strong orgasm…he had timed it so she came just as the porno stud whipped his cock from Jill’s ass and sprayed her face.

As the second scene started….Nici Sterling and two guys…Steve slid the vibe deeply into her wet cunt and set the speed to medium. Marci moaned occasionally…her eyes still locked on the screen. With that in place, he began working two fingers up her ass. She flinched as the second knuckle slipped inside her and jerked a few times as he began to massage the inner walls of her rectum…but she didn’t say a word and didn’t give any sign of wanting him to stop. After a few minutes, Nici began sucking one stud while being pounded from behind by the other. At this, Marci began to moan and began humping her ass against his fingers…driving them deeper. He thought of trying a third finger, but decided against it…the vibe was only an inch or so wide…he had already spread her wider than that with two fingers. As Nici began her DP, Steve slid the vibe from her cunt and positioned it at her ass.

“You ready Babe?”

“Ohhh yeah, Baby…I wanna feel it…in my ass.”

Steve leaned forward and began sucking on her swollen clit as he began slowly sliding the vibe up her lubed shoot. She moaned and flinched again…and her teeth pulled back once in apparent pain…but again, she didn’t ask him to stop. When he was halfway in, he flipped the vibe on and set it to medium. That seemed to flip a switch in Marci. Again, she began to moan and hump against the vibe. The vibe didn’t get any wider, so she was stretched as far as was needed…so he applied a little more pressure and the rest of the 6 inch vibe slid home. When it was all the way in, he gave her clit one more suck and turned the vibe to high. Marci’s body convulsed and she immediately began to cum…and cum hard.

To Marci, it felt if a bomb had gone off in her head. She convulsed and spasmed in ways she had never felt before. When it finally subsided, Steve slid the vibe from her ass and gave her clit another lick. A pool of juice had formed under her ass from the orgasm.

Marci sighed heavily as the vibe slid from her ass. The orgasm had been different than anything she’d ever experienced. The fingers had merely been a suggestion of the amazing pleasure deep penetration would bring. It had hurt some, but the payoff was definitely worth it. “Fuck that felt so good”, Marci said as she ran her fingers across her asshole. “It felt like nothing else I’ve ever tried.”

“That’s what I’ve heard…in fact, people tell me that once a woman takes it up the ass…that it changes her…opens her up to all sorts of things…kinda like breaking the last taboo.”

“I imagine it would”, Marci said as she leaned forward and gave his cock a deep suck. “You wanna try and open me up?’

“Absolutely…get yourself together and let me grab the KY…I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Ok…but don’t worry about hurting me…if I can feel like that again, a little pain is worth it”

Steve ran up stairs and was quickly back. Marci was rubbing the humming vibe across her clit as he neared. “You getting sore at all?”

“No Baby…not at all…and it’s like I can keep cumming forever.”

“Here, suck it real good…then lube it up for me.”

“Sure Stud…whatever you want…mouth, cunt, ass…it’s all yours.” She said as she engulfed his cock. In only a few seconds, her sticky red lips had made him hard as a rock. She continued for another minute or so before she pulled back and began lubing him up.

“How do you want me?” she asked, wondering about which position would be easiest.

Just lay back. I wanna fuck your cunt first…get it good and wet…then your ass…I wanna see your face when I’m all the way inside you.”

“Whatever, Baby…just fuck me!”

He positioned his body so she could still see the screen. Brianna Banks was dressed in a tight lycra mini-dress and was smoking a long brown cigarette as she teased a porn stud. For some reason, Marci made a mental note…*WOMAN*s and brown cigarettes…it was still rolling around her head as Steve slid his entire length into her sopping cunt.

She was absolutely drenched. Steve had never felt a pussy that wet…so wet in fact, it almost felt loose. Marci moaned and humped back, but her eyes never left the screen where Brianna had finished her smoke and was deep throating a 10-inch prick.

“You w-w-want me t-to lean to d-do that, Baby?” Marci asked as he fucked her.

“Deep throat…absolutely…every good *WOMAN* knows how to deep throat…it just takes practice.”

“I wanna learn.”, Marci said panting.

“Great…but now I wanna teach you how to take it in the ass.” Steve said as he slid out of her pussy. The lips hung open and drooled clear liquid. He reached down and scooped up some of the juice. He spread it across her asshole and pushed a finger deep. She was still lubed…and much looser than the first time he fingered her.”

He leaned forward and put the head of his prick against her puckerd hole. Marci’s eyes darted back and forth…from Brianna’s doggie style fucking to Steve’s face. Most of her wet lipstick was still there…and splayed out as she was across the couch…she was the picture of pure lust. Steve began to push forward. Marci’s lips pulled back in a grimace as the thick head stretched her hole even farther than his fingers. Marci saw stars as the pain grew until finally, the big head popped in and her ass clamped around his shaft.

“Ohhh Fuck…that hurt.” Marci said. Steve reached over and grabbed the vibe.

“Here, hold that on your clit…it’ll help.”

Marci quickly did and the added stimulation did help.

Now that he was in, Steve grabbed both her ankles and held them out wide, completely opening her and giving him a perfect driving angle. He began slowly, barely moving at first to let her get used to the size…then gently pushing more and more cock up her ass. Marci’s eyes darted over to the screen where Brianna was taking the huge cock up her own ass…with very little trouble.

“W-w-will I e-ever be able to do t-that…t-that easy?”, Marci moaned.

“She’s a pro Baby…she probably gets fucked in the ass every day…and when she doesn’t she probably wears a butt plug to keep it stretched out. He was half way in now and began gently thrusting in and out. “It’s all about commitment.”

“W-will y-you get me a butt plug?” Her face contorted in another grimace.

“I could, Baby…but I think you need to buy your own sex toys…I’ll show you where you can order them…or there is a place just down the street.” Her ass had begun to loosen and he pushed another inch into her. “Just another couple of inches baby…I can’t believe I’m fucking your ass!”

Marci’s orgasm was beginning to build. As she looked over, Brianna pulled the huge cock from her ass and immediately popped it into her mouth. Her tongue stud could be seen as she cleaned her ass juice off the dick. “I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.”, she thought as Steve pushed the remainder of his cock into her. She could feel his balls touching the base of her ass. “A-are you all the way, Baby?”


“Fuck may ass Stevie…fuck it!”, Marci wailed as her first real anal orgasm rushed over her. As she came, her asshole seemed to loosen its grip and Steve began to move a little faster. By the time she had come down from cumming, he was pulling back till only the head remained, then quickly driving to the hilt. It didn’t take long, soon he was building up…this was gonna be a huge cumshot…his balls felt like they were bursting.” “Where do you want me to cum?”

“Just this time, Baby…cum in my ass…I wanna feel you shoot up my ass.”


Marci looked him in the eye as she felt his cock expand…then pulse as he shot his huge load in her butt. Another small orgasm rushed over her as she felt his cock continue to pulse…until finally it stopped and she felt it begin to shrink. They stared at each other for another minute until his shrinking cock popped from her ass with a spurt of white cum. Steve leaned in to kiss her. Again, Marci stuck her tongue out to twirl against his.

Marci reached down and plugged her asshole with her finger, careful not to scratch herself with her long nails. “I don’t wanna ruin the couch!”

She moved over to the marble floor in the kitchen and squatted down on her heels. When she removed her finger, Steve’s cum and a little blood slowly dripped out of her, forming a pool between her legs.

As she squatted there, she though of what had occurred in the last few hours…she’d had her mouth, her pussy…no…her cunt and ass fucked. She’s swallowed a bunch of cum and had the rest blasted in her face and now she’d taken a huge load up her ass…only to squat and let it drip out on the kitchen floor….”maybe Steve’s right…maybe I am a natural!” “Whatever, she thought…I sure could use a cigarette right now!”


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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Chapter 4 – Coming to Grips

Marci woke up around noon. Steve had left for work much earlier, but he left a sweet note telling her how much he enjoyed last night and that how much it meant to him that she chose him to take her anal cherry. He also left a few sex toy websites as well as the address of an adult bookstore that carried much of the same stuff. As Marci made her way to the bathroom, she was immediately aware of how sore her ass was. It felt like it was on fire.

“If I’m gonna do that, I’ve gotta find a way to loosen up more. She loved the feeling…and the orgasms were unbelievable…but she couldn’t take the pain…getting started and the morning after.

She was surprised to find herself wanting a cigarette. “That’s something I obviously have a tendency towards”…she wasn’t addicted to nicotine yet, she figured…but she definitely had become attached to the taste…and, as she had found out recently…she had a bit of an oral fixation.
She got herself showered and dressed…she didn’t like anything in her closet…she felt new, sexy and nasty after last night…and nothing she had really looked that way. She settled on her black bikini top and a short mini skirt. She thought about her new 5-inch heels, but decided that she wasn’t ready to go that far quite yet. She settled for her wedge sandals. Her make-up was a little heavier than usual, but not outlandish. “I’m not a beach *WOMAN* yet…but I’m getting there.”

When she got outside, she realized that they had left her car at the bar. Luckily, one of her neighbors…Jim Thomas…happened by and agreed to take her to her car. She and Steve had gone out a few time with Jim and his wife…they were nice, if not particularly interesting folks…he was a contractor and she was a schoolteacher. On the way to Whale Tails, she couldn’t help but notice the lingering looks Jim gave her as her drove. One glance over confirmed her suspicion. Jim was sporting an impressive boner under his conservative khakis. “I wonder if he’s ever fucked his wife in the ass?”, she thought….no, probably not…she just couldn’t see little miss schoolteacher in high heels and lipstick with a hard cock up her ass.” Her loss.”

Jim dropped her off and after a bit-too-long stare, he drove away. Marci made a mental note that if she ever needed anything that Jim would come running to get another close look. She stopped at a convenience store for cigarettes. At this rate, she’d have to start buying them by the carton soon. She asked the girl behind the counter about the brown cigarettes. The girls said they were More 120’s and that they were a little stronger than the Capri’s she had been smoking. Marci thought about it and bought a pack of both. She couldn’t get the image of “What was her name….Brianna…Brianna Banks…that it”. She couldn’t get the image of her smoking that long brown cigarette in that tight lycra dress. Of course, Brianna had huge porn star tits and a pierced tongue…”she’d have to think about that too…one of her friends back home had that done and apparently like it…and it did look rather nasty.”

Next, Marci stopped at a “Rock & Roll” store she had noticed. It catered to a younger crowd normally…but it also mentioned erotic dancewear. Marci figured that if they sold to strippers, maybe they’d have something she’d like. As it turned out, they had all that and more. Marci bought several outfits including a tight red lycra minidress that clung to every curve, a deep blue one that was shorter and made of a shiny, almost rubbery feeling material, a couple pair of fishnet stockings and a wicked fishnet bodysuit. The sales girl that helped her was dressed in a shiny black mini with a nearly see through halter top that stopped just under her smallish tits. She explained that she wasn’t into the *WOMAN*ty look as much as the gothic. That explained the pierced eyebrow and tongue and the shiny black combat boots. She had several tattoos and recommended that if Marci ever wanted to try one, she should come in and get a henna tattoo first to see if she liked it. If she did, they had a skilled tattoo artist and piercer on staff that would be happy to help her. She said her nickname was Vamp, and that if she came back, she should ask for her. Marci couldn’t help but notice that Vamp had been checking her out closely as she tried on the various outfits. “Does this look attract women as well?”

Now equipped with a better selection of clothes, Marci thought she’d head to the beach. Maybe she could find Savannah and her friends and study them a bit more. She was on her way back when she passed the adult bookstore Steve had mentioned. She had heard bad stories about these places, but this one looked clean and it appeared that no one else was there. She thought about it…and the pain in her ass…and quickly turned the car around.

When she entered the store, she found she was not alone, obviously there was parking in the rear…but she was pleased to find several women browsing among the men. As she gazed around, she was blown away by the images she saw…huge cocks…wet pussies…assholes…everything she could imagine and more. She turned to the first section to her right…it was labeled “Fetish/Specialty”…and it contained all types of bondage and S&M videos, “No use for those”, she told herself. Below those, she saw several about high heels, thigh boots, rubber dresses and even one about cigarette smoking. “If they have movies made about it, it can’t be that extreme…can it?”

She moved on through the “Lesbian” section, the “Amateur” section and the “Interracial” section…she found herself in awe of the massive cocks on some of the black studs pictured. She also found herself beginning to get turned on. One guy in particular caught her eye…”Lexington Steel…not a bad looking guy…Good God what a cock!”, Marci thought. She’d definitely have to rent that one. She browsed the “Oral Sex” section and took in the sight of 100’s of cocks spurting into various mouths and across various faces. “Steve seems pretty mainstream with his love of facials”, she thought. She continued on until she found the “Featured Stars” section. After a minute she found Brianna Banks’ movies. “Total *WOMAN*” had Brianna on the cover smoking another of the brown cigarettes….a More…She grabbed that one to. She made her way over to the sex toy section and quickly found the butt plug she was looking for…she also found a larger vibe…closer to 10-inches long and fatter than the one at home. “I might as well stretch both holes while I’m at it.”

As she made her way to the counter, she noticed several of the guys were staring quite boldly at her. They had the same look in their eye as Steve and the college guys had last night. “They’re all thinking about fucking me….right here…right now.” She felt herself flush…a little from embarrassment…but more from the rush of being lusted after. She paid for her stuff and left the shop…but not before picking up a huge black dildo and running her hand up the shaft. She winked at the nearest gawker and quickly left.

When she got in the car her panties were soaked. She was so turned on that she drove like a wild woman back to the condo and sprinted up the stairs. She felt that if she didn’t get relief soon, she blow up.

She quickly found the DD batteries her new vibe required and ran upstairs for the KY…she was still sore and wanted a lot of lube. With that, she poured herself a straight shot of tequila…tossed it back and slipped the new Lexington Steel video into the player. She fast forwarded through the credits and the adds for phone sex until the start of the actual movie. Lex appeared…she’d never dated black guys…never considered them particularly sexy…but this guy had an aura about him that was magnetic…probably due to the fact he had a 12-inch cock. The first scene was Lex and a cute blonde named Kristi Mist. Kristi was about Marci’s age and size…she didn’t have the big porno tits yet…Marci found herself picturing Kristi with set big, hard, round tits on her smallish frame…she’d look “made for sex”, she thought. “If you’re gonna be in that business or live that lifestyle…why not go all the way”, she wondered.

Apparently, Lex wasn’t a tit man…instead he focused on her ass. This he rubbed and stroked and fingered. It was only after they started fucking that Marci understood why. “There is no way he can get ¾ of that monster in her cunt…That word was still a little alien to her…but she still thought is was nasty…but as she saw as the movie wore on…Kristi could take all 12 inches up her ass…and apparently liked the way it felt. As she watched, Marci had worked the big 10-inch vibe up her own cunt…it throbbed steadily and strongly inside her…she couldn’t get the whole thing inside her…but she loved the feeling of being filled. She looked over and saw her trusty 6-incher lying where it had fallen after their session last night. She carefully reached over and grabbed it. She turned it to medium and rubbed it across her clit. As she watched Kristi get pounded up the ass by big Lex, Marci steadily built up to a soaring orgasm. Afterwards, she reflected on it and decided that, while satisfying…it was no where near the intensity of the orgasms she’d had last night…not as strong as when Steve came in her face…and not nearly as strong as her anal orgasm.

Finally, Lex whipped his monster cock out of Kristi’s ass and blasted her face…after which Kristi worshipfully cleaned his big Johnson with her lips and tongue. “That is soooo nasty…it literally must taste like shit.”, she thought. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get to that point”, she said to herself, “But I wonder what a foot of cock feels like up your ass?”

Marci lubed her sore butt and the butt plug liberally. She was convinced that something in her ass would relieve the dull ache she’d experienced all day. The plug was 3 inches long…tapered from the tip to about and inch and ½ at its widest. She reached behind her butt to guide the plug in. Right from the start she was in serious pain. Luckily, she hadn’t had to poop today…she’d eaten so little she figured she probably wouldn’t need to. She nearly chickened out as she neared the widest point…but with a gasp, she pushed hard and the plug popped in snugly. The base was flared in a T which, when turned to the right position would allow her to walk normally…normally, that is with a 3-inch butt plug shoved up your ass. As she glanced at the screen, Lex was having his monster cock sucked by a wicked looking blonde…”Were all pornstars blonde?” she wondered. The only brunette she’d seen was the Nici chick she’d watched last night. She had to admit, the nearly white blonde hair looked great bobbing in Lex’s lap.

Marci stood and took a few slow steps…while a little awkward, she found she could move pretty normally with the plug in. As she moved a little more, she found herself getting more and more turned on by the feeling…the fullness…the nastiness of having the plug in. She thought about it and decided she try and keep it in all day…especially out on the beach…a few guys staring at her and the warm sun…along with the plug might be enough to get her off all by itself. “I’ll have to wear a full back bottom, though. The plug would be seen if she wore her thong….”That would get somebody’s attention for sure.”

She loaded up the water pipe and took 4 large hits. She usually didn’t smoke a lot of pot, but she found it had really relaxed her last night and allowed her to get into “the mood” much quicker. She got dressed, fixed her make-up, grabbed her cigarettes…she thought she’d try the Mores today…and headed for the beach.

By the time she got to the beach and got her chair all set, she found herself seriously stoned and seriously turned on. A quick check confirmed that her pussy…cunt…was soaked…and so was her bikini bottoms…”Luckily they’re black” she thought to herself. She opened her fresh pack and pulled out one of the long brown cigarettes. It looked completely different than her Capri’s…same length…but the color made it appear even longer. In fact, it looked different than any cigarette she’d ever seen. “Women that smoke these are definitely looking for attention”, she thought as she lit up. The first puff was stronger, but not overly so…and she liked the taste. She also loved the way it looked in her long-nailed hand. “Steve is gonna love these!”

The next week settled into a routine. Marci would wake up, hit the beach for tanning and study of the hottest chicks on the beach, watch porn for a few hours as she masturbated…she was up to 4-5 orgasms a day, meeting Steve out for drinks and teasing only to rush home for intense fuck sessions. She had worn all her new, sexy outfits for him. He especially liked the “latex dress”…the blue one…and she had finally worked up her courage and worn her 5-inch platform heels out several times…the sandals and her other heels just didn’t look right with her new, sexier clothes. The looks she received in her new outfits were amazing. While she’d gotten the college boys at Whale Tails fired up with just a little the basics, she now was getting used to stopping all conversation when she entered a bar. The looks were sizzling and she’d been approach several times for dates or phone numbers while she waited for Steve to arrive. The sex seemed to intensify the sexier she dressed or acted. With daily use of the butt plug and Steve’s patience, she’d finally been able to take him up her ass with almost no pain. She’d even secretly begun using the big 10-inch vibe to stretch her ass even more. When she wasn’t fucking, she smoked heavily…she was up to nearly a full pack a day…and she had switched almost entirely to the long, brown Mores. She also got high every day now…most days at least twice. As the week ended, Marci found herself thinking more and more about what she would need to do to take this to the next level. As it turned out, her answer came from an unexpected source.

As usual, Marci was out on the beach. It was a Tuesday…early afternoon…and the crowd had only now started to build. As she had done for the last week, she had found Savannah and her group and situated herself so that she could observe the goings on. She didn’t see Savannah, but was caught up in watching two of the beach *WOMAN*s cavorting on their towels. One, a small chick with obviously fake red hair was going down on one of the blondes. A small crowd had gathered and Marci was so absorbed in the goings on that she didn’t notice Savannah until her shadow entered Marci’s field of vision.

“You like the show” Savannah asked…her voice was lower than the stage voice she had used in the contest.

 “Wha…I..uh….I mean..” Marci stammered.

“It’s OK” Savannah said, “mind if I sit down for a minute?”
“Why…uh…no, please have a seat”, Marci said as she cleared her cooler and beach bag from the next chair.

“I noticed you watching” Savannah said, “in fact, I think you were watching for the last several days too, weren’t you?”

“No..I mean…well, yes…I mean, it’s hard not to watch something as outrageous as…”

“A lot of folks watch….but you liked it, didn’t you?” Savannah asked, “kinda got you a little hot and bothered, didn’t it?”

“NO…it didn’t…I was just shocked that someone could act that …that…s-*WOMAN*ty..”

“But that’s the point, isn’t it” Savannah asked, “Can I bum a cigarette?”

“Wha...uh...sure, here” Marci said, handing her the pack. Savannah drew a long brown one from the pack and Marci offered her a light.

“Mores, huh…I think their sexy as hell…don’t you?”

“I..uh…yeah…yeah I do.”

“Nice nails…especially for someone who doesn’t like things *WOMAN*ty and outrageous…bet your man likes those…especially wrapped around his cock”, Savannah said, she was teasing Marci now.

Marci was silent for several seconds before she giggled…much to her surprise. “I just got them a week ago…I’m tryin’ to change my look…be a little..uh…less conservative I guess…I thought I could learn a few things watching you girls”.
“We’ve all been there…me and my girls…I guess you figured out were not college girls”, Savannah explained “we strip in Atlanta…a place called the Cheetah…pretty nice actually…we all come down to spring break to party, fuck and maybe meet a good looking medical student or two.” “As far as the nail thing goes, that’s usually the first step…then maybe a piercing…I see you’ve already got one of those…but chicks usually try those out…maybe a little more make-up…just to see if they can pull the look off…if they like it…but you can always tell the ones who are trying the look on for size.”

“You can?” Marci asked.

“Sure…you got all the toys…the easy ones anyway…but your not comfortable with yourself…your still fighting it inside…all that programming when you were a little girl about how you should act and what you should do. You’re probably trying to dress a little *WOMAN*tier…maybe trying a couple of things in bed you’ve never done before.” Savannah could see the confirmation in Marci’s face. “The biggest decision you will have to make is if this whole thing is for play or if it is going to be a lifestyle. For me, obviously, it a lifestyle…or an obsession…depends on the pshrink you talk to.”

“Steve had been pushing for me to loosen up. I resisted…I didn’t want him to think I was a tramp…but then I realized that I really didn’t care what other people thought…negatively I mean. I wanted him…and other guys to look at me the way guys look at you.” Marci explained, “I wanted to feel that lust…that hunger…do you know what I mean.”

“Sure I do”, Savannah answered “that’s why we look the way we do and act the way we do…to make cocks hard…make men want to fuck us more than anything…want to fuck us despite their wives or children or their careers…that’s the sexiest thing on earth…and it’s a drug…stronger than any of the drugs I take…that’s what I crave and who I am…if you call that a *WOMAN*…then I’m a *WOMAN*…and damn proud of it.”

“I used to think that word was so bad…that no girl in her right mind would want people to think she was a *WOMAN*…now…now I just don’t know. This is all deeper than I thought it would be.” Marci said. For some reason she felt she could be completely open with this women she had never met before. 

“Nah…that’s the fun part…you never know what’s next or how far it will take you” Savannah said, “Tell you what…why don’t you come on over with me…I’ll introduce you to the girls…you’ll have a blast…and maybe learn a thing or two about all this….hey, what’s your name?” Savannah took a long drag off her cigarette…she was so sensual…the way she smoked…it was almost like she was sucking a little cock.

When Marci realized she was staring, she dropped her eyes and stuttered “Marci…Marci Jon..”  Savannah interrupted.

“Marci…already got a stage name…forget the last name stuff…wouldn’t want to know you were teaching kindergarten 10 years from now. You like to get high?

“I…uh…well yeah…I do.”

“Cool, come on over…we got some stuff you’ll really like. I’ll introduce you to the gang.”
Steve arrived home earlier than he planned. He called Marci’s name several time and figured she was at the beach. He drank a beer and grabbed his binoculars…he scanned the beach to no avail. He went down to see if he could find her. Soon he was approaching the hotel section where…to s surprise, he recognized Marci in a large group…and what a group…it looked like a stripper convention…Marci stood out only because she looked so normal among the heavily modified women. She hadn’t noticed him, engaged as she was with an outrageous blonde babe with a pink stripe in her hair. She was nodding and laughing…and drinking and smoking….and as he watched, apparently taking a pill or something the blonde handed her.  There was a lot of touching and rubbing between them. The blonde reached up and squeezed Marci’s right tit. As he watched, Marci raised her own hand and felt the blonde’s huge tit as well. It appeared at first they were comparing…but as he continued to watch…the blonde leaned in and kissed Marci…gently at first…then she snaked out a long tongue…to Steve’s surprise, Marci opened her mouth and soon the two were tongue kissing for all they were worth. After the kiss broke up, the blonde said something to the rest of the crowd…the cheered…and the blonde grabbed Marci’s hand and led he back to their motel room.

Steve knew all about Marci’s short fling with one of her girlfriends…she said she liked the companionship, but couldn’t get comfortable with the sexual side of it. From the look of Marci and her new blonde friend, holding hands as they went back to her room…it appeared she was going to get another opportunity to get comfortable. Steve found he had a raging hard on. The last week or so, he’d had the best sex of his life. Marci was becoming his fantasy girl…

Steve heard a thud and a giggle outside the condo door several hours later. It had been dark for nearly an hour and he had begun to worry about Marci. He opened the door to find her, cigarette in hand with a strange look on her face.

“Hey Honey….I’m home” she slurred.

“So it appears…good time at the beach?”

“Awesome…I met some cool girls at the beach… and we partied…had a blast.”

“Well come on in…get out of the doorway…do you want a drink?”

“Sure…I want a cocktail…cock…tail”, she giggled “a cock in my tail!”

“Nice…I like your style…why don’t you change out of your suit and I’ll get you a drink.”

“OK Stevie…I’ll be right back”

Steve noticed she nearly stumbled up the stairs…and that was barefooted…he couldn’t imagine that she’d make it down again if she tried it in her platforms. But sure enough, as her poured her drink, he could hear the distinctive sound of high heels as she tromped around the bedroom changing. He made the gin & tonic fairly weak, as it appeared that she was already pretty drunk. He wanted to keep her conscious long enough to fuck her before she passed out. Several minutes passed without a sound. And Steve began to wonder that he’d missed his opportunity when he heard the heels again, then the sound of Marci struggling down the stairs. She’d stripped down completely….all she had on was her black, 5-inch platforms, some fresh lipstick and a smile. He couldn’t imagine what had taken so long, but whatever the case, she looked completely fuckable.

“So, how are you feeling, party girl?”

“I’m rockin, Baby…Savannah gave me a little pill…an exstacy…and I feel great!”, she said, moving unsteadily toward him.

“Is that all, Babe…I don’t think that’s supposed to fuck you up…just make you horny and happy.”

Marci took her drink and tossed it back in one gulp. “Fuck no….they had really cool stuff…they had this really strong pot…and a bunch of tequila…it was awesome!”

“So you partied with these folks on the beach?”

“Yeah...and then Savannah took me back to her room.” As she said this, she squatted down and began unzipping his pants. “ I wanna suck your cock, baby…real bad.”

“Alright *WOMAN*, suck it…but first, tell me what you and Savannah did in her room.”

Marci ran her hands up and down his quickly expanding shaft. She stuck her tongue between his balls and drug her lips up the length of his cock. She stroked him a few timed with her long nailed hands.

“We got really fucked up…and…and…we fucked…I mean…she….I…we fucked”, Marci stopped her stroking and looked into his eyes. “We ate each other’s cunts…and stuff…is…is…is that OK…I mean…are you mad, Stevie…I thought…I.” Marci’s eyes began to tear. She had just realized that she had fucked somebody other than Steve…and suddenly, she was very afraid. “I’m so sorry, B-baby…I’m so sorry…I won’t ever do that again.” She began kissing his cock all over, leaving red lipstick smears all down his length. She kept mumbling “so sorry” as she did.

Steve reached down and grabbed a wad of her sandy blonde hair and pulled her face up to look at him. There was terror in her eyes.

“Marci, Baby…calm down…calm down…it’s OK you fucked Savannah…I think it’s nasty as hell!” Marci’s fear began to fade and she began to stroke his cock again. “You are one nasty *WOMAN*, aren’t you…if you can’t find a cock, you’ll just go out and find a pussy, huh?”

“Oh, Baby…I was so worried…worried that you…you’d.” Steve grabbed his cock and began slapping her across the face with it gently. Marci quickly focused on the cock and began licking the shaft each time he slapped her with it. She was moaning with each slap, and Steve noticed her hands sneaking down to rub her clit.

“What else did Savannah and you do, *WOMAN*?”

“She…she…she licked my ass…it felt so good…I licked hers too…and she fucked my ass with a big, black dildo…I came so hard….over and over…and then she made me fuck her ass with it too…it just slid up her ass so easy…she’s a much better *WOMAN* than I am…she’s so sexy…nasty…”, Marci closed her eyes, obviously remembering how Savannah’s tongue felt on her clit.

Steve positioned her head and rubbed his cock against her wet lips. Marci immediately opened wide and allowed him to shove it to the back of her throat. She gagged once, only a slight gag, and he settled into a nice, slow rhythm. She was getting much better at taking him deeper and deeper…and tonight, it seemed she could take nearly 6 inches, much better than normal.  While all this was going on, her hand was a blur on her clit. She was moaning deeply. It was obvious that she’d cum any time now.

“Since everybody gets to use your cunt now, I think I’m just gonna use your mouth and ass…what do you think about that, *WOMAN*?”

Marci’s eyes flew open wide. The thought of her cunt being so nasty that he’d only use her mouth or ass pushed Marci over the edge. Here eyes rolled back and her jaw slackened. Steve pulled his cock out and her mouth hung open. She made no sound for several seconds…she’d started doing this every time when she had one of her monster orgasms. Finally, her eyes refocused…locked with his…and she began a low, deep moan. Her mouth remained open and she began drooling out of one side. She came for nearly half a minute before she began to relax. Two puddles…one of juice that had drooled from her cunt and another, of spit that had drooled from her mouth formed between her legs.

Steve reached over with his free hand and opened the desk drawer. They’d left the KY there last night.

“Suck my cock…get it good and wet…then lube it for your ass…I’ll leave that nasty cunt for other folks.”

“Yes, Baby…too nasty…too nasty” she chanted softly as she sucked him. After a moment, she lubed him up. “You…you wanna unplug me?”

“Yeah, Bitch…lean over the chair.”

As she did, he noticed that the plug in her ass was bright pink…the one she had been wearing for the past week or so was green. “Where’d you get this plug, *WOMAN*?”

“Savannah….she said my other plug was too small…that if I r-really wanted t-to be good at…at…a-ass fucking…I needed a bigger plug.”

“I like this Savannah…you should listen to her.”

Steve began working the plug from her ass. It was obviously larger than her original one…but when the 2 inch wide plug popped from her hole, even Steve was surprised.” “Fuck, Marci…that’s a big plug…how’d that feel walking around?”

“So sexy…so sexy…so nasty…fuck me Baby…fuck that hole.”

Steve pushed her upper body down so that he had a better angle…the sight was awesome…her cunt was drooling…her pubic hair was matted and sopping…and her cunt lips hung open…her clit was swollen and red…and her asshole hung slightly open too. Steve gathered some of her cunt juice and lathered it on her asshole. With that, he moved forward and pushed the big head through her anal ring. To his surprise, the head popped in with almost no resistance and he just kept pushing slowly…all the way to the balls! Her ass was red hot and he could feel her muscles milking him. It was the best feeling hole…ass or cunt…that he had ever fucked.

Marci’s head was spinning….she was so turned on she felt like she would explode. She felt Steve’s cock at the entrance of her ass…she pushed down…like taking a shit as Savannah had advised…and she felt him slide up her ass like warm butter. There was no pain at all…only absolute pleasure. She moaned deeply. “fuck that ass, baby…fuck that ass HARD!”

Steve needed no encouragement He began pounding away…before, he had always been gentle with her ass…afraid of hurting her…but now, he pounded her…pulling back…even pulling all the way out…then pounding back again. He had never felt anything like this…had never fucked a woman’s ass with total abandon.

It was totally new to Marci as well…each time before, Steve had worked her slowly…allowing her to get used to his size and slowly brought her to orgasm…now, he was pounding her for all he was worth…she felt every inch of his 8-inch cock as he pounded in and out of her ass. He was fucking her ass…no holding back…using her ass to make his cock cum…using her…fucking her…like Brianna…like a pornstar…like a *WOMAN*. The thought took her to another powerful orgasm.

“I..I…I w-want you t-to c-cum in my face!”

Steve pounded her for another minute before he felt his cum rising.

“In your face…Sure, *WOMAN*…here!”

Steve pulled his cock from her ass…he noticed how it gaped once his cock sprang free. Marci spun around and knelt in front of him. She looked into his eyes.

”Feed me baby, feed me your cum!”

Steve stroked his cock a few times…then exploded across her face…several lines splashed across before he lined up on her open mouth. Several more filled her up and she quickly swallowed. Steve had his head flung back as his orgasm subsided. Marci noticed a large drop of cum oozing from the head of his cock. Without thinking…she leaned forward and scooped the dollop with her tongue…she ran her tongue around the head and popped it inside her mouth for a final suck…Only then did she remember that if had just come from her ass.

She stopped suddenly and pulled the cock from her mouth. She thought she’d throw up that instant…but then she realized that all she tasted was the lube…not that different than when he fucked her cunt. She thought of how Brianna sucked the monster cock as it popped from her ass….so nasty…so *WOMAN*ty…one of the things that separated *WOMAN*s from normal women…one of the things old Marci would never even consider…her fingers were still on her clit…and as the image of Brianna flashed through her mind…her fingers flew over her bud. Her eyes refocused on the cock in front of her…Steve’s cock…the cock that had just come from her ass…the reason she was changing…Steve’s beautiful cock…with that thought, she moved forward and took his cock deep into her mouth. She suckled and moaned around it…willing the last of his cum out…and cleaning the lube and ass juice off his beautiful cock. As she did, she exploded in her largest orgasm of the day.

Steve couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He had fucked her ass like a wildman…only focused on getting off…without any concern about hurting her. He’d pulled out and blasted her painted face…and at the last moment, she’d done something he had never imagined her doing…never imagined any woman doing in real life…she’d pulled his cock from her ass and sucked it…cleaned it…it was the nastiest thing he’d ever seen…and he loved it!

Marci finished cleaning his cock after her final orgasm of the night subsided. She felt like she was floating…out of her body and away from the beach….from Steve…from it all…she was flying.

Marci passed out shortly after she pulled his now clean cock from her mouth. Several strings of saliva connected her as she fell back…off her heels and down to the floor. Steve just stood and looked…he just couldn’t believe his luck…this was an absolute dream…and a dream he apparently had no control over…for the better! He had always fantasized about nasty anal sex…fucking a porn star…doing all the things he’d seen in the movies…and here he was doing it! Marci, in a pile at his feet was nearly his wet dream…and more. He looked at her…her hair, wild and unkempt…heavy make-up smeared…cum drying on her face…drool hanging from her lips…her pussy still dripping…her asshole still agape…this was all too good to be true. And the drugs…he’d considered offering her Exstacy earlier…but she had made it clear that a little pot and a little booze was all she was into. The thought of her staying fucked up most of the day, painted up and ready for sex anytime he wanted was just too much…much better than any dream he’d ever had. He’d make sure she had all she wanted…and anything else for that matter…he didn’t know where all this would lead…but at this point, it would only get better!

Chapter 5 – It’s all about Commitment

Marci’s head was thumping…pounding…actually, words couldn’t begin to describe how bad her head felt. Her ass was sore…her clit was sore…her jaw was sore…she had dried cum on her face and her mouth tasted like a cat had pissed in it. She found herself alone in bed…she looked at the clock…1:00 PM…she’d slept all morning and nearly into mid afternoon. She got up and drank some water…but that only made the head rush worse. She thought about aspirin or Tylenol, but instead decided a couple of bong hits would be better…a couple turned into a lot…and by 1:45 Marci was stoned…but her head felt better. She turned on the VCR and watched as Brianna masturbated with a long white vibrator. “Cumming might help…can’t hurt!”, she thought.

The more she watched, the more intranced she became with Brianna Banks….the long, tight legs, always in the 5-inch platforms….tight belly…pierced….huge, hard, round titties…way too big for a girl her size…they screamed pornstar…long, pink pierced tongue…puffy, wet lips…cocksucker lips for sure…dark eyes…eyes too green to be real…arched eyebrows…the only thing Marci didn’t understand was her hair…a rather mousey, sandy blonde. “If you’re gonna go that far…why stop with the hair?” Marci had almost convinced herself that she would look much better with lighter hair….maybe all one color than the multi-shades she had always tried…the natural look. As she and Brianna came together on their long vibes, Marci decided….Brianna would look better with lighter hair…and so would she…she’d go that day!

On the way to the salon, Marci also remembered something that Savannah had mentioned during their fuck session. She’d been surprised to find that Marci didn’t shave her cunt…she kept it neat…but she still had a significant amount…and according to Savannah, that just wouldn’t do. Marci kept this in mind as she drove down 98, looking for a salon that also featured waxing. Several minutes later, she found just the place…Diamond Girls Salon…it looked cheesy…and the neon sign mentioned waxing as one of their specialties. Marci crushed out her cigarette and went in. As she entered, she was nearly overwhelmed by the smell of hair bleach. As she was considering turning around, a very sexy woman…actually a very *WOMAN*ty woman with huge, fake boobs, lots of make-up and nearly white hair came to the front.

“Hi there, Beauty…can I help you?”

“Well, yes..I’m thinking of changing my hair color….lightening it…maybe changing the style a bit.”

The woman eyed Marci up and down….Marci had chosen a short crop top that showed her belly and a tight mini. Without thinking, she’d also worn her platform heels.

“Honey, we’re the specialists when it comes to changing color and style…we do most of the dancers in town…and if they don’t look good…they don’t get paid.”

“Well, I guess I’m in the right place then…I’m Marci.”, she held out her hand.

I’m Alexa and this is my place…welcome, Marci!”, she took Marci’s hand in her own. Alexa’s nails were nearly twice as long as Marci’s….painted deep red, and sported several piercings…they were beautiful. She noticed Marci staring…”I have a thing for long nails…we also do those here…yours are very nice…maybe we can freshen those as well as long as you’re here.” As Marci walked back into the salon, she noticed several of the other customers…she suddenly felt right at home!

By 5 PM, Marci walked out of the salon with a totally different look. Instead of the pretty, natural looking, sandy blonde she was when she entered, she left with single shade honey blonde in a spiral perm. The look was striking, bold…it demanded attention. Since it was getting late, Alexa had offered to touch up her make-up as well…and that, coupled with the new hair gave Marci a totally new look. Back in her car, she quickly lit up a More…it had been nearly two hours since she had taken a smoke break and she wanted one desperately. As she lit up, she glanced at herself through the smoke in the rear view mirror. She was struck by the change…she didn’t look like herself at all…she looked…more powerful…sexier…*WOMAN*ty…like a woman that could…and probably would fuck you to death. With the heavier make-up and hair…she looked every bit like a pornstar. She felt her pussy gush at the thought. I gotta show Steve!

She called him on his cell and arranged to meet him at Whale Tails. She gave herself an hour…she wanted to swing by Savannah’s and show her…she also wanted to buy a few Exstacy pills…she really liked the way those made her feel.

Savannah and her friends were getting dressed when Marci stopped by. She knocked on the door and one of the girls, the redhead named Staci, answered the door.

“Savannah…you gotta come see your girlfriend!” she yelled. She grabbed Marci’s hand and pulled her through the door.

“Oh Fuck Yeah!” Savannah said as she skipped across the room. She grabbed two handfuls of Marci’s hair and looked closely. “You are one sexy *WOMAN* now Babe!” Savannah pulled her close and the two extended tongues, twirling them together. Savannah then pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. “And look at this gang…our hot little *WOMAN* went out and got herself a Brazilian!” It was true, Marci had no idea what she was asking for when she asked for the Brazilian wax…but the result was that she was hairless from her clit hood to her asshole…only a tightly shaved tuft of honey blonde hair remained. Luckily, Marci had left the butt plug at home, which had prevented an uncomfortable explanation at the salon. As Savannah went down on her, she felt a large, blunt object pushed against her ass. She couldn’t see due to Savannah’s head, but it felt huge. Dutifully pushing out as she had been taught, whatever it was finally slid up her butt…it felt like a baseball bat.

“Wha…what’s that in my ass?”

“That’s Lex…Staci’s favorite dildo…supposed to be the same size as that black pornstar…what…13 inches long and 3 inches wide….and you got most of it up your ass…Damn, girl…you got potential…now hold still…Jamie…give me that other one.”

It was only then that Marci remembered that there were at least 5 other girls in the suite. As she tolled her head to the side, she saw Jamie, a white blonde with huge tits, toss Savannah a long white vide. Savannah stuck it in her mouth to moisten the tip….then slid the 10-inch vibe to the hilt. It all happened so fast, Marci had not had time to struggle or even fight it…it just happened. When Savannah cranked up the vibe and began sucking on her clit, she nearly blacked out. She couldn’t believe how full she was…she must have had over 20 inches of sex toy stuffed in her holes…and with Savannah’s skilled tongue…she flew from one massive climax to another…after her fourth, Savannah extracted the long toys and Marci’s body began to relax. She looked around and noticed the other girls were all seated and staring…when they were sure she was done…they all cheered.

“You’re officially in the club….the hair is a big step…and you made it bigtime!”

Marci got to her feet and several of the other girls came up and exchanged tongue kisses.

A few minutes later, the group got back to dressing and Savannah took Marci into the kitchen. “They all thought you were just faking yesterday…you really showed’em!”

“I didn’t think the hair was that big a deal.”

“Marci…have you looked at yourself…really looked…there’s no question about what you are…who you are…the hair says it all…all you need now are some big tits and you’re all set!”

“Yeah…I..uh…I’ve been thinking about that…maybe I can talk to Steve about it…do you think he’ll go for it?”

“Are you fucking nuts…sure he will…but I’ll tell you what…If he doesn’t…kick his ass out and call me…I’ll pay for them myself and get you stripping in Atlanta in a flat second!”

Marci had never considered dancing…stripping. “Do you really think I could do that?”

“Fuck girl…you’re a natural *WOMAN*…look at what just happened…I just DP’ed you on a bed in front of 5 strangers and you came like a fire hose…you don’t think you’d get off making guys cum their pants watching you dance…you’re an exhibitionist…big time?”

She’d have to give that some thought. “Thanks Savannah…for everything… much longer are you in town?”

“We leave day after tomorrow.”

“I..uh…I wanna keep in touch…OK?”

“Sure, Babe…Maybe get you up to Hotlanta to visit…what a wild time that would be!”

“Savannah…can I buy some of that Exstacy you gave me yesterday…I really like it!”

“Yeah…I bet your guy did too…sure, but I don’t sell the stuff…here.” Savannah gave Marci a bottle that had 25 or 30 pills. “Let me know when you need more, I’ll send’em FedEx…I get’em for free…I fuck the dealer…no problem….just keep this in mind…you will get hooked on’em…not like meth or heroin…but you will get hooked on the feeling…and you will try things you never imagined.” Marci, blushed.

“Thanks, Savannah” Marci said as she leaned close. She stuck her tongue out and they out and they twirled. As they parted, Marci sucked softly on Savannah’s tongue.

As she left, Marci borrowed a towel and wiped her ass and cunt. They’d dripped down her leg as she and Savannah talked. She had forgotten her panties in the salon…quite frankly, she didn’t wear panties that often anymore anyway. The just seemed to get in the way.

She fixed her make-up and popped an Exstacy once she got in the car. She couldn’t believe how everyone had reacted to her new hair….more than that…she couldn’t believe that she could still be horny after the toy DP Savannah had just given her. She remembered the feeling…being absolutely stuffed…and squeezed her legs together. She wanted to feel that again…”Maybe even real cocks next time” she thought.

Steve was already there when she arrived. She lit a fresh cigarette, checked her lipstick one final time and walked out on the deck. As soon as she entered, all conversation stopped…in fact, there was a audible gasp from some of the Springbreakers. Steve looked up from his beer and his eyes bugged. She stopped, took a puff from her cigarette and walked slowly to his table, high heels clicking on the wooden planks. Conversation had started again around the bar, but all eyes remained on her. She heard numerous “Fuck…Good God…Holy Shit…Sexy…*WOMAN*”…all were about her. She felt awesome, and the Exstacy was just beginning to kick in. Steve stood, his eyes still bugged.

“My God, Marci…you…you” he babbled. She leaned in and tongue kissed him, sucking his as they parted.

‘You like my hair?” Marci took a deep drag and slowly blew a stream of white smoke out. She was careful to leave her legs parted for several seconds before crossing them. Several guys got a clear view of her shaved cunt. She could see their eyes bug out.

Steve had recovered somewhat. “I…I love it…it changes your look so much…you look…you look..”

“Say it, Stevie…how do I look?” she said, twirling a lock of her honey blonde hair between two long-nailed fingers.

“Like a walking wet dream…like a fantasy come true…like a fuckin’ pornstar…like a…a..”

“Like a total *WOMAN*?”

“No..I mean…yeah…maybe…like a woman completely comfortable with her sexuality…like the girl I’ve always been looking for….yeah, like a total *WOMAN*!”

“Good…my effort wasn’t wasted.” The waiter came over and asked what she wanted. ‘I don’t think you can give me what I really want…not right here anyway…so let’s start with 2 tequila shots…1800 straight up.” The waiter stared for a moment, it was clear he was fucking her in his mind.

“Tequila…coming right up.”

She turned back to Steve. “I thought it was time to take the next step…in fact, I think it’s time to take a couple of steps.”

‘What do you mean?”

“Stevie, I think I want a boob job…I want some big pornstar tits…what do you think?”

Steve almost blew his beer through his nose. “I…I…I think it’s a great idea!”

“Yeah…a great idea…but I don’t have the kind of money I need for a boob job…I was kinda hoping that you’d help me out with it…what do you say to that?”

“Fuck, Marci…that’s a no brainer…Whatever you want…I’ve told you that all along.”

“Well drink up, Stevie…if you’re gonna buy me some new tits, I guess I gotta work it off in trade…now…what could I do that you’d be willing to pay 5 grand for, hmmm?”

A week later, Marci couldn’t believe how rotten she felt. She popped another pain pill, her 5th of the afternoon and washed it down with vodka. Her new tits hurt like hell. They felt like giant balloons under her gown, but they felt like water balloons…water balloons filled with scalding water…bouncing on her chest each time she went to the bathroom or got something to drink. To make matters worse, she’d run out of cigarettes this morning and was dying for a smoke. “If these things don’t heal soon, I’m gonna lose my fucking mind!”

She thought about masturbating again…Steve had rented every movie Brianna had made, along with several others he thought she’d like…and he’d bought her several more sex toys…including a black dildo very similar to “Lex”…she had asked for it specifically. She had frigged herself 6-7 times a day since her surgery…her tits even hurt when she came…but she couldn’t just go cold turkey, could she?

“Two more days…two more days and the Doc says I’ll be able to start going out…go to the beach…get fucked…poor Stevie…he’s had to go without the whole time!” she thought. “I’ll make it up to him…make it up and more…I promise!”

Marci had all but quit eating. Most of her calories came from booze. That, coupled with the increased metabolism from the cigarettes, she had lost weight, down to a mere 100 lbs…and at 5’5, she looked thin. The constant high heel wear had kept her legs toned…in fact, they looked better than ever…all baby fat she might have had was gone. Her face was almost gaunt, but made a perfect canvas for the heavy make-up she wore. All that worked together to make the 38D implants she had put in look completely out of proportion. The doctor had recommended a 34C…”One that fits your body build”…but she had laughed in his face. He had also recommended the “under the muscle” procedure since it resulted in a much more natural look. Again she had laughed. “I don’t think you understand what I’m looking for, Doc…I want them to look fake!” The doctor had resisted…until Steve offered a sizable tip on top of the normal rate.

“I just don’t understand why a beautiful woman would want such obviously fake breasts!”

“I think you’ll see when you see the finished product…now, let’s get started!”

To say her boob job gave Marci a new look was like saying the Grand Canyon was a nice ditch. She looked like a movie star…a porn star…a stripper…a *WOMAN*…a *WOMAN*…a woman totally bought in to the concept of arousing those around her. Staring at herself in the mirror, she at first felt fear…”Have I gone too far…then excitement…They look SO cool…to pleasure…They feel SO good!” While the other changes had been exciting, they had all been…or could have been…temporary. “My new tits change all that…regardless of what I wear…how much make-up I put on…how I act…anyone that sees my tits will know that I made this decision to turn men on…women on…everyone around me…to make them stare and dream of fucking me!” She couldn’t explain it, but she felt like she had just taken a step through a doorway…taken that step and closed the door behind her.

“Let’s see how folks like the new Marci!”


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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Chapter 6 – A Brave New World

Marci got up before Steve…a rare thing. This time, however, it was all part of her plan. Today was Wednesday…the day the Doc had said she should be OK to do normal activities….and there was one activity that couldn’t wait another second. She slowly got out of bed, so as not to wake him. She padded to the bathroom and quickly combed out her hair…the best part about the spiral perm was that her hair always seemed a little messed up…like she had just crawled out of bed after a long night of fucking…so a little maintenance was all that was required. She put on her largest hoop earrings and lined her eyes with dark eyeliner…nothing too dramatic…just a little color…she finished off with a liberal application of one of Steve’s favorite lipsticks…a dark red…wet and sticky. She normally craved a cigarette first thing in the morning, but today she craved something else.

With that, she went back into the bedroom and slid between his splayed legs. She pulled the sheet down slowly to expose his limp, sleeping cock. She noticed that she was actually salivating at the thought of blowing him…it had been nearly a week since her last actual sex…a few days longer for Steve…and she couldn’t wait another second. She grasped his prick with her hand and began a slow massage. Steve moaned softly, but didn’t wake up. His cock, however, was quickly responding. When it hardened to the ¾ state, Marci moved forward and swallowed it down to the base, her nose burying in his pubes.

“I’ve got to learn to deep throat…I can come close…but I know Steve wants it all the way down my throat” she thought as her lips began to slide up his shaft, “I’ll see if the porn shop has anything that I can use as a trainer….Hell, if I can take it balls deep in my ass, I should be able to take it that deep with my mouth.”

Steve couldn’t believe how real this dream felt. There was Marci, on the deck at Whale Tails….dressed in his favorite blue latex dress, squatting down on her heels…his cock buried in her wet mouth…down to his balls…it felt so REAL…it felt…suddenly his eyes flew open. There was his dream girl…no blue dress…but with sexy red lips and dark eyes…slowly sucking his prick…IN REAL LIFE!!! “Fuck, Babe…Good Morning.”

“Good morning to you Stud…since today is the first day I can get back to normal…I thought I’d start it with my favorite breakfast.” She pumped her hand slowly up and down his slick shaft as she dropped her mouth down to his balls. As she was bathing his nuts with her tongue, she had an idea…something that had never occurred to her before. “Pull your legs up, Baby.”


“Just fuckin’ do it, Stud.”

He did as she asked. Sure enough, the change in position gave her the angle she was looking for. She gave his nuts one last lick, then dropped her mouth even lower. Tenative at first, Marci extended her long tongue and touched it to his puckered asshole. Steve flinched…no one had ever done this to him before.

“Ohhh Fuck, Marci.”

She didn’t respond. She just moaned deeply as she lapped at his ring a few time before sticking the tip into the tight opening. The taste was musky, but not unpleasant. If he liked this, she’d have him start shaving his ass along with his balls. She pressed harder and her tongue slipped a tiny bit up his shoot.

Her hand kept up her slow steady stroke on his cock as her tongue continued its assault on his ass.

“Ohhhh…Ohh fuck, Marci….that’s so good…so fucking good…so fucking nasty…Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum soon!”

Marci quickly pulled her tongue from his ass and engulfed the head of his cock. She had it deep in her mouth when he exploded. The first shot filled her mouth completely. She swallowed as fast as she could, but the second pulse was as big as the first. She couldn’t keep up and cum began leaking from the corners of her mouth. The next few shots were smaller and she regained control and swallowed it all down. After he was done, she suckled the last few drops of cum from the head of his dick, then slowly let it flop out of her mouth onto his belly.

She glanced up at his and found him staring, wide eyed at her.

“Was that good, Baby?”

“Oh Fuck, Marci…that was incredible…so fucking nasty…when did you think of that?”

“Well…I like it, Savannah liked it…I thought you might like it too.”

“Fuck…fuck I liked it…it was unbelievable…you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you…my big tittied *WOMAN*?.”

“You just wait…you haven’t seen anything yet!”

Once she cleaned up, Marci found her cigarettes, loaded the water pipe and chased an exstacy with a shot of tequila. As she looked at the clock, she noticed it was 9:30 AM.

By 10:30, Marci was fucked up. The 4 bong hits and tequila coupled with the exstacy…all on an empty stomach had her in a state of near euphoria. She felt great…sexy…and as she finished applying her wet lipstick…a bright pink this time…she remembered the feeling as her tongue slipped up Steve’s ass…the sound of his moans…and the stunned, almost worshipfull look in his eyes after he had cum in her mouth. Her pussy was dripping….and since Steve had already left for work, she pulled out Lex…her 13 inch black dildo and her 10 inch vibe. She also grabbed her small, silver bullet vibe. She lubed the 10-incher with KY and slipped it into her ass. With all the masturbating she’d done during her recovery, it slipped in to the hilt easily.

“Unnnngh”, she moaned as she flipped the vibe to a low setting. With her left hand, she rubbed the silver bullet across her swollen clit. With her right, she brought Lex to her lips and began bathing the black dong with spit. Once it was totally wet, she pushed the big head between her lips and began slowly working the monster deeper and deeper into her mouth. In her mind, she pictured the real Lex, holding her by a handful of hair and working his massive cock down her throat. The image in her mind had her dressed just like she was right then, a clingy white top, cropped at the waist and low cut, displaying her new tits in all their glory and a tight pink mini…now bunched around her waist. Her white 5-inch platforms completed the *WOMAN*ty picture…that, and the 3 black guys waiting their turn, slowly stroking cocks nearly as big as Lex’s.

Farther and farther she pushed the big dong. She gagged as the big head hit the back of her throat. Her lips were parted as wide as they would go…she felt as if she were sucking a baseball bat…and it was driving her absolutely crazy. “I want to suck a cock this big…in real life…I wanna feel it up my ass…deep in my cunt…fucking me…using me”…so turned on was she that the big tip actually slipped into her throat. She gagged, harder this time and she quickly pulled the big dong from her lips. She leaned over and puked into the trashcan.

“Some *WOMAN* I am…I’ve gotta learn to do that…for Steve…for me!”

A couple shots of tequila and a few more bong hits and the bile taste was gone. That was all there was anyway…just bile…she hadn’t eaten yesterday and nothing today…she didn’t have anything to throw up! She glanced up and stared at her image in the mirror over the bar. She didn’t think her own mother would have recognized her…her mane of curly, honey blonde hair…clearly fake, yet beautiful at the same time…her dark eyes…shiny pink lips…her new tits straining against the stretchy fabric of her top, her nipples clearly evident…she moved back and smoothed her tight skirt…her waist looked tiny…especially in comparison to her big tits…her long, muscular legs and her shiny platform heels…she lit a cigarette and slowly let the smoke roll from her lips. She loved the way she looked…the changes she had made…she looked hard…cheap…definitely *WOMAN*ty…the tits were the final big step…but she wasn’t finished…she wanted to get her tongue pierced…like Brianna…like Savannah…and maybe a tattoo, but she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted. All she knew is that she loved the new Marci…and she wanted to push it all the way! There were a couple of new things she wanted to try…she wasn’t sure how Steve would feel about them…but she bet once she could swallow his cock to the balls…he’d be in a better mood to consider them.

She swerved her way to the rock and roll store where Vamp worked. She hadn’t been in since that first time and she wondered if Vamp would recognize her. She asked the store manager if she was available and was pointed to the rear of the store. Vamp was stocking the shoe counter with an assortment of platform shoes…some as high as 8 inches. She looked at Marci…no recognition…then a questioning look…then a big smile.

“Marci…right…you came in a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah…you helped me with a couple of dresses and a body stocking…you said to ask for you whenever I came back.”

“Yeah…I did…wow, Marci…you’ve made a lot of changes since I last saw you.” Vamp was checking out her new tits and long legs. “You look so different!”

“Better I hope…I just felt so plain…I wanted to look different, be different…so I went for it!”

“Fuckin’ right you did…got a boob job too…they look awesome!”

“Thanks…I’m pretty happy with’em too…problem is, most of my clothes don’t fit anymore…I need some help with my new look…can you help me out?”

“Sure…let’s sit down and we can go through our catalog…a lot easier than going rack to rack…say, you wanna beer or something to drink?”

“Tequila if you have it…if not, a beer is fine.”

“I’ll check…make yourself comfy and I’ll be back in a minute.”

They didn’t have tequila, but Marci took the beer without argument and soon, she and Vamp were engrossed in the catalog. The shop had a lot more extreme stuff than she had originally seen. Marci was especially taken with the tight, latex sheath dresses. They looked like they were painted on.

“A lot of girls wear these clubbing…and strippers use them between dances…seems it gives them the right look while they are talking up there next table dance.”

“You ever strip?” Marci asked as she leaned back and lit another cigarette.

“Nah, I don’t think I have the look…but you sure do!”

“Yeah…I’ve been givin’ it a lot of thought…I don’t need the money…Stevie takes care of all that…I just think it would be neat to work guys up like that…I’ve even thought of doing one of those porno sites on the internet.”

“I think that would be awesome! You gotta tell me if you do…I’d love to see it!”

“If I do…I’ll let you know…now, do you have anything in leather?”

Marci was still flying when she pulled into the porno shop. She was determined to find something that would help her learn to deep throat. The shop was almost empty as she moved back to the sex toy section. She’d been there a few minutes when a tall black man approached her.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

Marci turned and looked into his eyes…they were deep brown with flecks of green.

“Do you work here?”

“Sort of…I own the shop.”

“Oh…no, I was just looking for…something…”

“We’ve got an extensive collection…more in the back if you don’t see what you need…are you looking for anything particular?”

Marci felt herself blushing…she also felt herself getting turned on….this guy was beautiful…and she was horny as hell!

“What the fuck?” she thought to herself. “I’m looking for something that I can use to learn how to deep throat…my boyfriend has a big cock…and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it past the back of my throat.

“Ah…see, I knew I could help…all you have to do is ask!”

He went to one of the video rack as returned with a video…”Nina Hartley’s Guide to Deep Throat”.

“This will help you with technique and how to train your gag reflex…now, come back here and we’ll see if we can match your boyfriend.”

Marci wasn’t sure what he meant by that…was he gonna pull out his cock…make her blow him…she almost hoped he would!”

To her surprise….and a little disappointment, she turned the corner and found an large selection of dildos…most hard for masturbation…but a few that were softer…more floppy…like a cock before it stiffened all the way.

“These will be easier to work with. You should find one similar to your man…work with that and the video…in a little bit, you should be good to go.”

“Thanks…I didn’t know if I would find anything…I really appreciate it.”

“No problem…let me know if you successful.”

Marci felt he pussy gush as he gave her a long gaze, deep into her eyes, then turned and walked back to the checkout. “Will that be all?”

“For now, I guess” she said smiling and checking out his tight ass…she wondered how big his cock was. As she paid for her toy and video, he locked up her gaze once more.

“Marci…I’m John…if there is anything you can’t find…let me know…If I don’t have it…I’ll order it straight away.”

“Uh…how’d you know my name?”

“It’s on your Visa…your credit card.”

“Oh…sorry about that…I guess my mind was wondering.” She was blushing again…she felt like a little girl in front of this man.

“That’s what this store is all about…letting your mind run free…it’s nice to meet you Marci.”

“Thanks J-John…thanks.” With that, she turned and walked out…but not without an exaggerated sway to her hips. She looked back over her shoulder as she opened the door. John was staring…the same way Steve looked at her…hungry…wanting…she imagined her look was much the same.

When she got back to the car she couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Her nipples felt like they would rip through her tight shirt and her pussy was oozing. She pictured John with and enormous cock…feeding it slowly down her throat….she knew right then she would fuck John if he asked…and the way she felt right then, she’d better leave or she would walk back in and ask him…or beg him. She wondered what Steve would think of her if he knew. “He wanted a *WOMAN*…well…he’s got one…and some things go with the territory!”

Over the next several days, Marci worked constantly on her deep throat technique. At Nina Hartley’s suggestion, she first tried her 6-inch vibe to tame her gag reflex. Once she got the hang of that, she moved to her larger, softer dildo…she called this one John. After repeated puking sessions, she was finally able to swallow John, but only after many, many bong hits and tequila shots. While she was going through this process, she was literally fucking Steve to death. Each evening when they met for drinks or he came home, she’d blow him, fuck him, then take him up her ass. She tried to dress, act and talk *WOMAN*tier and nastier each time…and the results were explosive! Most nights, Steve came in her face or mouth at least twice…and when he fucked her ass, she always finished him off in her mouth and sucked him clean. She never let on that she was practicing her deep throat…she wanted to save it for the right moment…to use it to get something she wanted…something she’d been jerking herself off to daily for the last week…she wanted…no…she needed Steve to bring a friend home…somebody else to fuck her…to use her…she’d been dreaming about taking on two guys and she was determined to have it…and with the weekend coming up, she knew just how she’d  bring it up!

Friday night she met Steve at Whale Tails as usual. What wasn’t usual was her outfit…her whole look! She’d gone by Diamond Girls…there, she had her hair color touched up, her nails lengthened by a half inch and her wax re-done. She’d also had the girls give her a complete make-over. The result was striking. Her already dark eyes were made more dramatic with fake eye lashes. Her face appeared painted on…and her lips glistened with deep red gloss. She had on her new latex dress…bright red and tight as a second skin. Her new 6-inch platforms made a clicking sound as she sauntered across the deck to where Steve and his buddy Tony were sitting. Steve had asked if she was ready to interact with other folks in her new look. Little did he know she was ready to do so much more than interact! She was flying on two joints and 2 ecstacy pills as she took her seat.

Tony’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. He hadn’t seen Marci since she had begun her change…seeing it all at once clearly blew him away. Even Steve appeared stunned by the more recent changes. The rest of the bar just stared silently. Feeling all eyes on her, Marci pulled out her cigarettes, extracted a long brown smoke and brought it to her lips.

“Anybody here feel like lighting me up?”

No one moved until Steve reached over with a light. She puffed her cigarette to life and blew a long stream of smoke above here head.

“So Tony…Long time no see…what’s up?”

Tony continued to stare for at least 30 seconds before he responded. “You look…you …you look so…so different, Marci.”

“Well…that was the goal Tony…to look as fuckin’ hot as I possibly could….what do you think?” Marci licked her lips.

Again, Tony was speechless. His eyes dropped to her tits…clearly defined in the latex.

“Like my tits, Tony….Stevie bought’em for me.”

“Yeah…Marci….yeah…t-they look great…you look great….fuckin’ awesome!”

“What do you think, Stud…I had a touch up.”

“It was great before…and it’s even better now, Baby.” Steve answered. He looked surprised…yet pleased that she was teasing Tony…they had never gotten along that well before. Their drinks arrived…straight tequila for Marci…she tossed it back and ordered 2 more.

“So, what did I interrupt…you boys looked deep in thought as I walked up?”

“Fuck if I can remember…what were we talking about Tony?”

Tony’s eyes were locked on Marci’s new titties.


“Huh…oh…uh…shit…I’m sorry Steve…what did you say?”

“Never mind…so…you like Marci’s new look…I love it.”

“Yeah…I…I’ve never…uh…hey, folks…sorry…I gotta be going…it’s great seeing you again, Marci.” Tony stood and quickly turned in a poor attempt to hide his boner.

“Good to see you Tony…you…OK?” She locked his eyes…then dropped her gaze to the tent in the front of his pants.

“Yeah…uh…see ya!” With that, Tony turned and nearly sprinted for the gate.

“I thought he was gonna cum in his pants.” Steve grinned. “You liked doing that to him…didn’t you?”

‘Fuck yeah…I love that…turning guys on…I never really thought about it before…now…it seems like all I think about…in fact…I’ve been thinking about something…something I need your help with.”

“What’s that, Babe?”

“Well…you got me thinking with that Erin chick…the hot blonde you showed me on the internet?”


“You used to jerk off to her…if I went to bed or didn’t get you off right…you’d go down later and jerk off to her…didn’t you?”

Steve suddenly looked uncomfortable. “Why do you ask?”

“You did…I know it…that’s cool…I wasn’t givin’ you what you needed.” Marci’s eyes sparkled as she noticed how uncomfortable Steve looked…he was turned on, horny and embarrassed…all at the same time. She really liked being in control like this!

Finally, Steve smiled slightly. “Ok…yeah…sometimes I needed more than you were willing to give…or sometimes I just wanted to jerk off…if you don’t have your fantasy *WOMAN* there to drain you everyday…sometimes a guy just wants to fantasize.”

“You don’t need that now…do ya Stud?” Marci licked her upper lip and took a long drag off her cigarette.

“Fuck no…in fact, I worry some that I’m not givin’ you all you need.” Steve ran his hand up her bare leg…stopping just short of her steaming snatch.

She blew out a long stream of white smoke and smiled sexily. “We’ll talk about that later, Stud.” Marci tossed back another shot of tequila. “I wanna talk about Marci’s World!”

“Marci’s World….what the fuck is that?”

“That….is gonna make me a STAR!”

Steve was clearly surprised. “You wanna do your own porn site?”

“Yeah…yeah I do…I been thinkin’…you say I look better than Erin…I know I look better than that Wifey chick. I don’t know how far I would want to go…how dirty I wanna be…but I love the thought of poor, frustrated guys jerking off to my pictures!” Marci’s eyes were dilated and her face was flushed…although you really couldn’t tell with all the make-up she was wearing. What you could notice was the smell of her wet pussy as it literally oozed at the thought. “Will you help me?”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Well…it looks like Erin does pretty well from the memberships…so some money I guess…plus…if I go dirtier, your dick could become famous!”

Steve thought for a minute. He’d always fantasized about fucking one of the internet babes…hell, he’d have his own right here…and this was a step…he didn’t know what to…but he was sure that things would be different once Marci went online.

“You realize that if you do this, you won’t just have a commitment to me to be hot…you’ll be committed….really committed to keeping your members happy. You ready for that kind of pressure?

“You don’t think I can do it…you don’t think I’m sexy enough?” Marci said with a fake pout.

“OK..OK...I’ll figure out what we need to get started…this could be fun!”

“You have no idea just how fun, Stud.” Marci said as she leaned in and tongue kissed him. “Finish that drink and let me give you an example.”

The ride home seemed to take forever. Marci smoked and teased…she stroked his cock through his pants and rubbed her clit, her legs splayed out on the dash for anyone driving by. Finally, they were home and Marci rushed up the stairs…”get us drinks and I’ll be down in a minute!”

Steve did as she asked and took a seat in the recliner. He’d only had a few sips when Marci returned. She’d freshened her make-up…especially her wet, red lips and lit another cigarette.

“So, what’s this example you mentioned?” Steve asked as she sat in his lap.

“Something I think you’ll like…something you’ve wanted for awhile.” Marci said as she blew a tight stream of smoke up over her head.

“Well…let’s see…I’ve had your cunt…I’ve had your ass…I’ve fucked your mouth…even did you in combination…what do you have in mind, *WOMAN*?”

“Let me show you.” She said as she crushed out her cigarette and knelt between his legs. She quickly fished out his quickly hardening cock and licked the head. She looked into his eyes. He noticed how dilated her pupils were.

“She must be fucked up.” He thought…he loved the idea of his fucked up little *WOMAN*.

“Fuck my mouth, Stud…use it…make yourself cum with my mouth!”

Steve stood and grabbed her by the hair. He roughly pulled her head back so that she was looking at him.

“You’ve teased enough *WOMAN*, eat my cock!” With that he slid his dick past her lips, he kept pushing till he was 3 inched deep…just about where she normally started to have some trouble.

“Ahhhhh….fuck, Marci…your mouth is so hot…it’s so good!”

“Mmmmmm” she moaned as he began to pump slowly.

Marci let her spit pool in her mouth and soon his cock was glistening…and she was drooling…with long thin strands dripping to the floor. When she was sure he was properly lubed, she leaned in as he pumped forward. She felt the head hit the back of her throat…and just like Nina suggested, she swallowed. Sure enough the head slipped past the entrance and continued and inch or so down her throat. She gagged once, just slightly.

“Fuuuuck, Marci….that’s in your throat!” Steve moaned…it felt so different…hotter, if that was possible. He rocked back and his cock slid from her throat. Marci grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him towards her, driving the head back past her throat entrance. He tried to stop, but she kept pushing…more and more…harder and harder…till all 8 inches were completely buried in her throat. She found that she loved the feeling of a cock in her throat…and secretly, she found that she wanted more…more cock…deeper!

Steve was going crazy…several women had come close, but no one had ever swallowed him to the balls.

Marci was flying…she felt so nasty as the cock slid down her throat again and again. “This is it…I’ve given him everything…my cunt…my ass…my throat” she thought to herself. Somehow this completed things…she couldn’t explain it…but she felt she had nothing else to prove…she could…and would do it all. With that, she began focusing on her next step…two at once!

She continued to deep throat him until he was about to pop. She pulled back until the cock dribbled from her lips.

“Where do you wanna cum, Stud? Down my throat…in my mouth…on my face…your choice, Baby!”

Steve simply pulled her face back down on his cock. He pushed forward and buried his dick deep in her throat. With that…he exploded. Marci could feel the pulsations as he emptied himself straight into her gullet. She missed the taste…even the drama of the facial…but it appeared that Steve really enjoyed it…and that’s all that really mattered.

Steve flopped back into the chair and Marci went back upstairs to repair her face. After a few moments, she returned and sat across from him.

“You like that, Stud?” she asked, lighting the water pipe.

“Fuck yeah, Baby…that was awesome…you’ve given me everything, eh?”

“I suppose” she said as she exhaled a long stream of ganja smoke. “But there’s something you can give me.”

“What’s that, Baby?”

“Another cock, Stud…I wanna try more than one…you Ok with that?”

“I don’t know…anyone I know?” He appeared almost hurt.

“I don’t care…I just wanna feel you in my mouth and somebody else in my ass…maybe try a DP…I’ve been dreaming about it for week…since I got my tits.”

“I guess it’s to be expected…you watch it so much in the movies…I guess you just gotta try it, eh?”

“Please, Baby…it’ll be great, You’ll see!”

Steve was thrilled at the thought…but in the back of his mind…ever so slightly…he felt something begin to slip away from him.


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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Chapter 7 - Pay to Play

Steve went out of town the following Monday on business. He’d responded fairly well to her request for more cock…in fact, one night he’d really gotten into it as she acted as if she were fucking two guys…he’d fucked her cunt while shoving her 10-inch vibe up her ass…she’d responded by deep throating her John dildo. She loved it, and apparently he did too as he blew a huge load all over her back. He didn’t mentioned it again, but he did promise to get the camera and lights they would need for the website.

With Steve gone, Marci decided to take advantage of the down time to make a few long overdue additions.

Her first stop was Vamp’s rock & roll store. Vamp had mentioned that they had a full time body piercer on staff. She was scared, but determined to get what she now thought of as the final pieces of her perfect *WOMAN* makeover.

“I’d like to get my tongue pierced” she said to the skinny, long-haired guy behind the body jewelry counter.

“Sure, Sexy…no problem at all…you into guys or girls?”

“Huh…oh…I mean, why do you ask?” Marci blushed.

“Well, for chicks who dig chicks, I put the stud farther toward the tip of the tongue…easier to hit the clit, if you know what I mean. For chicks into cocks, I slide it back a bit so it hits the most sensitive part…understand?”

“Yeah, that makes sense…what if….um…what if you like both?”

“I can go mid way, or some chicks get 2.”

Marci remembered the porn *WOMAN* she had watched in Steve’s movies. “I don’t think I’m ready for that. Let’s go with the guy thing.”

“No problem…if you like it, you can always get another….anything else you want done?”

“I don’t know…I’m scared of the clit thing…but I’m thinking of a tattoo…damn, this whole thing is so scary!”

“Le’me do your tongue…if you like that, I’ll see what we can do.”

Marci walked back to the piercing room. “It looks like a hospital.”

“We try…infection is really bad…especially for the tongue…so we keep it as clean as possible…and no eating for the rest of the day…no smoking either for at least 2 days…now, stick out your tongue.”

“No smoking? Really?”

“Really…if you need something, I have some pills that will help.”

Marci leaned back against the back of the chair and stuck out her tongue. The piercer gripped the tip softly with his finger and extended her tongue to its limit.

“Pretty pink tongue….long too…I bet this feels nice.”

Marci noticed how he looked at her. She could feel his cock stiffen against her elbow as he held her tongue. She found herself getting turned on as well.

He tapped the spot where the stud would go. “I think right here would be the best spot…especially if the guy your with has a big cock…do you like big cocks…Marci, wasn’t it…do you like big cocks Marci? He let go of her tongue and stared into her eyes.

Marci stared back. He wasn’t attractive…at least…he hadn’t been 10 minutes ago, but right now, she felt herself literally gushing.

“What do I do now…what do I want to do…what should I do?” she thought, her pulse rising.  Suddenly, she decided. “Of course I like big cocks…doesn’t every girl with a pierced tongue….isn’t that the whole idea?” she said, her painted lips curling into a seductive grin. He hand slowly slid up his leg to his crotch. “Don’t I look like a girl that likes big cocks?”

His eyes glanced down to her big tits, straining against a tight, white T-shirt…her nipples pointing through….her flat stomach…pierced belly button…skin tight, red lycra hot pants…long, sculpted legs and red 5-inch platforms…she looked every inch the perfect *WOMAN*…and she was beautiful to boot. He looked back into her eyes. “Yeah…yeah you do.”

“You think I can negotiate a better deal on my piercing?” she asked, her hand slowly drawing across the tent in his pants. To her delight, it felt like he did have a big cock.

“As many as you want….tattoo’s too…whatever!” his eyes were pleading.

She slid her hand higher and gripped the top of his zipper. She slowly began unzipping him. “You molest all of your clients?”

“Just the ones who look like they want me to.”

She reached inside his fly and extracted a long thick cock. It was almost identical to her John dildo…over 9 inches from the look of it…with more to go if it got totally hard. She leaned forward and licked the tip. It almost felt like an electric shock when her tongue touched his dick. “You really are a *WOMAN* now” she thought, “sucking a strange cock for free piercings.” Somehow, that thought drove her wild. She felt nasty…nastier than she ever had before…*WOMAN*ty…cheap…totally different than she’d been only months before. She knew that she was cheating on Steve…”But we’re not married…not even engaged…he doesn’t even tell me he loves me” she thought as she slid the huge cock into her mouth.

His cock tasted different than Steve’s…saltier…it smelled stronger…and it was bigger…much bigger than Steve’s…she felt it spread her lips wide…her jaw felt if it was as wide as it would go…and she felt the head touch the back of her throat. She pulled her head back and let the cock fall from her lips.

“What kind of stuff do you think a big cock girl like me should have?” She stroked the impressive length…it was swelling well past 9 inches and her hand didn’t close all the way around it.

“Ohhh Fuck….definitely your tongue…at least once…maybe a nostril…you know…like Christina Aguliera….I haven’t seen your pussy…but a clit ring would look awesome…a couple of tattoos…you would  look like a pornstar!”

Marci looked deep into his eyes and began sliding the monster into her mouth. He was slick now with her spit and…with only a slight gag, she began feeding the head down her throat.

“Oh Fuck, Marci…that’s it…Ohhhhh…eat that cock, Baby.”

The big cock was driving her crazy….she thought about pulling him out of her mouth and taking him deep in her ass…he was bigger than any of her dildos or vibes…and she’d been craving a huge dick up her butt…but right now, the most important thing in the world was swallowing the massive cock in her mouth…she didn’t care who it was…or if anyone walked in…all she cared about was swallowing the big dick in her throat and making it cum!

Marci felt more and more of the big shaft enter her throat. Her cunt was dripping, her mouth was drooling…she felt like pure sex…no love…not even like…just sex…pure fucking nasty sex! She slid the cock from her throat again…after all, she had to breathe…and this was so good, she wanted to tease him some.

“What kind of tattoos…what would look nasty…*WOMAN*ty…what do you think?” With that. She slid the cock back into her throat…it seemed much easier now…like her throat had been stretched like an asshole after a good reaming…with a final pull, she felt his bloated balls press against her lips…she now had at least a 10 inch cock buried in her throat.

“Oooohhhhhh…Ohhhhhh fuck…nobody’s ever come close…you are sooo nasty…fuck, you need a band around your arm…maybe some Chinese letters that spell out something nasty or a picture…I don’t know…fuck…just don’t stop sucking my cock!”

Marci thought about that. She’d seen the arm band before…she’d have to think about what she really wanted…but right now, she felt his balls slide up and his shaft swell even more. She slid her head back till only the fat head was in her mouth. She pumped the big shaft a few times and he exploded. Where Steve’s cum was slightly sweet and runny, this guy’s cum was strong…salty…and very thick and creamy…and soo much of it…his second pulse was bigger than the first…and very quickly her mouth was full…and he just kept on cumming. She pulled the head from her lips and pumped the shaft, a third and forth shots blasted her face in sticky goo. She swallowed all she could as he finally began to subside. She licked up what she found on his shaft and scraped most of it off her face. She brought her long nailed hand to her mouth and licked her fingers.

“Wow…fuckin’ wow…that was the best head I’ve ever had….you’re awesome!”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Stud…now, let me get straighten up and let’s get started!”

An hour later, Marci stumbled drunkenly on her platforms to her car. The tongue stud had gone quickly…a little pressure…a blinding, white hot flash of pain…and then just a subtle ache. She had considered a second…the first hadn’t been bad at all…not like taking a fat cock up the ass for the first time…but she decided she would wait and see how this one worked out. The swelling killed any lingering temptation she might have had. The little stud in her left nostril didn’t hurt at all, and she really like the way it made her look….exotic and sexy at the same time!

Ted…the piercer’s name was Ted…had given her some pills to help her with pain and to control her cigarette cravings. He didn’t tell her what it was, but it was obviously really strong…as right now, she didn’t feel any pain at all…in fact, she didn’t really feel anything at all! She carefully navigated her way home…running one red light and nearly sideswiping a van. She made her way to the elevator and was soon on her couch…straight tequila in one hand…her trusty 6-inch vibe in the other, watching Brianna devour a huge cock…her tongue stud glinting in the stage lights. Marci passed out later that evening…drunk, stoned…and dreaming of sucking really big cocks.

By Thursday, most of the swelling was gone and, to Marci’s relief, she was able to smoke again. The stuff Ted had given her had helped…in fact…she thought she’d ask him to trade her some more for a blowjob…maybe she’d even fuck him for it this time…after all, “One hole isn’t any different from the others” she thought.

She thought about Ted’s cock all morning as she tried on several outfits, trying to find just the right one to welcome Steve home that evening. In fact, she wished it was Ted’s big 10-inch cock that she’d be fucking…she loved the feeling of her mouth…then her throat being stretched. She imagined the thick white cum…so different than Steve’s…thicker, stronger…like his cock…more manly…his huge balls slapping her chin as she deepthroated the monster…Ted had been gentle…too gentle…he’d just leaned back and let her swallow him…she wondered if he would be rougher if they did it again…if he knew he could have her *WOMAN*ty pussy or mouth anytime he wanted…wherever he wanted…the thought drove her crazy…her pussy was dripping!

“Hopefully, if Steve keeps his promise and brings somebody home…I hope he has a cock like Ted!”

Originally, she thought they’d meet at the bar like usual, but Steve had insisted that she was to be “Hot & Horny” and “Ready to go” when he got there. She finally decided on a stretchy deep blue sheath dress that stopped just below her ass. It showed her huge tits and flat tummy to their best effect.  She chose a pair of thigh high black boots with a 5-inch metal heel. She thought they were the sexiest shoes she’d ever seen. “The best part, you can fuck all day and your knees don’t hurt!” She layered on the make up heavily, with dark eyes and a sticky light red lipstick. Her big silver hoop earrings finished the ensemble. When she ran her new tongue stud across her lips, the look was hypnotic.

She lubed her ass with Astro Glide…she loved the stuff…better than the real thing…she even liked the taste… and lit another cigarette. She had already smoked a lot of pot, but she still felt anxious…nervous…about what she didn’t know…but her hands were trembling. She took 2 exstacy pills and washed them down with a small glass of Cuervo Gold. Another couple of bong hits and she felt herself relax…relax, and her pussy drip at the thought of getting fucked. “Steve better get home soon, or I’ll call Ted and his wonderful monster cock!”

20 Minutes later, she heard Steve’s keys in the door downstairs. As she walked slowly down, trying to sway her hips…actually, in her current state of inebriation, she was swaying already…She heard Steve’s voice.

“Steve, Baby….Steve, who are you talking too?” She rounded the corner and there stood Steve….along with Steve’s buddy Marion. Marion Humphries had worked for Steve for years before starting his own business. That all happened, of course, after Marion’s short-lived career as a NFL strong safety. At 6’2” and 210 pounds, he still looked like he could play….and to Marci…he looked absolutely stunning.

“Fuck Steve, you weren’t shittin’ me….damn girl, you look fuckin’ hot!” Marion said, his eyes roaming over her body.

“Wha…what’s t-this all a-about, Stevie….you said you wanted to come home…to…to..”, Marci stuttered. Her hands were shaking again…a long ash falling from her brown cigarette.

“A couple of things, Babe…Hump runs a website production company…who better to get “Marci’s World off the ground. He’s offered to help me get set up…give us a few tips..”, Steve gave Marion a knowing glance as he said “tip”.

“Ohh…uh…OK…I just thought..”, she stuttered as her eyes dropped to Marion’s crotch. He looked as if he had a beer can stuffed into his slacks.

“Oh…and that other thing…you said you needed more cock…that you wanted me to bring somebody home…well sweet cheeks….Surprise!”

Marci just stared…at Marion…at Steve…her mouth was slightly parted…she felt like she’d pass out any second.

“Why don’t you fix us a couple of drinks…vodka rocks…right Hump?”

“Right…extra stiff…you know?”

“Sure…vodka…stiff…sure..uh…I’ll be back in a minute.” She turned and went back upstairs shakily.

“You sure she’s cool with this?” Marion asked.

“Hump, she said flat out she wanted another cock…so that’s what I did.”

“Think she’s cool with a brother?”

“I don’t think it matters, Hump…and let me tell you…when she get’s going…she doesn’t care what or who it is…she’s wild I tell ya!”

“Looks fuckin’ hot…she didn’t always look like that…how’d you do this…drugs?”

“Nah…she started taking some stuff on her own…I give her the money to buy it though…I fuckin’ love comin’ home and finding her all fucked up and ready to go…but no…most of this was her idea…the clothes, the heels, the make up…I pushed those at first…but the rest, the tits, the attitude, staying fucked up all the time…nah, that was all her…she wants to be a internet porn star…I mean it!”

“And you bust that every night?”

“At least twice…usually a BJ and an assfuck…she really like it up the ass…but she’ll do it all.”

“Lucky bastard…now where’d she go?”

Marci was upstairs staring at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe it…Steve had actually brought someone home…to fuck her…and a black guy…with a big cock! Her mind was swirling…she was horny…really horny…and nervous…and she was eager…she wanted that big black cock!

She touched up her make up, lit another cigarette…the last one had burned to a nub as she gathered herself…and went back down stairs. On the third step, she literally felt her cunt drip down her leg inside her boot.

Steve had already made the drinks in her absence…he had a tall Cuervo waiting for her as he and Hump sat in opposite leather chairs.

“Where’d you go, babe…thought we lost you…poor Hump thought you were a racist or something.” Steve said with a teasing grin.

“Huh…uh…no…no, it’s not that at all…I mean…I never really thought about it…I guess I didn’t think you’d do it…I…uh…I just had to get myself together.”

She sat on the couch between them. She took a long draw from her drink and leaned back, crossing her long legs. “So, what happens now?”

“It’s your show, Babe…this is what you asked for…you do whatever you feel like.”

“I…I’m not sure…I mean…I’m not sure where to start.”

“Tell you what, Babe…I’m gonna change clothes…maybe take a shower…why don’t you and Hump get aquainted…I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Steve winked at Hump and went upstairs. Marci stared at the floor as she heard the shower start.

“Havin’ second thoughts, Marci?”

“No..I mean…yeah, maybe…I just never thought he’d do it…I kinda hoped he would…I’m just stunned.”

“Maybe I should take off…no hard feelings”, Hump said as he began to rise.

“NO…I mean…no, don’t go…I…I w-want t-this”, she stood up to face him. “I really do.” As she said that, she ran her long-nailed hand lightly across his fly. “Like I said…I just don’t know how to start.” She looked up into his eyes.

Hump stroked her cheek and ran his hand around the back of her neck. She felt his strong hand as he began to slowly press down. “I think you know exactly how to start….don’t you, Marci?”

Marci shuddered…he was taking control…he was telling her to suck his prick! She felt light headed as she squatted down, coming face to face with the huge swelling in his pants.

“Steve tells me you want another cock, is that right?”

“Uh huh.”, Marci said as her hand began to stroke the massive bulge.

“Well, why don’t you see if mine will do?”

Marci slowly reached up and began pulling the zipper down.

Finally, he was totally unzipped. She could see the outline of his cock running down the inside of his left pantsleg. He looked HUGE.

She reached in and fished out the biggest cock she had ever seen…bigger than Ted’s! It was jet black…with veins bulging…it looked muscular…like the rest of him. She lifted the head so that it pointed straight at her face.

“You know, some say that once you taste brown sugar, you never go back” Hump teased. “Now don’t go falling in love with my cock, Darlin’. Just enjoy yourself….go ahead…suck it…suck that cock!”

Moaning, Marci leaned forward and took as much of it as she could in one swallow. As talented as she had become, she couldn’t get half way down…and he wasn’t hard yet.

“Damn girl, that mouth is hot…that’s a sweet mouth, baby…but here….let me show you.” With that, Hump took his cock in his hand and began feeding it deeper and deeper into her throat. She swallowed and flexed…just like she did with Steve and Ted…but this was much bigger…her jaw was stretched as far as it would go.

“Don’t worry…it’ll take awhile…but once you can swallow this, you’ll be ghetto, baby…you’ll be addicted to black meat!”

Marci’s mind was racing…her heart was thumping…her cunt was dripping…this black man…Steve’s friend was using her throat…just like Lex…feeding her and impossibly large cock…forcing it down her throat…and she loved it! She loved the way the long black snake looked…how Hump smelled…how strong his hands were as he fed her his cock. Steve fucked her throat….held her head…but that seemed like nothing compared to this. An image flashed through her mind…her…squatting down in front of a long line of huge black men on a street corner…in a ghetto…a ghetto *WOMAN*…a tramp…she thought her clit would explode!

A few more minutes passed and she felt his cock growing…harder…longer…and she felt more and more sliding down her throat…she felt totally under Hump’s control…she breathed when he said to breathe…she ate his cock when he fed it to her…she was rubbing her clit constantly and felt a monster orgasm building deep inside her.

“What you want, *WOMAN*…wanna fuck my big cock…wanna take that cock up your little white ass, huh? Hump teased. He could tell she was about to pop. “You ever had a black man’s cum in your mouth, *WOMAN*?”

Marci opened her eyes and looked up into his face, her mouth still stuffed with cock. As best she could, she nodded her head “no”.

“Well, you will, *WOMAN*…you will…but now, I think I’m gonna try out that white cunt…whaddya say?” With that, he began pulling his long dick from her throat.

As soon as she felt the huge head slip from her lips, she immediately wanted it back…she craved the feeling of that big black dong stretching her lips. She panted as he pulled it away.

“Shhhhh, I know…I know…you’ll get it back soon…now….lay back…give me that white cunt.”

“Oh fuck me…fuck me…fuck that cunt…Oh God, pleeeeease!” Marci moaned, she felt as if she would burst if she didn’t have that big dick in her. She lay back and pulled her boot covered legs back, almost past her head…giving Hump total access to whichever hole he wanted.

“Nice cunt, *WOMAN*…I generally like my cunts pierced…but I guess it’ll have to do….after I stretch this out, you might wanna get it pierced!”

“Whatever…w-hatever you want…just fuck me with that black cock…oh please, just fuck me!”

Hump rubbed the giant head across her cunt lips…as wet as they were…it made an obscene squelching sound.

“You hot for it, *WOMAN*….are you?”

“Oh God, yeeeessssss……oh yeeesssssss!”

Hump rubbed it across her clit one more time…then lined up the big head between her lips and slowly pushed the thick monster inside. The head popped in as Marci squealed…the pain a white flash across her brain…but he didn’t stop…he didn’t need to as wet as she was…he was 9 inches in before he paused.

“Ever had a cock that deep, *WOMAN*?”

“N-n-nooooooo, never!”

“Might never again either…just remember what it feels like….that’s about 9…you might feel that again….but try this!”

With that, he pushed once more…it was slower now as her cunt stretched to accept the added length…but with only 2 or 3 more thrusts…he was buried to the balls.

“Ahhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhh-gnnnnnnngh!” Marci moaned as one monster orgasm rushed over the previous one. She was stretched so far, she could barely breathe, but she felt her whole body quiver…she was a rag doll…completely at the big man’s mercy.

Just when she thought she would pass out, she opened her eyes…and stared deeply into Steve’s.

“Is he rockin’ your world, Marci?” He asked .

“Uhhhhhh Huhhhhhhh!” was all she could say.

“Roll her over Hump, I want that mouth.”

“What do you say, Marci…want me to fuck your ass now?” Hump teased.

“Uuuuuuunnnggggg…..f-f-fuck yeeeeessssss……what ever you want, baby.”

“You wanna suck Steve’s cock?

Marci realized she didn’t give a fuck about Steve right then….all she cared about was Hump and his giant cock…”Sure…whatever…just fuck my ass.”

Steve grabbed her by the hair. “I don’t like the way that sounded, *WOMAN*….let me ask you again…do you wanna suck my cock?” Steve felt himself flush…he was getting pissed…and Hump was smiling!

“Y-yeah…sure, B-baby…I w-wanna suck it….just let h-him f-fuck my a-ass…ooooohhhh p-please baby!”

“Better…that’s better, *WOMAN*”.  He grabbed his stiff cock and rubbed it across her face…Hump’s cock had rubbed most of her sticky lipstick off, but Steve didn’t care…she looked hot…fucking hot…panting as she tried to take Hump’s nearly foot-long cock up her ass…her mouth hanging open…her new tongue stud glistening…her outfit…she looked absolutely fuckable…but right now, Steve wanted her mouth!

He grabbed her hair and fed his cock past her open lips. Her eyes were closed in effort as Hump worked his cock up her ass…she whimpered slightly as he fed his cock deeper…past her throat…all the way to the balls in one fluid stroke. She’d never been able to swallow him all at once…now she did it with almost no effort at all…in fact, he wasn’t really sure if she was paying much attention. Her throat felt different too…hot, wet…but not as snug as he was used to…almost like it had been stretched…”But that couldn’t really happen…could it?”

Marci’s ass was on fire…she saw blinding white flashes with each inch Hump worked up her ass…he was only half way in…and already, she was more full that she had ever been. She finally settled down and began to suck Steve’s cock as it pistoned out of her mouth and throat.

“Oh yeah…that’s it Marci…suck that cock….unnnnnnnghhhhh….fuck yeah!” Steve moaned.

Hump was paying Steve no attention at all…absorbed as he was with working another inch of his fat cock up her ass. So far, he’d loosened her up to the point that he could get 9 inches deep fairly easily. She was still tight…real tight…but he figured that in another couple of minutes, he’d be buried to the balls. He was surprised…this white chick was really into it…or at least…into his cock…she took a lot of length right away…Hump wondered if she’d been fucking around on Steve…or if she been using toys to get ready…either way, he could tell by the way she reacted to Steve when he told her to suck his cock, she was into size…she liked’em big…”I wonder if she’ll stay with Steve after this” he thought to himself as his balls mashed against Marci’s pussy…he was all the way in!

Marci felt it too…she felt like she had a baseball bat up her ass…it hurt some…but it drove her crazy with desire…she felt so *WOMAN*ty….big black cock up her ass…her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth…she loved this, and inside, she knew one cock would never be enough again!

Hump began to fuck her ass with slow, deep thrusts…she could feel her ass muscles cling to his veiny cock as it slid in and out. Marci was building to a massive cum…she could feel it welling up from her ass…building faster and faster as Hump began to fuck her faster now…her asshole had loosened to the point where he could pull back almost all the way and then drive the whole thing back to the balls…each time he did…the air rushed from her lungs…causing her spit to bubble around Steve’s dick as she sucked him. Hump could tell she was close…he pushed deep and reached around and squeezed her clit.

Marci went off like a firecracker…she felt her bladder release as her pussy and ass spasmed…Steve, seeing the violent orgasm, wisely pulled his dripping cock from her lips to prevent her from biting it off. She remained motionless for almost 30 seconds before letting out a deep, loud moan.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhnnngggggg…….Oh, Fuck……..ohhhhhnggg fuck, fuck fuck.”

Hump pulled his cock from her ass slowly. When he was all the way out, he paused to look at her wet, gaping asshole. Her once tight butt hung open like a dark cave…if he had wanted, he could have worked his hand up her ass. Marci, still dazed, immediately spun around…leaving Steve standing with his hard dick in his hand as she squatted and took Hump’s slick cock in her mouth. She pushed and pulled till she had most of it stuffed into her throat…she bathed his cock, running her wet lips and tongue stud all over his length. She felt his massive dick swell…he was about to cum…and she again drove it down her throat…she kept pushing…moaning and gagging until, finally…his huge nut sack settled on her chin.

Hump was shocked she actually swallowed his cock. “Oh, Fuck, *WOMAN*….fuck….eat this!

He erupted with the head half way down her throat…his first pulse went straight into her gullet….she pulled back as the second huge volley filled her mouth….a third overflowed her lips and dripped from her chin. She fought to swallow as much as she could, but finally, she jacked the remaining spurts all over her face. The sight of his girlfriend eating his friend’s cum was too much for Steve. He quickly moved close and grabbed her hair.

“Here’s more for you…you fuckin’ *WOMAN*!”. He pulled her head back and pushed his dick past her cum covered lips. 2 strokes and he blew another sizable load in her mouth and across her face…when he was finished…Marci’s face was absolutely coated and long strings hung from the corners of her mouth.

Marci gave Steve’s shrinking cock a final suck and stood. “Thank you boys…that was unbelievable…Hump, your cock’s magic…I’ve never felt anything like that…Sorry Stevie…you got the short end of it, but I promise…I’ll make it up…let me go wash my face and get straightened up…Then I want you both to fuck me!

Chapter 8 – Going Pro

Marci had been surprised at Steve’s reaction to that evening. Apparently, he’d gotten pissed off she was so into Hump…but with a prick like that, what was she supposed to do? He’d calmed down as the night went on. She’d made a special effort to make sure he got off big…she’d rimmed his ass and sucked his cock for hours as Hump drilled her with his monster cock. At the end, he and Hump had joked around and even mentioned that they’d have to get together again. But the next day, he seemed moody…distant. She tried her best to cheer him up…she’d fucked him and sucked him as usual…and even tried a few new outfits she’d thought he’d like…but by the end of the week, Marci was beginning to get frustrated…no, she was getting pissed at his grumpy behavior. He never called her “Marci” or “Babe” anymore…just “*WOMAN*”…and while that really didn’t bother her, it was clear he was doing it on purpose…to try and hurt her. He even ignored her requests for help in setting up MarciWorld. Hump had been a big help…but Steve just never found time. Finally, she’d had enough…they had to talk…if Steve finally discovered that this whole *WOMAN* thing was more than he bargained for…so be it…she wasn’t going back to her old life…She’d stopped by several of the strip clubs and found that she could start immediately…one owner even promised a $5,000 bonus if she’d start this week, so money wouldn’t be a problem. Steve needed to get his head out of his ass, or she was leaving!

Marci figured Saturday evening would be the best time…she’d have time to prepare a special outfit…order in a great meal…”Fuck, it’ll almost be romantic, except for the fact that at some point, I’ll be licking his ass…and he’ll be fucking me in mine!” 

Saturday arrived and the day went as Marci had planned…Steve, spent most of the day watching football with his buddies while she had her hair and nails touched up, her wax re-done and her attitude fixed on working this thing out…one way or the other. Hump had even offered her a place to stay…if things went bad. She hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

The outfit she had chosen was conservative for Marci…very conservative considering what she had been wearing…or almost wearing…for the last several months. It was one that she had worn that first night at Whale Tails…a simple black mini and a cropped short-sleeved top…just like before…but so much had changed. She now bulged out of the top, her new titties straining against the fabric. Her honey blonde hair was a long, curly mass on her head. She stared at her self as she applied her make-up…she remembered how she used to look…plain…wholesome…pretty, sure…but just like a ton of other pretty girls looking for the right guy to meet, marry and have a bunch of kids with…but that girl was long gone…she was dead as far as she was concerned.

“That chick never knew what it was like to stop a room cold…feel every man in the place dream of fuckin’ you…she never felt that…never knew the satisfaction of making a man’s real fantasies…the dark ones he doesn’t talk about… come true. That chick never let go…never came like I cum…never took a cock down her throat…up her ass…that chick had never fucked two guys until they couldn’t fuck anymore…fuck’em, and know that they hadn’t thought of another woman the entire time!”

Marci lit a cigarette and took a long pull. She looked at the temptress in the mirror…she was beautiful…*WOMAN*ty…she’d like her lips a little bigger…maybe her tits too…she couldn’t believe that one…they had seemed so huge when she got them…now, she wished they were bigger…but they were so sexy anyway. She blew out a long, gray stream of smoke and stared into her too-green eyes…she was a *WOMAN*…trashy…sleazy…perverted…obviously built for sex….”Perfect”, she thought to herself.

She slipped into her 5-inch acrylic slides…after all, she couldn’t go back to her old wedges…could she? Steve would be home in 30 minutes. With that in mind, she took one last look at herself and walked into the bathroom…she needed her buttplug…and she wanted to try the exstasy/meth blend Hump had given her. He said all the strippers used it. It would be her first try snorting the stuff…but what the fuck…she liked Hump, and he obviously liked her…”He wouldn’t try to hurt me…Hell, if Stevie fucks up…he might get to fuck my ass every night!”

By The time Steve got home, Marci was blasted. The stuff she snorted hit her all at once…no easy slide into giddiness…then horniness. As soon as she raised her head from the counter, she knew this was different. She looked into her eyes and watched her pupils dilate. Her face flushed too, but you couldn’t tell it under the thick base make-up. She reached for a cigarette…her hands were shaking and she felt her stomach tighten.

“Am I alright…did I do it right…did I do too much?” she thought as her internal spring tightened…tighter and tighter…she felt ready to jump out of her skin. She looked down and noticed that her freshly waxed cunt was literally oozing. She rubbed her clit and she thought her head would blow off. She still felt weird…but her clit was on fire…she was hornier than she had ever been in her life! She bounced from the chair to find her buttplug…she felt everything was moving in fast motion. She lubed her plug and rammed it into her ass…she exploded as soon as her sphincter closed around the stem.

“Unnnnngh…fuckin’ yyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!” she wailed. Instead of ending, her orgasm just seemed to lessen a bit…not quite over…not quite through…as she walked back into the bedroom, she felt if she was in one long, tingly cum!

“Oh FUCK this is good shit!” she thought. “Why didn’t Stevie get me this before?”

She was putting on her second pair of large hoop earrings as Steve came in.  She felt like skipping out to him, but she restrained herself. She lit a cigarette…her hands had stopped shaking so much…and slowly strutted into the living room.

“Hi *WOMAN*…still trying to fit into your old stuff?”

“No Baby…just thought it would remind you of good times…that first night at the bar when I dressed up for you…you saw me smokin’ for the first time…told me how you loved *WOMAN*ty women and all.” As she said this last past, she slid against him and ran her long-nailed hand across his crotch. “You remember, don’t you Baby?” She didn’t notice how slurred her words were.

“Yeah…I remember…you looked so unsure of yourself that night…not like now.”

“But this is what you wanted…isn’t it, Baby…your own fuckin’, suckin’, cum-eatin’ pornstar?” She squatted down with spread legs and began unzipping his fly…her long brown cigarette still held in her fingers. “You wanted a *WOMAN* that would do anything you wanted…deepthroat…anal…lick your asshole…eat your cum…fuck your buddies..” She licked up the front of his swelling cock.

Steve could feel her tongue stud as it slid across the head of his dick. “I never said anything about fuckin’ my buddies…that was all your idea, *WOMAN*!” His eyes flashed as he said it…but his cock was still growing.

Marci slid his cock down her throat…all the way to the balls. She heard Steve moan. She slid it back out and stroked his length with her hand. She took a long drag off her cigarette. “You know you liked it…seeing me get fucked by that big, black cock…fuckin’ me in my ass…fuckin’ me while you fucked my throat…you loved it!”

Steve couldn’t believe how erotic she looked. His stiff dick in one had, her cigarette in the other…her face surrounded by a thin cloud of cigarette smoke…squatting in front of him…sucking his cock. “Ok..Ok…I liked it…but you were, it was like I wasn’t there, Marci!” That was the first time he had used her name since that night.

All the way back down her throat…it was tight and wet…like it used to be…when she was just his *WOMAN*. When she pulled back, a long sliver of spit connected her lips to his cock. Another puff of the cigarette…

“I wanted another cock…you brought Hump…deep down, you wanted to see me fuck that huge, black cock…that’s why you brought him…but once it started, you got jealous…didn’t you, Stud?”

Steve didn’t know what to say…as fucked up as she obviously was…she was right! All his buddies knew about Hump’s cock…it was legend in the locker room. It was a joke amongst his friends…Steve knew what was coming…wanted to see it. He reached around and grabbed a hand full of hair.

“Yeah…yeah, I guess I did…I wanted to see you get fucked…take a monster cock up your ass…see what a real *WOMAN* you were.” Marci’s hands pulled on his hips as he fed her his cock. “But now that I know…that I’ve seen it…I guess I worry my cock just ain’t enough for you.” As he said that, he slid his entire length down her throat, his swollen ball sack resting on her chin. “Is that enough cock for you, Marci…is it, *WOMAN*?”

Marci pulled her head free and slid the cock from her throat. “Probably not…not all the time…I liked it too much...I loved fuckin’ both of you…I loved that big cock up my ass…down my throat…one cock will never be enough.” She slid it deep again.

“Ohhhh, fuuuuuck….fuck, Marci….what are you sayin’…you leavin’ me…we’re done?” His tone had changed…weaker…and his cock had softened a bit.

“I’m saying that I love cock…that no man can give me all that I want…I don’t want to leave…I don’t want it to be over…but unless you get your head out of your ass and quit treatin’ me like shit…I’ll find somewhere else to live and you can find yourself another chick…see if she can make your cock this hard!”

With that, Marci attacked his cock with gusto. Over and over again she slammed his length down her throat…a final few strokes…and Steve erupted. She pulled back so she could catch all of it in her mouth. “Not as much as Tom or Hump…but it’ll do.” She looked at him, her eyes smoldering. She opened her mouth and showed him the thick, white gob. With that, she swallowed it all in one gulp. She smiled and took a final drag off her cigarette before she crushed it out. “I guess you got some decisions to make, Stud…and you better make it quick..cause this *WOMAN*’s goin’ pro!”

After dinner…Steve ate and Marci drank…Steve’s mood had lightened. He offered to take pitures for MarciWorld. Marci put on an erotic fashion show…rather modest for her standards at the beginning…but as time wore on and the dresses became *WOMAN*tier, the pictures did as well. Finally, Steve couldn’t take anymore. He pushed her back, slid up the orange latex dress and brought his head down to her steaming cunt.

Marci didn’t know what to think….Steve hadn’t eaten her pussy for months…many months…and now…would he….

“Ohhhhhhhhhng….fuuuuuuuuuuck….ogghhhhhhhhhh!” She wailed as she felt his tongue slide across her bare clit. She exploded immediately. Once more, her orgasm didn’t really end…it just flowed from one to the next. Steve had her boot covered legs pushed back to her chest. He nuzzled her clit…pulling the swollen bud with his teeth. As he did so, he twisted the buttplug…working it free. It popped out just as Marci came again. As he continued his assault on her clit, he reached over to the table and grabbed her 10-inch vibe. He reached up, sliding the vibe across her lips. Marci had her eyes closed, but her mouth popped open wide. He slid the vibe into her mouth. Her hand came up quickly and grabbed the vibe…she began working the long vibe down her throat…nearly all the way to the on/off switch. As she slid it out, Steve took it from her and slid the now-slick prong up he ass. The combination of forgotten tongue on her clit and the vibe up her ass was too much…in her drugged state, she kept going higher and higher until everything went black.

Steve took several more pictures after she had passed out…they were outrageous…his gorgeous *WOMAN*, made up and decked out…drool coming from her mouth and cunt…vibe still clenched in her ass…that would look good on the internet!

Steve decided that having a *WOMAN* came with baggage…but that he was not prepared to let it go. He told Marci that he would try and get over the initial shock of her reaction to Hump…that she could fuck whoever she wanted…as long as she stayed clean and disease-free. That…and as long as he got first dibs on her anytime he wanted. Marci’s reaction was to give Steve the fuckin’ of his life!

Without her knowledge, Steve began posting some of the shots they had taken that night on the internet…at first, just in newsgroups……the largest and most diverse group he could find. The response was amazing. Calls for more pics flooded in every time he posted. He then tried a few of the more focused Yahoo groups. After searching for awhile…Yahoo had taken their directory of Adult groups off line…he discovered “Bimbo*WOMAN*z”. It was largely a collection of stories…the pictures were re-treads for the most part…but the essence of the group seemed consistent with what he was looking for. He posted 4 pics from that night. One, Marci was dressed in the outfit she had on when he arrived….sexy enough, but modest by her later shots. The pic had Marci sitting on a barstool smoking a cigarette. The look on her face was pure lust. The others were more revealing…one in latex…one in a bodystocking…and finally, one with her tits pushed together and her long, pierced tongue licking a nipple.

Steve didn’t check back for several days. During this time, he and Marci took more and more pictures…Marci decided she would show her cunt…and the next day was spent with her legs spread and her cunt dripping wet. Marci told Steve about the Ex/Meth combo that Hump had given her. He knew she was on something different…she was wet and horny all the time…so he promised her that he would call Hump and find where he could get more…he even mentioned that maybe he would ask Hump to deliver it himself!

The response in Bimbo*WOMAN*z was amazing. There were over 30 posts about her pics…all saying that she was the hottest thing they had seen in years. Steve showed it to Marci one night after a hot anal session.

 “I want to show you something.”

“What, Stud” she said, lighting a cigarette.

“I took the liberty of posting some of your pictures on the web….wanna see the response.”

“You what!…which ones…I can’t believe you did that…er…what’d they say!”

“They say you’re the hottest thing to hit the web in years…that if you wanted, you could be bigger than Wifey…Erin…any of those!”

“Really” she squealed…”did anybody say they wanted to fuck me?”

“Not directly…remember…I just posted the first ones we took…didn’t even show your pussy…and I think they might be worried about pissing your boyfriend off or something…but everyone like them!”

Marci reached over and grabbed his hardening dick. She dropped her head and swallowed it down. After a few strokes, she pulled the stiff prick from her mouth and straddled him, facing the computer. She slid his prick up her ass with no resistance at all.

“Ohhhhh fuck, yeah…that’s it Stud….now, let’s post some real pictures!”

Marci’s choices were much more explicit. She posted one of her in her red latex dress with her legs spread…her juicy pussy on display. Another showed her ass…one with her sucking a vibe…her freshly painted lips leaving a red ring around the shaft…finally, one with her cunt and ass filled with sex toys. The look on her face was as *WOMAN*ty as Steve had ever seen!

The response to these was even greater. Several guys claimed they had jerked off time and again to the pics of her. One said she was the hottest *WOMAN* he had ever seen…and another offered suggestions on how she could take her look even farther. Marci’s reaction to this new attention was that she couldn’t get enough. She spent nearly every waking hour…which was most of the time now that she was using the Ex/Meth daily, either posing, fucking or reading the responses.

After a week of Bimbo*WOMAN*z, Marci decided that it was time to get MarciWorld off the ground. “If they like it that much, surely they’ll pay for the hard stuff….right?”

“I think so…but remember, once you start this, you have to keep it updated…which means you have to take new pictures and video clips every week.”

“Video clips…of…of me fuckin’? Marci seemed a little scared.

“Not at first…just sexy dancing and posing…like Erin…you decide how far you want to go.”

“Cool…when can I start?”

“As soon as you show me how bad you want to do it!”

“Mouth ass or cunt, Stud…or you wanna go round the world?” she said with a devilish grin.

“Mouth I think…but let me get the camera first!”

2 month later, MarciWorld boasted 500 loyal members. Marci was estatic…she couldn’t believe that people would pay her $60,000 a year just to look at pictures of her strutting around and spreading her cunt! That was 3 times as much as she had ever made in her life! So far she had resisted going hardcore…she had plenty of material…Steve photographed her every time he fucked her…and the last time Hump had come over, Steve had mainly snapped pictures. He’d gotten off too…but not before taking pictures that made her look like the biggest *WOMAN* in the world!

She sat at the computer looking at a picture of herself swallowing Hump’s massive cock. Her painted lips were spread wide as her long-nailed hand fed the monster into her mouth. She took a long drag from her cigarette…she hadn’t seen anything like that on the web…and she’d been looking. None of the armature girls went that far…most fucked their husband or boyfriend…one even went with a black cock occasionally…but most didn’t look like their heart was in  it. She’d have to talk to Stevie about it…

Things had improved dramatically with Steve. He really seemed to get into the sex site thing…and he was very good with the camera. He told her to use all of the money from the site to buy clothes, make-up, sex toys…whatever she needed to keep the fantasy alive. That, coupled with the drugs, an occasional strange cock and Steve’s improved attitude made Marci one very contented…and one very horny *WOMAN*!

The feedback she received was amazing. The guys loved her…and they told her so through their emails and gifts. One guy sent her outfit after outfit…all sleazy…so that she would model them in her pictures. Another kept asking her to have her clit pierced…something that Hump mentioned every time he fucked her...and another wanted her to get tattoo’s…but the general consensus was that she was the hottest thing on the web!



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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Thank you so much! I can't believe how quick I've read it ;)


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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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awesome story, thanks for posting!!!!


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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Fantastic story. Thanks.


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Re: Marci’s Makeover
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Amazing story!  I love the drugs/booze/cigs layered in there too.  Would love to read more like this!