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Anything new on this babe spiritualbimb0?
I feel like her butt is underappreciated here

Very true.
Escorts / Re: Toronto
« Last post by happywanderer on Today at 05:20:35 am »
“Too many guys here go for, quote, all natural look, and shame the shit out of women that want big implants, it's tragic”

Too true, and the main review board (terb) has a decidedly tilted bias when it comes to implants. I’ve found that the vast majority will not go for a gal who has implants. A minority of those will be quite hostile to even the idea of a SP wanting implants. Toronto is a very trendy town in that it doesn’t stay “loyal” to something for long. SCs and MPs not even maybe ten or fifteen years ago were rife with fake tits, but now, barely any… or close to.
Models / Glamour / Re: MrsPineappleGoddess (No Private Content)
« Last post by dnver918 on Today at 04:15:33 am »
She is amazing.  Thinking about joining her OF, anyone know if it is worth it?

Amateurs / Re: pippenpie
« Last post by holdhotter on Today at 03:53:41 am »
anyone know how much 2000cc content is on her OF?
Identification / Re: Tattooed breasts German webcam Susi?
« Last post by demosthenes on Today at 03:53:33 am »
Escorts / Re: Danielle Derek
« Last post by GoingEasy on Today at 03:19:30 am »

fake website
the email address is valid, the rates were valid a yr ago. 
she doesn't maintain this website, it was created once, and never amended
Adult Entertainers / Re: Danielle Derek
« Last post by GoingEasy on Today at 03:12:27 am »
the pics in red dress i think was a score photo shoot,  never a vid
Identification / Tattooed breasts German webcam Susi?
« Last post by EZK123 on Today at 03:05:05 am »
Anybody know more about this tattoed lady luring peoples attention, but with no profile of her own?
Escorts / Re: Deborah / Anna Sashegyi / Anna S Wayne".
« Last post by EZK123 on Today at 03:00:22 am »
Any links to her whereabouts these days?
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