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Does anyone know them? Or has tested them once?

Had appeared briefly on the forum years ago.

Does anyone know her name or find her Instagram, Twitter or Onlyfans account?

Or is she fake?

She is also in Vienna. Havn't found any report from her

I`ll help you save money, she has a lot of negative reviews (Meredit now, earlier as Ashanti):
In this post she suggested one guy to take her shopping first for 1900E, then meet him later for 1h for 400E.... >:(
on the you will find many other negative opinions (Meredit, Ashanti)
Keep save your money better ;) 8)

I would suggest to you that "hottest escort ever", or really anything about the hottest girl, etc. is quite subjective. This girl would not make it in my top 10 of girls even in my city.

I've met her a few times over the years. Her real name starts with an R.
She was hotter and had a better attitude when she was younger.
I think she's barely 25 but the mileage makes it feels like she's older. She  was 19 first time we met.

She can be great fun or terribly frustrating. Unreliable and unstable. But with the right luck, you might be in for an amazing time. But most likely she won't meet you or cancel in the last minte. Or just ghost your appointment.
Or show up and not be in the mood, argue with you, hustle you.. Good luck.


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