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"Professionalism" with XXL implants?


I am a pre-HRT trans-fem, but I have started to use a breastplate in the meantime, mostly to get used to the weight and figure out where (if anywhere) I need to strengthen/work on, and I am concerned about one major thing.

I work in engineering, but because of my job, I am remote nearly all the time. As such, I only go in about once every couple months, if that. However, I REALLY like the look and feel of the largest breastplate I own, which is a monstrous "S-cup" from Roanyer (they are filed with the silicone gel, so they are also HEAVY, but I like that, like a big hug all the time!).

How hard would it be to hide something like this the once in a while I go in? We usually work in a testing space, and even then, I don't directly handle equipment but once a year, maybe. I am thinking about possibly getting at LEAST 2000cc, but 300+ is most definitely NOT out of the question. Would it be possible to wear looser clothing and a tighter bra or something? I don't want to risk popping the implant by binding it too tightly, that would suck worse than anything else.

thanks for any help!

Depends entirely on how tall you are, how you dress etc. Post some pictures so we can help more? The best solution is to test out sizes and clothes, go out for a coffee or a drink and see if people look at you, make any comments etc


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