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Author Topic: New "Barbie" genre within porn  (Read 38004 times)


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #30 on: April 27, 2011, 02:45:40 am »
And here's a new porn scenario! It's a bit long and not quite as I wanted it to turn out. If anyone has any more suggestions for tasks/games they could play in the game show to show off how hot and slutty the barbie doll babes are and how useless the natural girl is, I'd love to hear them. Here's what I've got for now:

Candi and Lexi had always klnown they were the hottest girls at school. Now they'd turned 18 and were free from their parents, they spent their weeks shopping for sexy, skimpy clubbing outfits, makeup and jewellery and spent their weekends partying. At one pool party a tall, hunky, strong looking guy with a bottle of champagne in each hand started approaching them. He gave each of them a bottle and told them to start drinking it like it was water. They got talking and Candi and Lexi learned the guy's name was Shane and that he worked in TV.

The girls told Shane they'd been working on their image since finishing school. Both had saved up to get their tits done and get them pumped up on their 18th birthdays so they were perfect, round, firm, totally fake looking beautiful tits. Shane said “but I bet you girls are short on cash after getting such amazing tits. I know you love shopping, so how about I help you out with some money?” Candi and Lexi watched as Shane pulled out a wad of $100 bills from his pocket and just started flicking them one by one at the girls, most of them ending in the pool they were sitting next to. He laughed as they failed at catching the money as it fell through the air. “There's an easier way to get your hands on that, girls” said Shane. “How, Shane?” asked the girls. “First, I wanna see you down those drinks”. Candi and Lexi tipped back the bottles of champagne and started downing it, some of the drink running down their chins and in between their big fake tits. They didn't know the champagne was worth more than all the schoolbooks a child in poverty would need, but they wouldn't care even if they did.

A few guys who'd been watching cheered as Candi and Lexi finished off the champagne and Candi fell forwards, putting her hand out to steady herself and finding it resting on Shane's dick. It was big, and getting hard pretty quickly. She didn't move it. Candi had seen some of her older brother's porn once and knew how to get the guy who's dick you wanted inside you. She started rubbing. Shane let the 18-year-old get him hard while Lexi watched with a kind of cute but naughty smile on her face, seeing her best friend being a little*WOMAN*in front of a bunch of guys, but Shane stopped her just as she went to pull down his shorts.

“I think you girls are just what I've been looking for” he said.

“Cos we've got nice tits?” asked Lexi.

“That, and also you look like girls who know what guys really want. I want you to come to my TV studio next week and show everyone what good girls you are for knowing how to please a guy. It'll be fun! Oh, and bring a girl you knew at school. You know the sort who was a complete loser and nerd and didn't have any friends, never got invited to any parties and never grew any tits? Bring her. Tell her you want to help her get a makeover or something”.

Candi and Lexi were looking forward to showing Shane what they could do with their tight bodies, but didn't get why he wanted them to bring some ugly bitch along too. They'd chosen Suzi. She was kind of pretty, but had never made anything out of herself. She was going to study math at university. Candi and Lexi called her up one evening and told her they felt bad for teasing her about how she looked and for being a geek at school and wanted to help her improve her image before she went away to study.

The next week, Candi and Lexi in their minidresses and with their platinum blonde hair, makeup and 6-inch heels, along with Suzi looking, well, like a flat chested geeky loser, turned up at Shane's studio. Shane came out to meet them and immediately tucked a few $100 bills into Candi and Lexi's bras. He didn't even say anything to Suzi, but just said “come through her girls, and bring that thing with you”. Candi and Lexi smiled at each other as they realised he meant Suzi. They had a feeling today was going to be a fun day, as they followed Shane into a large TV studio.

In the studio a low stage had been set up, with space for a standing audience all around it. On the stage were three seats. Two were big pink thrones, covered in glittering diamonds and gold plating with “BARBIE” inlaid into the back of them in sparkling pink gems. The third was a three-legged stool set before a school-desk. “Take your seats, girls” said Shane, and Candi and Lexi headed straight for their barbie thrones, leaving Suzi with the school-desk. Suzi looked at Shane and asked “Is this where I'll get the makeover?”.
“Just shut the fuck up and sit down” said Shane. Lexi giggled as she saw the hurt expression on Suzi's face.
“It's just like back at college. You're the pathetic nerd and we're the hot princesses!” said Lexi.
“That's right”, said Shane, “and we're gonna show everyone just how important it is to be the hot princess and how sad and pathetic it is to be a loser like this bitch.”

Suzi wanted to leave, but she found herself enjoying being this close to the girls she'd hated at school but had secretly envied and admired. She realised that Shane and Lexi were right – she was pathetic. She was a flat chested loser.

As Suzi realised what she was and how perfect Candi and Lexi were, the studio filled with guys and some hip hop with a heavy bass started pumping out. Candi and Lexi noticed they looked like the guys from the football team at college who they used to party with. They actually recognised some of the guys in the audience. The cameras suddenly had cameramen moving them around and taking close-ups of every inch of Candi and Lexi's bodies. They loved getting all this attention.

Shane got up onto the stage with a microphone in his hand. “We're live on air everybody! Are you ready to see some hot girls doing what they're best at?” he shouted down the mic. The crowd of strong, muscular guys cheered.  “Then let's start the games!”. A girl with even more fake-looking tits than Candi and Lexi came on stage wheeling along a prop. It was a fairly tall plastic wall with a hole cut into it where the average woman's face would be.

“Candi, please step up to the wall”  said Shane.

Candi walked towards the wall and stood with her tits touching against it. Her firm, fake tits meant her nose was still about an inch from the wall. The crowd cheered and as Candi walked back towards her throne, blowing the crowd a kiss and feeling up one of her own tits, Shane pulled up her minidress and tucked a few hundred dollars into her thong.

Lexi got the same treatment and Shane rewarded her for getting herself such amazing tits with another few hundred dollars. “And next.....the flatty!!” Shane announced.

Two hot barbie girls led Suzi up to the wall. The music was still pumping and the crowd was laughing as Suzi was pushed up against the wall, her face clearly through the cut-out section.

“And her tits are too small!” jeered Shane. Candi and Lexi were laughing at Suzi's saddened face still framed by the hole in the wall.

“We can't let this flat chested girl let us down, guys” said Shane. “Give this bitch a dick slapping!”

The area of the stage Suzi, the two bimbos holding her and the wall were standing on began to lower until Suzi's face was at about waist-height of everyone else on stage. A line-up of guys came on stage, each being fluffed by a hot girl. “Suzi, this is probably the closest you'll ever get to giving a guy a blowjob” said Shane. One of the bimbos fluffing the guy at the end of the line nearest Suzi blew a whistle and the first guy stood in front of Suzi and slapped her face with his dick. The cameras came in to get a close-up, the footage being shown live on TVs everywhere.
Big hard dick after dick slapped Suzi while the crowd cheered and Candi and Lexi laughed at the site of the nerdy loser coming so close to the cock she must crave but could never have. After about 15 guys teaching Suzi the importance of looking after your image by getting fake tits, Suzi was sent back to her desk.

“Next we're gonna see our girls dancing” said Shane. “We've got three poles them to use and whichever girl has the fewest guys around her tucking money into her bra and thong loses.”

Candi and Lexi took their positions at two of the poles and immediately removed their minidresses – they'd spent enough time in clubs seeing the dancers there to know that a hot girl never pole dancers wearing more than her underwear. Suzi stood next to her pole. She felt so self conscious, she didn't want to strip, and anyway, she was wearing granny pants, like so many geeky girls do. No guy should have to see that. She already felt such a failure, but so wanted more of the cock she'd just been slapped with.

Some club music started playing and Candi and Lexi were working their bodies like they did every weekend in the clubs, grinding against the guys dicks when they joined them on stage and sliding up and down the poles, showing off every curve of their tight, amazing bodies. The guys surrounding them were tucking money into their bra and thong so the girls were already worth  few grand each. Suzi was still worth fuck all. She tried spinning round the pole, like it was some kind of kid's game. This girl knew nothing about dancing for guys.

“It was clear from the start, Suzi is the loser! She didn't even get her kit off. Candi and Lexi keep the money they've earned, like proper barbie doll babes working for their money. It's time to punish the loser! Candi, Lexi, will you two show our useless contestant how much she should be wearing?”

As Candi and Lexi moved towards Suzi, two of the studs took hold of Suzi's arms and held her while Candi and Lexi stripped off Suzi's clothes, ripping off the ugly, unattractive clothing and throwing it aside. The cameras were catching it all close up.

“I'll remind our studio audience, but mainly Suzi, that all this is being broadcast live to millions of viewers. So pay attention girls watching this: Candi and Lexi are revealing what you'll end up looking like if you spend too much time with your books and not enough time on your looks.”

Suzi was now naked apart from a very boring, conservative bra and some frumpy pants. As Candi and Lexi stepped back to show the image of what girls should avoid looking like, the platform Suzi and her pole were on began to rise. It reached about the height of a man before it started slowly rotating.

“Now that you're more appropriately dressed, show us your best slutty dance, Suzi” said Shane. “The worse the guys in the audience think your dancing is, the faster you'll spin!”

Suzi started dancing, with the guys in the crowd jeering her pathetic attempts to be sexy. The platform started spinning faster. Suzi stumbled and the crowd and Candi and Lexi laughed. Suzi carried on trying to dance for the men, but she was useless. The crowd was just laughing at her now and the platform spun round faster and faster until Suzi was flung off it into the crash mats on the floor around it.

Shane struggled to get his words out through the laughter – this loser was providing great entertainment.

“Now for the next challenge” said Shane. “We're going to take the girls out onto the street and see what the guys out there think of them.”

The cameras followed Shane, Candi, Lexi and Suzi outside and Shane led the girls to three separate areas in an open area outside the studio. It was a pretty busy area with stores and coffee shops around it. Through a mega-phone he announced to all the passing guys “This is like a game of 'fuck, marry, avoid', except our version is just 'fuck or throw your trash at her to show her just how unlikely you are to ever fuck her, the ugly bitch'. It's simple, just throw any trash you've got at the ugly girl, fuck it, just empty a fuckin garbage can on her, or step up to the girl you wanna fuck and show her just how much of a hot, sexy little fuckslut she is!”.

A bunch of about 20 year old guys, maybe college students, were walking past and had already started throwing their trash at Suzi. As they headed towards Candi and Lexi, they split up, 3 going to each girl. Gradually more guys were doing the same, a few of them coming out of the coffee shops just to join in the game. As the litter built up around Suzi, including the contents of a few of the garbage cans outside the stores and coffee shops, Candi and Lexi were becoming hidden behind crowds of guys.

The cameras did a good job of getting a view though and showed Candi getting felt up by some of the college guys, her tits popped out of her tight minidress and getting sucked on while another guy was rubbing her pussy. Lexi hadn't wasted any time in showing these guys how much of a fuckdoll she could be and was on her knees, surrounded by hard, throbbing dicks, sucking and jerking off as many as possible. Occasionally a guy would come forward and slap her in the face with his dick. Lexi laughed and started paying him some attention. She wanted to please all the boys.

Shane was enjoying the sight at Suzi's area, as a group of about 19-20 year old girls, maybe even from the same college as the guys, all working the barbie doll look threw their trash at Suzi, calling her a 'flat chested nerd' and 'fat ugly bitch'. Shane handed the group of girls a few grand for their efforts and took a quick feel of their tits, telling them they were on the right track to become the next big stars and pointing them towards Candi and Lexi to show them what they could be like.

There were already other girls standing around the group of guys surrounding Candi and Lexi. Several of them were waiting for their boyfriends who had decided those two hot little sluts were too good to ignore. When the cameras clearly showed Candi and Lexi had pleased the crowds and were covered in cum, Shane declared them the winners.

Back in the studio, Candi and Lexi got showered. On stage, obviously, in front of the crowd and stepping out of the steaming shower completely naked. Suzi got given a water hose outside to wash herself down with. No one wants to see a girl like her in the shower.

When all the girls were back in their clothes (or what remained of Suzi's torn outfit), Shane asked Candi and Lexi whether they'd enjoyed the day and which was their favourite bit. “I loved it” said Candi, “especially stripping Suzi to show girls the dangers of not looking after your body. I really think I've helped other girls out there to make themselves look more perfect. Like me!”
“And Lexi?” asked Shane. “I loved all of it, and seeing Suzi getting dickslapped was hilarious – the closest that loser has ever come to cock. But my favourite bit was being surrounded by cock in the street. I loved knowing that those guys must have wives and girlfriends, but they can't resist a hot fuckslut like me!”

“Give it up for our two top barbie fuckdolls!” shouted Shane and the crowd cheered, throwing yet more money at the two girls.

“And Suzi, what have you learned from today?”

“That I want, I NEED fake tits. I've wanted them for ages but I've just been in denial. Today made me realise what I could have if I looked more like Candi and Lexi. They used to call me a nerd and a loser at school and now I realise they were totally right. I want to change. So I'm gonna start going to the gym every day, I'm gonna save up for a boob job and once I've got that I'm gonna wear the skimpiest outfits ever and the highest high heels and show myself off to all the boys.”

“Suzi”, said Shane “it looks like we've done a good thing for you and many other girls today. Natural tits just don't cut it any more and because of what you've just said, I'm going to fund your new tits myself!”

Suzi screamed with happiness and hugged Shane. “Can I suck your dick?” she asked, wanted to show her appreciation. “No offence” said Shane, “but right now you're still fuckin ugly”. Candi and Lexi laughed as they unzipped Shane's jeans to show him just how much fun they'd had that day.


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #31 on: April 27, 2011, 08:18:47 pm »
love the work! please keep it coming.

this isnt exactly barbie... but it is close.

Video has been deleted!


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #32 on: July 04, 2011, 12:29:05 am »
It's been a while, but here's my latest effort. It's long and I think I could've cut to the point a bit more, but can't be fucked with editing it now. Hope it's enjoyable anyway!

Every Friday Britney turned up at Ramone's house along with about 20 other girls. All the other girls, like Britney, were skinny, well tanned, had big firm fake tits, make-up on all the time, wore tight, skimpy outfits that never covered up more than just their tits, their cunt and up to half of any other parts of their body and high heels no shorter than 6 inches. They were also all aged between 18 and 25. Why were all these hot young girls coming over to Ramone's? Because it was the weekly Fuckslut Face-off. And why do they all have their tans, fake tits, skimpy outfits and make-up? Because it's the rules.

Ramone is rich. He lives in a huge mansion in LA with 10 cars parked outside, none more than a year old and none cost less than $250,000. He has a couple of pools, including one massive outdoor pool for summer parties with his mates and a load of hot girls. He made his money as the best porn producer ever known. All the top girls worked for him, he got thousands of applications every month from guys wanting to work with him, wanting to get a taste of the amazing life he lives. Nowadays, having made over a billion dollars at only 28 years of age, he was technically “retired”, which for Ramone meant living the dream – living in a porn movie.

Britney and the other girls were let in by one of Ramone's servants and led through to a large, tall circular room with raised seating all around the edge, like a stadium. The room was packed full of guys. Every week any guy could buy a ticket to the Fuckslut Face-off. It was just like going to see a basketball game. All around the walls, above where the crowd of guys were sitting were huge flatscreen TVs, all showing the same video of a naked girl with impressive fake tits and about 15 guys around her, a few of them with their dicks in her, others getting jerked or sucked off by her. Occasionally the words “Champion Fuckslut” would show up on the screen and the video would change to another girl being a total slut.

The crowd cheered as the girls entered the arena. Ramone was there to greet them and as the girls lined up, he went along the line and checked out each girl. He felt their tits, measured their waist and finally put his hand down their tight miniskirt and rubbed their clit. He came to one girl and, after feeling her tits and measuring her waist, he gave a thumbs down to some guys up in a box separate from the rest of the crowd around the arena. Suddenly on the screens in big red letters, like an alarm, the words “Natural tits” and “Fatty” kept flashing. The crowd started to boo. The stupid bitch had turned up with a shit pair of sagging natural boobs that were good for fuck all and she'd been piling on the pounds with a waist over an inch larger than any of the other girls. By most standards, she'd be fairly thin, maybe average, but average wasn't good enough for Ramone. To him, she was fat and didn't care about how she looked for him and all the other guys watching. She had to go.

As some security guards threw the fat natural girl out of a rubbish chute Ramone had specially made for the arena (it never had actual rubbish thrown down it, just rubbish ugly bitches), Ramone finished checking the girls and then announced through a mic, “These girls are here to beat each other. Each girl wants to be the best little*WOMAN*for all of you here today. Each babe wants to take as much cock as she can, as much cum as she can and please as many guys as she can by being a dirty fucking*WOMAN*right here, live, in front of all of you!” The crowd cheered – it was gonna be a good show.

“So here's how it works”, Ramone went on, “each of you has a pad with buttons on it. You constantly vote to say whether or not you like what you see. If a girl's rating falls below 50% of all of you liking what she's doing in the arena, she immediately gets kicked out after being taught her lesson for not being a good enough slut. I love that part, haha. Each girl gets 10 minutes to keep your dicks hard and her rating high. After the first round, the remaining girls will enter the arena together and enough of you for 10 per girl will be chosen at random to enter the arena and give these girls a fuck. At the end you all vote on your favourite*WOMAN*and she wins the Fuckslut Face-off!For viewers at home, you can vote too and you get a commentary supplied by our panel of guys I know are cool and last week's Fuckslut Face-off champion, Laura. They'll let you know when a blowjob just isn't sloppy enough, when a titty-fuck just isn't nasty enough and when a girl needs another dick inside her to be a true fuckslut. Now, let's start the Fuckslut Face-off!”

The crowd cheered again as the girl at the end of the line strode into the middle of the arena on her 7-inch heels. She was a real contender, thought Ramone. He took the game seriously: the crowds loved watching it, loads of money was placed in bets on which girl would win every week, winning the contest could launch a girl's career in porn and, more than anything, it made him even more fucking rich. The rest of the girls sat at the side of the arena, seeing all the other girls being dirty fuckdolls right in front of them as they each took their turn to please the crowd and please the 15 guys selected at random from the audience for each girl – that was the real reason all these guys bought the $100 tickets. The chance to gangbang a hot girl and possibly a future Fuckslut Face-off champion and even pornstar.

The first girl was surrounded by the 15 randomly chosen guys and started rubbing their dicks soon she was on her knees, sucking each one off, but it was just too tame. Every guy's got a blowjob like this off a drunk girl in a club. Despite her amazing body and skimpy outfit, this girl just wasn't fuckslut material. Her rating was being shown on one of the big screens on the wall, with all the others showing what the cameraman in the arena is filming for the live web stream, which is being watched by another few million guys around the world. The rating fell below 50% and viewers watching online heard Laura, last week's Fuckslut champion who is now commentating, say “the conservative bitch just couldn't get enough pre-cum dribbling out of her mouth and onto those fake tits which, frankly, are way too small in my opinion.”

A male commentator, one of Ramone's friends from way back in high school who was loving his new job working for Ramone on Fuckslut Face-off, said “Laura, I know what you mean. I was getting a titty fuck off you just before we came on air and, I've gotta say, the rack I see on the girl surrounded by cocks in that arean right now just doesn't compare with yours.”
“Thanks, Shane, you're such a sweetie” said Laura. She loved guys saying such flattering things about her.

Ramone had joined the guys and Laura in the commentary box now and announced to the live crowd and guys watching online “I had high hopes for this girl, but the bitch is out! Some poor blowjobs just won't let you win the Fuckslut Face-off, baby.” The security guards grabbed the now topless girl by both arms and sent her sliding down the rubbish chute into a pool of ice cold water. The girl's reaction was shown on the screens in the arena and the whole crowd laughed at her shock – one minute she's a pornstar, sucking dick on camera for everyone to see, the next she out in a freezing cold pool and topless. “She'll find her way home where she can go back to being a boring good girl” said Ramone.

The next girl did pretty well. She had some of the guys in the arena cum on her tits within the first minute of her gangbang. Her rating stayed high while she took load after load on her impressive fake tits and her cute face. She then sat back down with her tits still out, but refused to wipe off the cum. This*WOMAN*was really going for the prize.

The next few girls failed again. “She didn't even take the third dick, the bitch” said Laura about a girl who had got as far as getting DP'd, but just didn't managed to get that third dick in her and didn't continue to jerk off other guys will getting fucked. “A fuckslut's gotta multitask” said Shane.
“Like Laura is right now – commentating while giving me a handjob, like the true*WOMAN*she is” said Ramone. Laura giggled, “I'm just so happy to be working with you now Ramone. You've made me the amazing*WOMAN*I've always wanted to be”. Ramone just smiled: enough money to solve world poverty and it was all his, hot girls doing anything they can to please him 24/7 and every week a whole load more cash coming in and all he has to do is sit and watch girls being filthy slutpigs. It was like watching porn completely free and live, right there in front of him in his own mansion. Life can't get much sweeter than this, he thought.

Britney was up next. She'd been the most popular girl at school and past Fuckslut Face-off winners showed that this was a good credential to have. She'd also got used to being fucked by half the football team all at once on a weekly basis at college. As soon as she'd been 18, cheer-leading had turned into cock-sucking, going on holiday with her parents had turned into going to a week of non-stop partying at pool parties, clubs, grinding on guys dicks while the music pumped and then going back to her 5* hotel, courtesy of daddy's credit card, and sucking and fucking her way through the bunch of guys who she'd picked up in the clubs. She loved being 18 and she knew exactly how to use her body to get what she wanted.

Britney stepped out into the arena. The 15 guys approached and she gave a naughty little smile as she noticed every one of them was hard just at the sight of her in her tiny minidress, her fake tits busting out. She got straight on her knees – she knew what being a fuckslut was about – and was fucking and sucking every single guy. She talked dirty, and the guys were calling her a “filthy fucking whore” and slapping their hard dicks on her cute face. She was so happy being such a*WOMAN*and it just felt so right to her that she was doing this in front of so many watching people, many of which were cheering again as she took a dick in her ass, her pussy and got face fucked by another, pre-cum dribbling out her mouth and onto her big fake tits.

She worked those dicks like a pro, on all fours getting spit roasted, then on her back, getting her pussy ploughed by a big stud and cum dumped on her face, then she was in the arms of on guy, getting bounced up and down on his dick like a little fuckdoll. She was loving it, so were the crowd and so was Ramone. “Laura, I've found you a fuckmate. Now you can both work my cock together”.

Britney's rating was the highest out of any girl's by the end of the hottest, dirtiest 10 minutes Ramone had ever seen in the Fuckslut Face-off arena. Ramone called it a draw between Britney and the other top fuckslut. He knew he wanted Britney and that the crowd loved her, but he wanted to see the two in action again. These girls have got to work for their reward. Every week he liked to add an extra twist. He always brought in the girlfriend of one of the guys chosen for the final gangbang without that guy knowing. It was amazing how much information these guys would give just for a ticket for Fuckslut Face-off.

20 guys came down into the arena, joined by Ramone himself, and the gangbang began with both Britney and the other girl competing to be the best*WOMAN*for these guys. Just as the guys had their dicks out, the security guards escorted in the girlfriend of one of the guys. As always, Ramone had chosen the girlfriend without fake tits, with the dress sense of an old woman and who had probably never actually been close to a dick. He'd bet a week of fucking Laura that the flat chested girlfriends he brought in every week at this stage in the contest had never seen their boyfriends dick until now – when it's about to get sucked off by a hot*WOMAN*with her amazing body and incredible fucking skills.

He always enjoyed the look on their face when they discovered that the “romantic spa treatment” their boyfriend had organised for them turned out to be a free ticket to the Fuckslut Face-off that their boyfriend had paid to come and see. Predictably, the guy who's girlfriend it was said “what the fuck is she doing here?” Immediately, Britney took that guy's dick and gave it the best blowjob the guy would ever get, right in front of his pathetic girlfriend. The crowd laughed as the girlfriend stared, horrified at what was happening and her “boyfriend” looked like he was in heaven with this*WOMAN*on the end of his dick. Ramone had always had a good sense of humour and this was just a bit of light entertainment to break up the serious fuckslut gangbang.

After the nerdy girl, now in tears, had been escorted away again (little did she know she was about to be left in a room with TVs as the walls, floor and celing, all of them playing the gangbang going on in the arena live and with no way out until the gangbang was over – the bitch had to see what real girls do for their man) the Fuckslut Face-off continued. Laura was loving it. She kept giggling as she watched Britney get ploughed by one guy after the next – she wanted to be down in that arena herself. She remembered how good it felt to show everyone what a nasty*WOMAN*she was.

She'd always been a good daddy's girl and last Friday, when she'd competed in and won the Fuckslut Face-off, had been her 18th birthday. As a birthday present, Ramone had given her 18 guys to fuck instead of the usual 15. She'd loved the feeling of giving the biggest “fuck you” to her protective parents, her ex-boyfriend, who'd been a boring geeky type, and all her nerdy friends from school by entering the infamous Fuckslut Face-off and winning it. She was now famous in the city as Ramone's new Fuckslut champion and Britney was about to enjoy the same honor.

It was inevitable that Britney won the contest and, after every guy had dumped their load on either Britney of the other girl, Ramone sent the other girl back to her seat, sweaty and covered in cum, and awarded the Fuckslut Champion trophy to Britney, in the form of some panties with “Fuckslut” written across where they would cover her pussy.

Britney was so happy to win. She was really looking forward to the prize: a year of living with Ramone in his mansion, with the possibility of being his main fuckdoll (that was decided by Ramone in private gangbangs every Saturday) and Ramone being your agent for your new career in porn. There were ground rules – Fucksluts must always wear heels, never wear more than they would if going out clubbing, never cook or clean – leave that to the servants, always wear make-up, always be tanned and, once a month, be a stripper and lapdancer at Ramone's monthly parties. But Britney enjoyed doing all that and wanted more than anything to be a pornstar. She took on her new job straight away, being driven off to a shoot that evening with Laura to film a gangbang in a club.

Ramone looked forward to fucking the girls again when they got back. It had been a long day for them, but top fucksluts like them are always ready to please dick, especially when it's Ramone's. As he entered the porn room (the room the nerdy girl, now ejected from the building, had been put in), he put on one of his favorite movies he'd produced – it featured a frigid conservative woman being tricked into being in the centre of a gangbang on stage at her annual company conference by a hot little*WOMAN*called Stacey. He laughed as the TVs on the walls, floor and ceiling showed Stacey pushing the conservative girl's head onto a big dick. He and his production team had enjoyed filming that one. The sight of the cute little fake-titted bimbo Stacey so happily forcing the bitch to suck dick never failed to bring a smile to his face.

He'd created a world in this mansion where girls like Stacey, Britney and Laura are all around him and he can choose between them (like choosing which car to drive to get to his private jet when he went to his yacht. Except you can't drive two cars at once, but you can fuck two sluts at once) and humiliating natural pathetic flat chested girls (something his fucksluts seemed to enjoy doing even more than him) to show them how useless really are for not taking care of how they look for guys.
Yep, life was fucking good for Ramone and he fucking knew it. Maybe he'd fuck one of the other fucksluts from previous Fuckslut Face-offs until Britney and Laura got back from the gangbang....


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #33 on: March 06, 2012, 09:32:15 pm »
i think it will be a lot more common in the future. more and more guys like that look and more and more girls want to look like that. agree?

I agree.  I WANT this look.  Badly, highly attractive and powerful IMO.


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
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one of my favorite threads. lets bring this back.


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #35 on: March 25, 2012, 09:59:12 pm »
I've finally got round to writing a new one! It's not one of my best, but I hope you all like it. I'm especially glad some girls are enjoying the writing - I'd love to hear more from them about what they think of it and any ideas for new stuff. I'd love ideas from anyone and everyone, in fact. Enjoy, people!


A bunch of girls are waiting for an interview. It's a secretarial role, so there aren't any guys going for the job. The girls are all young. The job requires them to be above 18, but none look older than 20. The receptionist is sitting at her desk with her big fake tits popping out of a silky top, her short, tight pencil skirt barely leaving the color of her thong to the imagination and some 7 inch high heels.

A message comes through on the intercom: "Suzi, get your perfect tits in here"

Suzi giggles and stands up to go into the boss's office. One of the girls waiting for an interview (flat chested, baggy, old-lady style clothes, short lesbian hair) says "did he just say "get your *perfect tits* in here"?

Suzi looks at her sternly, "Are you fucking blind? They are perfect you stupid bitch!". The girl who asked the question bursts into tears and runs away. The ugly cow couldn't even handle the pressure before the interview.

Around the room, one or two of the other girls look nervous, but most of them laugh. Most of them have big fake tits and are doing a good job of showing them off in their tight outfits, high heels and layers of make up.

Suzi enters the boss's office. The girls waiting for interview hear a few masculine sounds of pleasure. After a short while, Suzi come back out of the office and sits down at her desk. Her hair is slightly messy, her big, firm tits are bursting out of her top a bit more than they were and something dripping from her chin, a mix of cum and saliva, lands in the perfect valley between her perfect tits. Suzi lets it carry on dripping as she says "The boss will see Staci now".

A petite girl, one of the ones with fake tits, which she must've got bought for her 18th birthday, judging by how young she looked, stood up, pulled down her top, which exposed some more of her amazing tits, and strutted towards the office. Suzi smiled as Staci walked past. A promising candidate.

About 5 minutes later, the rest of the girls waiting heard a bunch of guys chanting "Suck his dick! Suck his dick! Suck his dick!" and then a cheer. Most of them could work out what was going on, though exactly who was doing the chanting they didn't know. Another of the girls who's absence of even the smallest sign of having any tits suggested she clearly hadn't picked up on the value of caring about how you look, even after a lifetime of being bullied for her thick glasses and goofy teeth, stood up and ran out of the room. Suzi said "Thank fuck for that. I don't know what that...thing...was it even a girl?....was planning on doing in its interview. It looked so fucking retarded." All but one of the girls left now were laughing, "And it smelled so bad, like it slept in some tramp's pile of shit last night, lol. I bet she is homeless, fucking ugly tramp"

The cheering and occasional chanting continued and everyone, except the one girl left without fake tits, was completely relaxed about it. Then the door to the boss's office opened and Staci came out with a big smile on her face, as well as a load of cum on her exposed tits. "How'd it go?" asked Suzi. "It was so fun, i loved it!" Staci answered. "It looks like he fucked your throat pretty good - your make up's running down your face, lol!". Staci giggled and sat back down next to the only remaining flat-chested bitch, leaving her tits on display.

"Get the fuck in there, then" said Suzi, looking at the only ugly girl in the room. "I don't know what the fuck you think you're doing here though. This is a successful company. We sell more magazines than anyone else and we've always got the hottest models getting their tits out for the guys in every issue. The men here don't want some half-man looking piece of shit with no tits who though school was all about books not boys working as their secretary. A secretary's job is to serve the boys, give them whatever they need or want. All they'd want from you is for you to throw yourself off a fucking bridge. In fact, that's what I want from you, stupid little cunt. Hurry the fuck up and get in there! It'll be funny seeing what the boss does to you."

The ugly bitch was really nervous now and didn't want to go in for the interview, but she didn't want Suzi to call her names any more either, it reminded her of being at school. She ran into the boss's office and slammed the door behind her. The remaining girls could hear the boss's voice through the wall "Don't slam the fucking doors, you little slut!".

Suzi pressed a button on her desk and suddenly huge TVs all around the walls turned on, showing the inside of the boss's office and the ugly girl standing in front of his desk. They could hear what was going on too.

"Except your not a slut, are you. You think you can come here and impress us with what you know about publishing, don't you. Do you know what the first thing I've said to every girl that's come in here to interview for a job as one of our "secretaries" over the years is? We have to replace them when they get old, say 25, so I've seen a lot of them. And every time i say "get on your knees"." Suzi smiled. She remembered that well.

The boss continued "The idea of you sucking my dick makes me fucking sick. So what the fuck did you think you'd do around here?"

The girl just managed to get the word "spreadsheets" out, when the whole room filled with laughter. Behind her, a whole bunch of guys were sitting and watching the boss lay into the ugly girl. The boss spoke on the intercom again, "Suzi, send in all the remaining girls. Notice I said GIRLS, that means they've got TITS and wear MAKE UP and don't look like the loser of a particularly violent UFC match." "They're all hot" came Suzi's reply.

The remaining girls walked into the office with their short, tight outfits showing off their amazing bodies to all the boys in the room. That was the sign of a real girl; a girl who knew how to look hot and enjoyed getting the recognition for it. The boss looked happy with them. "Alright girls, we're gonna have some fun. But first, we need to give this ugly bitch something to do" he said, pointing at the flat-chested loser.

"She can watch" said one of the hot girls. The boys laughed. "I like that idea", said the boss. "But we don't wanna have to look at her while we enjoy ourselves, do we? Girls that ugly shouldn't be on display to the public. Let's lock her in next door and get Suzi in here".

So the ugly girl sat alone in the waiting room will all the TVs still on while Suzi joined the rest in the office. The boss and his colleagues had such a good time with the girls. They ordered them to get their tits out, pull down their skirts and shake their booties, get on their knees and start sucking and all the girls loved doing every bit of it. The ugly girl just sat watching what she'd missed out on, all because she didn't make more of an effort on how she looked. It was too late now. All those girls had been working on their images for years so that, come 18, they're ready to have the time of their life.

And that's exactly what they were getting. The boss had got the champagne out and right now they were pouring it down Staci's throat. Suddenly one of the guys came in, grabbed Staci's head and rammed it onto his dick. Her second throatfucking within 15 minutes - Staci was loving it. Suzi was helping the new girls get into their roles, shoving their heads onto dicks, slapping their pussies as the guys bounced them around on their dicks. The boss was smoking a cigar while and 18 and a 19 year old gave him a double titty-fuck with their big, round, birthday-present fake tits. This was the life.


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #36 on: March 23, 2015, 11:12:41 pm »
You'll love this: Courtney Taylor sings an up-to-date version of "I'm a barbie girl" for her new Brazzers scene "I'm a Brazzers girl"

... grab my fake tits, lets get naked ...


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #37 on: June 27, 2015, 01:54:18 pm »
Love it, this was made for me.... ;)


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #38 on: October 22, 2015, 02:41:51 pm »
Thanks guys, been literally years since i wrote anything judging by the date stamp on my last post. Maybe i should get back into it if enough people enjoy reading them. Do you tend to like the barbie focus, the small tits humiliation, the rough sex, natural shaming, all of the above?

I had originally hoped my writing might influence porn a bit. I sent some story outlines to various studios, but no response. If anyone has contacts (especially at Brazzers) let me know and I'll try them again. I guess in the meantime stars like Courtney Taylor and with kieren lee and Nikki benz's love of the fake look we've at least got some bimbo porn, but I'd love to see more focus on the enhancement, more natural humiliation.


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #39 on: November 03, 2015, 03:02:53 pm »
Thanks guys, been literally years since i wrote anything judging by the date stamp on my last post. Maybe i should get back into it if enough people enjoy reading them. Do you tend to like the barbie focus, the small tits humiliation, the rough sex, natural shaming, all of the above?

..but I'd love to see more focus on the enhancement, more natural humiliation.

1. all of the above!
2. Me, too!

Good Luck!!


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Re: New "Barbie" genre within porn
« Reply #40 on: November 03, 2015, 07:35:34 pm »
Recently submitted one of my stories (the gym one) to ZZ Insiders (Brazzers members can submit script ideas) so we'll see if it gets anywhere. Absolutely no response so far. I have a feeling it's just a way of making fans think they're influencing things.

Did uncover a Kenzie Marie archive of material though, so enjoying the site of her firm bolt-ons on that tiny little frame while she takes it like a pro is an ok compromise for now :)