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Okay, I've been a life-long member at the BEA, and just got banned yesterday for keeping myself to the rules.

Their rules are as inconsistent as hell, but they always refer to "keep to the rules".

Here's what happened:
Someone asked for some content on Amy Anderssen. I replied

--- Quote from: Indy ---"she's a starmember at the TPB forum, there's some content about her on there. Unfortunately, the mods don't allow me to link there anymore, so just google "TPB + the girls' name" and you'll get there.
--- End quote ---

That got removed with the content:

--- Quote from: GonZo ---"User is providing instructions that lead to a fund-raising site and not allowed by the forum rules"
--- End quote ---
.... I mean, wtf?

So I replied with:

--- Quote from: Indy ---* There's nothing in your rules that say anything about linking to fund raising sites
* So I can't link to wikipedia either? They're also a fund raising website
* So, you'd rather have me upload illegal content on to your server, because that's allowed by your rules, but linking to legal content isn't?
Just grow up and behave like adults please

--- End quote ---

And then I got even more pissed, and uploaded Amy Anderssen's verification picture, with our forum logo's embedded on to their server.
Their forum rules state: You're not allowed to remove copyright signs. So I am allowed to leave them on there. So, I uploaded content owned by TPB on to their server. I hold the right to do that, so it's fully legal, even conform to their rules.

And then I got banned.....

They deleted the whole thread with 80 replies as well. And here's the worst thing: I got banned without a reason, no message, no email.
They have a thread that lists the people that are banned and why they are. But they didn't dare to put my name on there. They cover it up because they can't admit that they're wrong.

So, if you want to help to piss them off... put some links to our forum where they can find the content. I'm furious with them, they play dirty, so will I.

I take comfort that they're dying. They used to be the biggest, but we've taken their place, they just don't realise it yet. But let the numbers speak for themselves


--- Quote from: Indy on March 30, 2012, 11:48:49 am ---
And then I got banned.....

--- End quote ---

be happy for that.
BEA is a waste of time, a place where boring people post boring topics or yesterday's news and were
stubborn "mods" terrorize the users.
to put it short: BEA is useless.
be happy you are banned from that waste of time and bandwidth

I've had a similar problem with another public big boobs forum.
I think that the big two big boobs forums just don't like a good competition. I'm not gonna mention the other one because I think that everybody knows.
It's obvious that TPB gets members from BEA here and they may not visit BEA anymore. This is a great place and in my opinion BEA is lame as fuck.

Of course they can't ban you if you contribute and post a link to this place once in a while BUT they just got lucky and found out about this place asking for donations.

LOL - fuck 'em.  This site is WAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

FUCK the B.E. Archive and PALOMINE in particular.

"30mar12 - user Independence has been temporarily banned for posting links and directions to a prohibited site in spite of several requests and warnings not to do it."


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