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Lifespan of a Silicone Bimbo

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Firstly I’m not a fan of the term Bimbo when used in a negative context.
However a review of various web sites shows a seemingly endless cavalcade of young women who are portraying themselves as the empty headed blonde bimbo with fake boobs and so on.
My question is,
What’s the service life of one of these young ladies, do they hit late 20s, fall in love with some guy and he makes them retire.
Do they lose interest
It’s it they can’t afford the cost of the upkeep anymore or do they put on weight and lose their client base.

Sure ,some seem to transition into their 30s and 40s, I’m thinking of Autumn Doll here, but the vast majority seem to fade away to be replaced by younger, up and coming girls who seem to be able to be just a bit more extreme, such as bigger boobs, lips etc.

I guess most aspire to finding some wealthy long term partner who will look after them in a proper relationship.
Is that a realistic outcome though.

I’d be interested to hear of anyone’s experiences.

Probably the same as most in the adult industry, it's like being a professional athlete, it's a job you generally age out of. In some cases they might gradually fade away as they make less money, but I can think of specific cases where women left abruptly either because of a bad experience or some other catalyst, positive or negative.

I'd like to think they all get to ride off into the sunset with a great partner but it's like life, I'm sure some do just that but others deal with all kinds of problems. Hard to say whether these women post-retirement are any better off than other "regular" woman at similar ages.

Interesting aspect to consider if they were better off or not.

You are right, most of them leave us after their prime. A few like Danielle Derek or Ricki Raxxx are still living their dream, although they are in their 40's...

My wife and I love the word ‘bimbo.’ It means different things to different people. To us, it doesn’t have to mean a loose woman, nor does it have to mean a stupid woman. A bimbo is a woman who puts special emphasis on promoting her own femininity through enhancing physical features which make her uniquely a woman.

We’ve talked about how the biggest critics of bimbos and plastic-positive women tend to be women themselves, and it’s our belief that a fair number of those critical women might choose to enhance themselves if they chose to be honest enough with themselves to admit what they really want. In my wife’s case, her embrace of bimbofication and the enhancement of her physical beauty certainly *appears* shallow, but if anyone were to sit down and have a conversation with her about her bimbofication, you’d actually find there’s quite a lot of depth and thoughtfulness to her journey.


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