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Hi Guys!

I see a lot of bad morphs on the web and this thread is here to prevent trash like that to be created ever again.
The best morphs are the ones where you can't tell that they are. But unfortunately there are a lot of bad ones out there.
Common problems are:

- Blurry tits
- Strange shapes
- Morphing leaks on to the background
- Badly cut edges

So I mad this thread to teach you all how to morph like a pro without using the morph tool!

In this first "tit"urial I start of easy by showing how you can go from C's to E's.
I will follow up with more advanced tutorials showing different techniques later on.


Video can be viewed here >

The steps

- Neatly select a boob ( I use the eclipse select tool for this and finish it of with free-hand lasso)
- Copy and paste the selection into a new layer
- Repeat for other boob
- Instead of upscaling the boobs I downscale the original image. Why? Because upscaling makes everything a bit more blurry and downsizing won't. This way the image will stay really sharp!
- Reposition the boobs correctly
- Select the erase tool with a fine brush and opacity set to 50% or lower and start erasing the hard edges around the boobs.
- Select a boob and fine tune the shape with Free Transform (cmd+t on mac), (ctrl+T on Win) When you select one of the edges or corners while holding (alt) you can reshape the boob until satisfied.
- Crop image and voila! Done!

Wow that is fantastic. I have always used the Liquify tool, never the scale too. If definitally makes it look a lot smoother and more "natural" so to speak haha. I'm gonna try a few pics and I'll post em. Thanks!

wow nice tutorial! Never worked with scaling this way xD
One thing thoug, this only works if the girl in question already has something to scale, what if it's a realy flat girl?


--- Quote from: KwukDuck on April 21, 2009, 04:59:08 am ---One thing thoug, this only works if the girl in question already has something to scale, what if it's a realy flat girl?

--- End quote ---

You are correct. So in my next tutorial I will show u how to do it on a girl with no tits at all!
(btw can you edit the posts name to Titorial instead of Titurial, made a typo :P)

And if you guys no websites where I can post this stuff as video instead of megaupload that would be great!

Really thanks, nice tutorial!!


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