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Hi! I´m Dana Leon, a new glamour and pinup model from Spain. This is my first post in the forum. I hope you will like me!. I have just had a new breast augmentation, so I´m recovering right now. As soon as everything heals I will post some pics and the verification pic. Please be patient. I have lots of surprises in stock, you will soon find out what they are about.

Kisses, Dana.

So happy to see you in the community Dana! You are very appreciated in this community and one of my personal favourites ;)
I hope you'll become a starmember. This is a great site!!!

We've already exchanged emails, but first of all, a very warm welcome!
As soon as the verification picture is in, we'll upgrade your account to starmember.

I hope you'll like it here, because well, as far as I know, this is the best place to be for a gorgeous girl like you!

Welcum :)

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I hope to have a great time in this forum, and share my experiences with all of you.

Thanks again! :)


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