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Is there a thing called "small tits humiliation"?

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I'm not sure if I post this in the right place (or if this topic belongs in this forum at all) but anyways...

I don't have implants, nor am I "stacked", quite the opposite. For several years I've developed fantasies of me having extremely oversized boobs. In most fantasies this is because my Master want me to be more or less a plastic doll. As these fantasies have developed I have also developed another fetish - that I get turned on from being humiliated for my actual small breasts. I can't explain why, but every time I feel I'm being taunted and humiliated because of my non-curvy shape I get exited.

Is this common? Or am I the only one here who is intrigued by this?

Again, sorry if this was posted in the wrong category.

It's in the right category.
I sent you a PM with more details, but it comes down to this:

This fetish leans towards the BDSM side of sex, and this is something that could be regarded as off-topic, but considering the plastic surgery and "plastic doll look", we can't really ignore this, so you posted it in the right section. I'm curious to what others have to say to this.

Well, I think that the big boob fetish rarely stands alone. I'm mainly talking of my own preferences, but at least I'm sure everyone has wishes more on than "just" breasts. Not only the size, shape and other busomly features, but if she should be tall, skinny, blonde or any such thing.

But that wasn't really the topic. The name of the site is called "The Perfect Boobs" and I guess that siliconedream's fantasies would qualify under that category for her.

Woman I know is always saying negative things about her chest. I mean she's flat as a board, but she brings it up so often without any reservation I think she actually likes comments and jokes about how small her chest is.

I believe it's called 'Junior High".


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