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Models / Glamour / Re: Sarah Marie Summer
« Last post by Tekkers81 on Today at 12:36:46 pm »

Got a blue tick but only one post - any thoughts on this?
Latina Girls / Re: Valentina Ribeiro
« Last post by FODDER on Today at 12:36:22 pm »

Asian Models / Re: CJ Miles
« Last post by 888 on Today at 11:48:40 am »

Art, 3D, Toons & CGI / Re: Affect3D
« Last post by zerevis on Today at 11:13:30 am »
Naama - Sex Toys 1

Models / Glamour / Re: Jala Milham / Sophie Grace / Scarlett Jones
« Last post by PMFN1 on Today at 11:10:53 am »
Jala Milham aka Sophie Grace aka Scarlett Jones, Miley Ryan - Penthouse Black Label Australia May-Jun 2017

Adult Entertainers / BarbieVanity_20170208_0730_MyFreeCams.mp4
« Last post by PMFN1 on Today at 11:01:37 am »

1.66 GB - 1:42:21 - MP4 - 800x600

XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Minka
« Last post by cjmileslover on Today at 11:01:18 am »
Thanks but fake.. only 3 pictures? ... official account? Maybe if new but usually these accounts are  verified and even on day one have tons of photos.
Star Members / Re: Dolly Fox
« Last post by cjmileslover on Today at 10:56:54 am »
Where od Dolly grom? What's od her National Louis?

Models / Glamour / Re: Lucy Zara
« Last post by zerevis on Today at 10:42:03 am »

Transsexuals / Re: Sofialovelyxl
« Last post by cjmileslover on Today at 10:36:41 am »
This should be moved to the trans page too I feel. This may just go to show that men transitioning are more willing to go for these larger sizes.

Let me know if I'm out of line.
In this video she acts like a basic gay man or drag queen, not a trans woman. There is a difference. Guess it just takes time. Till then I  hope she sticks to picture sets or non speaking videos. Even non speaking videos would to me be a turn off if she does this drag diva routine. A lady should act like a lady to me. Don't act  like a diva for the sake of showing off your trans status. Nice looking but a horrible attitude from what I saw in this video.
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