Author Topic: [major] Respect the staff choices / moderations  (Read 7489 times)


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[major] Respect the staff choices / moderations
« on: May 12, 2017, 04:29:25 pm »
Our staff is here to help you, usually to help you get along, but also to moderate your post if you crossed a line somewhere.
Please respect this. If you do not agree, get a 2nd opinion from another staff member, and perhaps (s)he can help you. This staffmember will then sort it out behind the screen.

If your posts gets moderated or removed by a staff member, this is with good reason. Do not post it again later or in another thread.
Also, do not alter or remove changes made to your post by a moderator, or remove your moderated post altogether.

Keep in mind that ultimately, this website is property of the owners and they set the rules. These rules are there as guidelines to make sure you don't cross the line and get thrown out.
We've got most things covered in our rules, but rules can change over time. Also, you're still a guest at our site. You don't need to break a specific rule to get thrown out, the owners are free to do so whenever necessary. Obeying the rules minimises that chance a lot.

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