Contacting us

If you have any questions, tips, remarks or anything at all, feel free to contact us. The best way of contacting us is through the forum, because this is the core of our website and our admins / moderators are always ready to help you.

Admin team

Kwukduck - *Founder*, for legal matters, bitcoin transactions and any forum related questions.
Indy - *Founder*, for Starmember matters, webdevelopment and paypal transactions.
Both admins are able to help you with any other questions that are not listed above.

Note that both admins are located in the GMT+1 timezone, and may be asleep or at work when you try to contact them and you may not immediately get a response. If you need immediate contact, look at our forum who is online and ask our moderators instead. They have a great deal of knowledge and may already be able to help you.

Moderator team

Boob_ring - GMT+1
Faker_the_better - GMT+0
MasterDragonFly - GMT-6
Merciscool - GMT-5
Meta4 - GMT-8
Schbiz50 - GMT-8

Our moderators are usually aware about most things that are going on on the forums and can help you on many things that are related to the forum. You can ask them anything.


We are very frequently available in our TPB chatroom.
You can recognise the admins when their names are red and the moderator names are blue. You can visit the chat here

Direct Email

We prefer you to contact us on the forum via Personal Messaging because more people will be able to help you, but if you want to send along an attachment or something, you will need to contact us by email, this can be done here:

For legal matters: Email us here

All other matters: Email us here

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